Liberals, Democrats and the War on Terror

In Sympathy for the Devil –

Sultan Knish

Ever since World War II, the left has shamelessly demonstrated its willingness to fight Conservative Democrats, Liberals and Republicans over the USSR or Islamic Terrorism. Liberals have in turn worked hard to demonstrate the same thing since the Nixon Administration.

If liberals had directed a fraction of the vigor they have employed over the past 6 years fighting Bush against Islamic terrorism– the war would have been won by now, at least on the cultural front. Instead they have spent whatever foreign affairs capital they have promoting and defending the terrorists from Syria to Gaza to Gitmo to Abu Ghaib. More tears have poured from their eyes over an Iraqi with women’s underwear on his head than for all the victims of September 11th combined. Certainly more rage. You can reliably open the paper these days and expect to see columns and op-eds promoting any Islamic terrorist– no matter how evil or monstrous. CONTINUE

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May 9, 2007 | Comments Off on Liberals, Democrats and the War on Terror

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