Lebanon’s Future

Next war inevitable. Nasrallah’s control over south Lebanon complete despite presence of UN troops

Majdi Halabi, YNET

A year has passed since the outbreak of the Second Lebanon War, yet it appears that nothing has changed in south Lebanon. The entire region still belongs to Hizbullah. Nothing happens there without the organization’s approval.

[..] He says that members of the organization take care of everything. The money available to close associates there is doing its job, and the southern villages show absolute loyalty to Hizbullah and to Nasrallah.

Hizbullah members transferred huge sums to the south and earmarked funds to rebuilding homes destroyed by the IDF during the war. In some cases the organization even earmarks funds for people who lost their jobs.

Hizbullah’s control in the south is absolute not only in civilian matters, but also when it comes to military affairs. Recently, many Hizbullah flags were hung on 10-meter high (roughly 30 feet) flagpoles under the open eyes of UNIFIL and Lebanese troops, and while the IDF observed this from border outposts. The flags were placed there with no resistance or even protest on the part of Israel, and it appears we are back to the situation that prevailed here following the withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000. CONTINUE

July 13, 2007 | Comments Off on Lebanon’s Future

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