Jordan is Palestine or should be

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  1. Ever since Mudar Zahran came back onto the scene, there have been many articles and videos about and by him, and also well publicised meetings he has been having with a variety of leaders.

    It only points up my absolute belief from the very first time I read about his Plan, it HAS to be the way to go….eventually . There have been hundreds of posts since then about a variety of plans delving into all aspects of why, might, should or could be or have been……. but the only feasible one is this one RIGHT in front of our noses. That’s why I don\t bother getting into all the abstract nonsense and vicarious reams of the lengthily quoted. learned dissertions written 40-50-70 ot 80 years ago by undoubtedly great thinkers, but not practical, and too much in line with the perceived sscholarly approach. We needed and need DOERS not thinkers.

    Not one of them latched on to the Curzon “Magna Carta” definition, The LoN Britsh Mandate for Palestine, and the Anglo-American Treaty. Zahran has gone right back to them because they are the Law, ignored, neglected and practically unknown by the political mavins so keen to lay down the(ir) Law, where Israel gets the sharp end and is always wrong. They don’t even seem to know or recall that the “Palestinians” were invented as a Russian political ploy only about 50 years ago and even then nobody heard of it until years later.

    They forget how Arafat used to video acted out “pretend” victorious attacks safely outside Israel, and advertise them as Fatah or PLO victories over the Jews INSIDE Israel……I think harping on Zionists came later. But I remember all this.

  2. He cites an example of law that one goes to jail if one beats one’s wife or girlfriend. That’s only true in civilized countries like Israel. Muslim countries, and i was surprised to learn quite a few others, like Latvia, don’t have laws protecting women from domestic abuse, or if they do, they have so many loopholes that they are nominal.

    The UAE court passed a ruling allowing it

    “Men ALLOWED to beat their wives and young children (as long as they don’t leave any marks), rules UAE court
    By Dan Newling for MailOnline
    UPDATED: 14:36 EDT, 18 October 2010

    Read more:
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    This is new:

    Lower House approves domestic violence protection bill, amendments to banking law
    By Jassar Al Tahat – Apr 18,2017 – Last updated at Apr 18,2017

    Sound good?

    Read on:

    “AMMAN — Some male MPs defended the beating of women, as lawmakers approved the domestic violence protection bill and the amended banking law during two legislative sessions on Sunday

    During the first session, MPs discussed for over an hour articles 11, 14 and 15 of the domestic violence bill.

    Articles 11 and 14 of the domestic violence bill call for perpetrators of domestic violence to serve 40 hours of community service, house arrest and counselling sessions.

    The debate initially saw articles 11 and 14 scrapped after a vote, though they were later reinstated after a second vote.

    A number of MPs expressed the opinion that the articles were “impossible to implement” and “unfit for our society”.

    Representing Amman, 5th District, Mustafa Assaf argued that article 11 will “cause division between disputants” and that the suggested punishments will “result in more trouble than solutions”.

    Maan Deputy Mohammad Falahat said that “these articles do not fit the Jordanian society or traditions”, adding: “So what if the husband struck his wife once or twice? If she refers him to the court, he will divorce her.”

    Saud Abu Mahfouz (Zarqa, 1st District) also argued that the articles were not suitable for Jordanian society, saying that “it seems that legislators forgot that we are in Jordan and not in Sweden, and we copy and paste laws without being mindful of our identity”.

    “I do not deny the presence of domestic violence, but better measures should be taken”, Abu Mahfouz added.

    The importance of these articles for the process of legal reform was highlighted by the Head of the Women and Family Affairs Committee, Reem Abu Dalbouh, who argued that “the core of reform measures lies in the disputed articles”.

    Wafaa Bani Mustafa from Jerash challenged those MPs who criticised the articles to see firsthand the consequences of domestic violence.

    “This issue concerns Jordanian society, and those who claim that these articles destroys society should see domestic violence cases,” Bani Mustafa said.

    “If the minimum of protection is not accepted then we have a major issue”, she added.

    The second session saw the Lower House approve the amended banking law, after it was referred to lawmakers from a joint committee formed of the Finance Committee and the Economy and Investment Committee.

    The amended law aims to put in place oversight measures for the Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) and set rules governing the relation between board members and the executive management.

    The amended law also aims to regulate oversight of Islamic banks, as well as giving the CBJ the ability to take alternative measures to help struggling banks in order to achieve financial stability.

    Lawmakers also adopted a memorandum asking the government to actively deal with the issue of the over 10,000 governmental school buses operating without monitoring or licensing.”

    Wait a minute, house arrest? with the wife? Who’s being punished here?

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