Jewish Occupied Territory

From Arlene Kushner, LEGAL GROUNDS

In response to the horrendous UN Security Council resolution 2334, which outrageously claims that Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem is illegal, the Legal Grounds Campaign has produced a powerful video. It was filmed, with my Legal Grounds co-chair Jeff Daube, at the 3,000 year old cemetery on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, which embodies the historical connection of the Jewish People to the Land.

The video is here:

In the next few days this will go out to my entire posting list. But now I am getting it out to a handful of activists who have lists of their own.  Please, send this to your list and put it on your FB pages. 
Ask that people share it further. Request that they speak out strongly against the resolution.  Encourage them to send it to their elected representatives in Congress or Parliament, urging them to block any further action in the UN that is destructive to Israel. 
We are eager for this message to go out now.  If there will be further UN action, it will occur right after the Paris conference on the 15th.
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  1. @ Sebastien Zorn:
    I read Jason Greenblatt who has been Trump’s chief lawyer and is now his special advisor got the Mayor’s of Maalah Adumim and Efrat and a few oother YESHA leaders invited to the inaugaration of Trump.

    What a difference Obama wanted to kick these people kicked out of their homes. Trump and company will be good for Israel.

  2. @ YJ Draiman:
    Actually, that argument doesn’t really resonate because, if they could, American liberals would give the country back. Get more mileage with emphasizing the truth, which is that the Jews are the indigenous people, who while never losing connection with the land, were gradually turned into a minority in our own country by the muslim arabs who did the same thing everywhere else. Today, they are doing it in Cyprus, in the Sudan. Like the Borg. I googled: are muslims like the Borg? and found this humorous piece:

  3. Blablabla. ISRAEL has never stood up and said we LEGALLY OWN THIS LAND. We have never demanded our rights. And THAT incompetence is the Israeli GOVERNMENT’S FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bibi and Jeff have had the conclusions to the Levy Report for years! Neither have done ANYTHING with it.

    So whine and complain that the world is anti-Semitic but blame OURSELVES (yourselves) for being so weak and cowardly.

  4. United States is “occupied” territory – Not Jerusalem or Judea and Samaria (The whole territory of the Historical Land of Israel)
    Washington, D.C., New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc is far more of an “occupied” capital or territory than Jerusalem (Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria have thousands of years of Jewish history and habitation).

    Europeans after creating new settlements, conquered an entire continent of North America, annihilated the natives, extracted its natural resources, kicked out the Mexicans and called it “America,” claiming first “Philadelphia” and afterwards, the city of Washington as its capital. Over six hundred thousand people died in the American Civil War that prevented the South from seceding and breaking apart the United States. As regards the rest of the world, Jerusalem is the oldest capital in the world, and it belongs to the Jewish people. The world does not recognize Jerusalem as the Jewish capital, because the world does not recognize the right of Jews to exist.

    Those liberal Jews in USA and Europe and elsewhere who pander to the non-Jews by endorsing views that deny or compromise the Jewish sovereignty over The Historical Land of Israel and hoping that they would be “acceptable” are deluding themselves, they live in fantasy world, not reality. It did not help with Nazi Germany who exterminated over 6 million Jews, men, women and children; or in the past 2,500 years in the Diaspora, when the Jews were persecuted, tortured, murdered and discriminated and it will not help them today. The Arabs/Muslims were allocated after WWI over 12 million sq. mi. with a wealth of oil reserves and the Jewish people were allocated 120,000 sq. km. of their historical territory and today they have only about 21,000 sq. km., but the Arabs/Muslims and the world nations begrudge even that small peace of our Jewish historical territory. The world nations stood idle and silent while The Arabs/Muslims terrorized, murdered and expelled over a million Jewish families with their children and confiscated all their assets, including personal items, businesses, homes and over 120,000 sq. km. of Jewish owned Real Estate for over 2,400 years (valued in the trillions of dollars); where was the world nations cries and demand for justice and return of Jewish Homes and Real Estate then and where are they now. Most of the expelled Jewish families from Arab/Muslim countries were resettled in The Land of Israel, and today comprise over half the population. The European nations had better refrain from demanding that Jewish people in Israel should give up their historical land to the Arabs; since the European nations have taken over the Jewish assets, personal property (Gold, Silver, Artifacts, etc.), businesses, homes and Real Estate and many of those Jewish people and their descendants and heirs were also resettled in The Historical Land of Israel.
    We the Jewish people returned to the occupied and desolate Land of Israel in the 1800’s and joined our Jewish brethren to re-blossom, revitalize and turn it into green pastures, with great economic infrastructure, industry and housing, after much toil and hard work with the help in infusion of capital and resources by our brethren in the Diaspora. We are proud and thankful to have back our historic sovereign Jewish country with an Army that can defend itself properly. We will not surrender our land to nobody. (We should be thankful to the almighty that we are in a similar position today as we were during the time of King David). The world as whole needs Israel and The Jewish people, more than the Jewish people need the world. Look at history every nation or society that let the Jewish people thrive and flourish, they thrived and flourished also. When a nation or society harassed, terrorized, murdered and discriminated against the Jewish people in their country, the country declined and its power and economy diminished greatly, if not disappeared altogether. Today’s time is not like the Bolshevik era when Jews were persecuted and murdered or Nazi Germany when Jews tried to escape Nazi extermination Camps, they had nowhere to go for sanctuary; even The Jewish Land of Israel aka Palestine was illegally blocked by the British. Today the Jews have the sovereign State Israel, with its strong defense, advance technology and Medical innovations that the whole world relies on.

    May we be granted and merit the honor to live and see the rebuilding of The Jewish Temple in its previous holy site on Temple Mount also known as Mount Moriah.
    YJ Draiman

  5. the first place to destroy the canard of illegal and illegitimate Jews is in the state of Israel with the government of Israel and the people of Israel…. there is no lie stated by foreigners which is not stated in Israel by Jews and which is not facilitated by the government of Israel. The obstruction of Jewish settlement in YS and the tolerance of muslim anti semitism in Jewish holy places and any part of the land of Israel is in itself a facilitation and acknowledgement of the canards.