Kohelet forum denounces Supreme Court overruling Defense Minister

Another example of why we need Judicial Reform

The Kohelet forum commented on the Supreme Court ruling allowing Palestinian participation in a Memorial Day ceremony despite the Defense Minister ordering that they not be allowed to participate.

“Only in the State of Israel do the petitioners against the government face an empty net. Today at the Supreme Court hearing regarding the entry of Palestinian families to the Memorial Day ceremonies, the position of the Minister of Defense was not heard. The petitioners asked the court to compel the State of Israel to allow the entry of Palestinians despite the lockdown, despite the security situation and despite the Defense Minister’s adamant opposition.”

“But, as we know, in Israel the attorney general decides what the state’s position is. She decided that entry must be allowed. This is how our Theater of the Absurd operates: a hearing in a court, in the presence of only one side, is enough, and people wonder why we need a judicial reform?”

April 24, 2023 | 2 Comments »

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2 Comments / 2 Comments

  1. Until the Supreme Court is made to contain its rulings to the interests of the Israeli people, it will continue to pursue, not the interests of minority rights as is often claimed as their focus, but of the Globalist interests of the Liberal International Order. This is why the public outcry and demand for Judicial reform will either come today or it will come with the govt which follows the next election. Judicial reform is not a political gambit to empower the Right against the Left, it is a political need to return the sovereign power over the Israeli people back to the Israeli people, irregardless of the world’s rejection of the right of the Jews to rule their own land in accordance with their own interests. Ignoring this need to satisfy political expediency with the established network of Globalist activists within the Israeli Deep State will only provide a greater consensus demanding that this need be satisfied. For these reasons, the victory over the Globalists Juristocracy is not in doubt, it is only the cost of that victory which should be seen as being in question. Time is trauma, and delay of the return of sovereignty to the Israeli people only serves to increase the damage dealt to the Israeli people.

    Do not delay further. Resolve this matter today and return the rule of law over the Jewish people back to the Jewish people, as was always the very purpose behind having a Jewish State.