J&S vehicular terror attack suspect surrenders, IDF says


gush etzion

The suspected Palestinian terrorist who rammed into three IDF soldiers with his speeding van near an army post just outside of the West Bank village of El Arub on Wednesday turned himself in to security forces, the IDF Spokesperson said on Thursday. The man is currently being interrogated.

“The IDF will continue to act without hesitation to thwart terrorism and maintain security in Judea and Samaria,” the army said in a statement.

Hours earlier, the IDF raided the home of the man who they believe is responsible for the vehicular terror attack which wounded three soldiers in the West Bank on Wednesday night, the Bethlehem-based Ma’an News Agency reported.

According to the report, Israeli intelligence suspect that Hammam Masalma, from the southern West Bank town of Beit Awwa was behind Wednesday night’s attack.

During the raid of Masalma’s home in Beit Awwa early Thursday morning, Israeli forces arrested four of his relatives, however the suspect himself was not at home and remains at large, Ma’an reported.

A freight truck with Palestinian license plates hit the three IDF soldiers, wounding one seriously and two moderately in what the army said was a terror attack.

The perpetrating vehicle fled the scene immediately after the attack, and security forces set up roadblocks and launched searches of the area of the southern West Bank.

IDF troops found the white van used in the attack on Wednesday night.

Ma’an quoted Israeli police sources as saying they identified Masalma as the attacker from the vehicle registration data.

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4 Comments / 4 Comments

  1. A “smart “Palestinian” who knew that the only chance to survive was to give himself up. He will be swapped soon or later!

  2. “The IDF will continue to act without hesitation to thwart terrorism and maintain security in Judea and Samaria,” the army said in a statement.

    Hmmm…incredible. Would Ya’alon and Associates care to empirically prove the foregoing statement? So, until then it is essentially bullshit or chickens**t if you prefer.
    Since most serve in the oreganization it cannot eengender much in the way of trust. Israelis do not have to accept this.

  3. ‘People Are Afraid to Bury Their Dead on Mount of Olives’


    This picture of a broken Jewish tombstone in ISRAEL’S ETERNAL CAPITAL JERUSALEM, is the most shocking visual testimony to the pathetic extent of the
    state of affairs that is commonplace nowadays in Israel.

    The words of the national anthem, start to have a hollow sound of “it is not so”…
    Is THIS, what it means “Lihiot am hofshi b’artzenu… eretz zion v’yirushalaim”….?????

    A Jew that lives in the diaspora, has grown ‘accustomed’ to pogroms, beatings, and many many pictures such as this one…
    It is sad, but one might argue, well, it is the DIASPORA…. what did you expect?
    Fair enough…
    But to go through the whole process, to come back to Zion (!!!) and to be BEATEN UP by JEWISH ‘police and soldiers’ with batons and on horses… (Ehm..amona??)
    To go to countless wars where the outcome was decided in advance (!!!!!!) and to have to bury the dear ones, yet once again….. FOR WHAT!!!!!??!!!
    And to witness with a frustrating rage held in check how the Arabs literally get away with murder and the ones who were and are punished are still the Jews, the victims themselves?????
    And now, even after death, there is an eerie resemblance to desecration of Jewish sites elsewhere world wide…..

    When there are voices of discontent IN Israel, they are silenced in a fascist mode.
    When there are voices of discontent OUTSIDE of Israel… They become the recipient of scorn by the ones IN Israel (“easy for you to talk from the comfort of your diaspora home about US, that are on the receiving end”….)
    If this is not catch -22 on steroids I don’t know what is….