Likud primaries to offer real choice: end Oslo or accept Saudi Plan

By Ted Belman

I was happy to see the the debate lining up in Likud. On the one hand we have Bibi who still supports Oslo and retreat and Feiglin who is against both. But Feiglin’s drawback is that he plays the religious card too much.

Now in a JPOST article we are told Danon joins race for Likud leadership”

A former chairman of World Betar and aide to former MK Uzi Landau, Danon was
25th on the Likud’s list for the Knesset in the last election. Danon’s views are just as hawkish as Feiglin’s but he opposes the religious elements of Feiglin’s views.

[..] Danon intends to use the race to force Netanyahu to answer questions about why he supported the disengagement from the Gaza Strip and what his emissaries offered former Syrian president Hafez Assad.

Many argue that both Feiglin and Danon should withdraw because this race is costly and there is a concern it will divide the party when it needs unity.

The way I see it is that there is no half way house. Either Israel accepts the Saudi Plan or it abrogates Oslo. Bibi seems to think that he can support Oslo yet reject the Saudi Plan. I don’t think so.

Danon has the right platform. If he wins the party, there would be no need to organize Hatikvah, the new party which Eldad is spearheading.

Bibi does not offer an alternative to Kadimah/Labour. It is time for Israelis to be given a choice. The Saudi Plan or the end of Oslo.

The establishment in Israel are spinning the Saudi Plan as acceptable without fully explaining its implications. Israelis must be told the truth. They must be given the choice. There is no third way.

July 18, 2007 | 2 Comments »

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