Left-wing agitation has consequences

To: Fred Halliday**

From: Mohammad-Reza Pardisan, London.

Like millions of Iranians, I am the victim of the British aggression in my homeland, Iran. I have the followings to say to you:

You were an instrumental element in stirring trouble in my country for years and you were jubilant to see the progressive and pro-western government of the late Shahanshah of Iran to be replaced by the reactionary Islamo-fascist Mullahs. Until 1979, you wrote many articles
and books against the Shah of Iran and his government pretending to be concerned for human rights issues in Iran.

Being a left wing trouble-maker did not tempt you to destabilize Her Majesties Government in Britain but you took the liberty to take it on Iran and the Iranians, no matter what the consequences may be.

In one particular article in the British Press in 1978, entitled “Why The Shah Is The Only Obstacle To Democracy in Iran” you continued to distort the truth. Three decades later, the Shah, the thorn in the British eyes is long gone. Your favourite Mullahs are imposed on 70 millions of Iranians. No more concern and debate on human rights under your favourite Mullahs.

We Iranians, lived 50 years under the Pahlavis and we never knew what war, rationing or sanctions were. The 8 years of war that only served your ailing economies in the west, the 8 years of war that resulted in the killings of over one million people would have never took place had the Shah remained in power. Your Britannic Majesties government in collaboration with other greedy western governments even supplied Saddam with deadly chemical weapons such as mastered gas to kill the Iranian soldiers. (Your suppliers of such deadly chemicals have their receipt and records).

7 million refuges, several hundred thousands of executions, public stoning, public hanging, eye extractions and amputation of limbs, assassination of exiles, rape and torture, poverty, prostitution, drug addiction, appalling treatment of women and students is a daily story in Iran since 1979 which no longer concerns you, Jimmy Carter and others in the west.

Do you still believe that the Shah was the only obstacle to democracy in Iran? It seems that the events of the past 29 years has not altered your opinion but the Iranian verdict is very different. Like many foreign observers, the majority of the Iranians believe that the overthrew of the Shah was the greatest mistake of the twentieth century.

Last week in Zahedaan, the Mullahs regime as way of punishment cut several opposition Baluchi activist’s right hands and left legs and no one including yourself raised an eye-braw in the west. Like the countless of other atrocities in the past 29 years, this barbaric crime was not even a
news worthy item as far as you Brits media were concerned. A D-NOTICE issued on Iran by your Foreign Office since 1979, prevents the Mullahs atrocities be publicized.

The British Government is still insisting on keeping the tyrant Mullahs in power by opposing the regime change in Iran.

In the early 80’s I called you on the telephone and I reminded you that the British and the American involvements in the overthrew of the late Shah of Iran is no longer a top secret to us Iranians. You lost your cool and when I told you that the Iranians would like to see the monarchy restored, you wanted to bet with me that the monarchy will never be restored in Iran.
My reply to you was that unless you are part of the conspiracy against the Shah and the people of Iran and unless you have access to the secrets of the British politics you would not want to make such bet with me.

Even 28 years after his death, your filthy government and biased media never ceased to character assassinate the former monarch.

In order to appease the Mullahs and discredit the former regime you even try to re-write the history by claiming that the so-called democratic Government of Mossadegh was replaced by the Shah. As a historian, academic and expert on Iran you know very well that the Shah was not replaced in a CIA coup in 1953, since it was the Shah who twice appointed Mossadegh as Prime Minister in the first place. The Shah was our king since 1942 and Mossadegh indeed was servant of the Pahlavis since 1920’s.

You should also know that Mossadegh was not democratically elected by the people of Iran since according to the constitution of 1906, The Shah as his duty appoint and sack all Prime-Ministers. What happened in 1953, was a popular counter coup instigated by the Bazaries, the clergy, the army and the people against the unpopular ineffective and at times dictatorial Prime Minister. Otherwise why the streets were empty of Mossadegh’s Supporters on the eve of August 19, 1953? Why the Grand Ayatollah Brojerdi and the Grand Ayatollah Kashaani both issued fatwas in support of the sovereign monarch?

But would you ever talk or write about the British and the American involvement in the overthrew of the late Shah in 1979? “Off course NOT”.

You are a hypocrite, a liar and a Iran-hater. You are the tool of the British intelligence services and a disgrace to humanity. You and everyone who celebrated the overthrew of the late Shah of Iran and those like yourself causing 29 years of pain and misery on Iranians are war criminals. You and everyone in Britain who instigated the troubles and continues to ignore the sufferings in my country, oppose regime change and appease the terrorist Mullahs in Iran have blood on your hands. I hope what you did to millions of Iranian families come to you and your family.

No regards for conspirators, Iran-haters and war criminals.

Your sincere enemy.


Get To Know This Iran-hater

** Professor Fred Halliday of Britain

Fred Halliday is an Irish born academic who is an Oxford graduate. He specializes in foreign affairs, the Middle-East and Iran. He has been a lecture at the London School of Economics ( LSE), since 1983.

Fred has been involved in Iran’s internal politics before and after the Mullahs were imposed on Iranians in 1979. He speaks 11 languages including Farsi. He was one of the leading campaigners against the Shah in Britain in the 70’s and he wrote many articles and books against the Shah of Iran. Since the overthrew of the late Shah and the imposition of the Mullahs in Iran, he has been to Iran many times congratulating the Mullahs on their successes, giving them all the support and advice he could. He has made many friends not only with the Mullahs in Iran
but because he is a known communist he is in good term with many left wing terror organisations such as the Mojahedin and Fedaayiin.

Fred has also close ties with many Islamic extremists and trouble makers in the Middle-East. He opposes all Royal regimes except for the Government of Her Majesty The Queen. He is at the service of the British Intelligence Services and the British Government.

The views expressed here are those of the author and not Israpundit

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