Lindell proves that the tabulator machines are online and election results are manipulated.

By Ted Belman   Aug 30, 2023

Dominion Voting Systems (Dominion) is suing Michael Lindell for $1.3 Billion for defamation.  Smartmatic is also suing him for defamation for, as yet, undisclosed damages.

Fox News, who was also being sued by Dominion, for defamation settled that lawsuit in April 2023 and agreed to pay $787 Million in damages.

Lindell wasn’t fazed and continued to defend the lawsuit.

Just prior to the settlement, the NYT published Attacks on Dominion Voting Persist Despite High-Profile Lawsuits , which claimed:

The enduring attacks illustrate how Mr. Trump’s voter fraud claims have taken root in the shared imagination of his supporters. And they reflect the daunting challenge that Dominion, or any other group that draws the attention of conspiracy theorists, faces in putting false claims to rest.”

The burden of proof in the US in defamation suits rests with the defendant who must prove, among other things, that the statements complained about, were in fact true.

The NYT article included an email statement by Dominion,

“Nearly two years after the 2020 election, no credible evidence has ever been presented to any court or authority that voting machines did anything other than count votes accurately and reliably in all states,”

Notice, Dominion didn’t deny the claims and only said “no credible evidence has ever been presented”.

On Aug 14, 2023, Gateway Pundit published “Report: Engineers Discover Nationwide Cellular Network Connects Election Equipment and Gives Federal Government Access to Election Systems at Precinct Level.

“This incestuous collaboration between the Department of Homeland Security, the Election Assistance Commission, leftist/globalist funding, foreign companies, and their private partners, allowed for the real-time monitoring of all election data, and more importantly, the ability to change the results.”

Two days later, Lindell presented more evidence at his two day conference titled  Election Summit.  At the end of his conference he presented his Plan to secure Elections.

Lindell claimed that the big lie the world has been subjected to, is that the tabulator machines are not online, so no one can change the vote count.  Because the machines are in fact online, the powers that be are able to manipulate the count at will.  Lindell has the proof that this is what they have been doing for years.

The proof is demonstrated in the session, led by Dr. Frank on algorithms.

The fraud starts with the voter rolls which are also on the internet. Lindell has the voter rolls from every state. So far Dr. Frank has studied 40 states. Since1992 when New Voter Registration Act was passed, in every state, the voter rolls grew faster than the population grew.  But the additions to the voter rolls were not real voters but were necessary, as a line of credit, so to speak, because as votes were illegally assigned to selected candidates, you needed “voter names” to go along with those added votes.

This pattern is the same for every state, which is further proof that some central body is manipulating the voter rolls in every state.

In Wisconsin, for example, the voter rolls were reduced by 25% after the 2016 election only to regain that 25% before the 2020 election. And this happened in every county in Wisconsin in exactly the same way as this graph illustrates.


The same thing is discerned in all counties in all 40 states. This is further evidence that all voter rolls are on the internet and manipulated by a central body.

Further evidence is in the voter turnout.

This graph shows voter turnout in all California counties from 1990 to the present. The right side end of this graph shows the effect of central control of turnout. There is convergence. This, again, is further evidence of a central body manipulating the turnout through the internet.

Dr Frank and Mike Lindell cited other examples which buttress their claims. In one case they cited a county in California in which the central power assigned votes to many real voters in the hope they wouldn’t vote or that the false votes wouldn’t be discovered. But it was discovered and tens of thousands of voters allegedly voted twice.

And remember, this is only one 33 minute session in a two day conference in which all sessions proved the machines are on line with the election results manipulated by a central body. The proof is irrefutable in my opinion.

And then on August 30, 2023, Gateway published this which provided further evidence:.


No doubt Lindell will use this evidence to prove his statements were true. So too will Donald Trump, to validate his claims that the 2020 election was stolen.

But more important, this proof will prevent honest officials and politicians from denying the machines are online and the election results are being manipulated. As Lindell says, ”it’s a selection, not an election.”

Lindell’s goal is to have in-person voting, paper ballots, signature verification and accurate voter rolls.

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  1. What was the role of the US Intel Agencies besides the Big Lie of the “51” who were never investigated by the House? Shameful!
    Any info available?


    The MSM is not the mainstay of popular discussion. Rather, alternate media has become the Paper of Record, while the NYT and its Pravda sister nodes of Govt information have stripped themselves of having a serious role in either forming the conversation of the day or of informing the public of the days news items. This is why the censorship of alternate media from broadcasting its message over social media was so integral to the govt’s continued oppression of its citizens. And this need for censorship directly relates to your well stated concern for the loss of the courts and justice in general in America.

    In light of this fact, however, we should not ignore the pounding judicial victories which we have seen of late in America.

    Directly related to the govt’s need of censorship is the landmark rulings which have been forthcoming from the Missouri v Biden case regarding this very subject. It should be recognized that this recent ruling, just a day old, in this case recognizes that the plaintiffs have already proven their case in part, while expanding the agencies who are restricted from continuing to enforce their censorship tactics pending the outcome of this trial, and all of this was won just during the discovery phase of the trial which is being fast tracked. The expanded list of agencies who are to fulfill their discovery obligations over the next month include the State Department, the FDA, the Census Bureau, the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, the U.S. Treasury Department, and the Federal Bureau of Investigations. As Tracy Baenz well describes it,

    What a playground THAT is going to be! Imagine for a moment the FBI forced to hand over all of the communications about COVID “Mis, dis, and mal-information” that it has had over the past few years. And why is the Election Assistance Commission involved? 2020 election, anyone?

    Also, this is not the only courtroom victory of late, as we should acknowledge the fact that another court found many of these same defendants as being liable for their role in labeling IVM as toxic horse paste, and the discovery for that trial is also coming.

    Additionally, recall the judgement regarding the illegal application of signature verification in AZ just as Kari Lake’s trial relating to signature verification is about to be heard.

    Furthermore, the John Eastman disbarment hearing has become the front runner for the public disclosure of evidence of he 2020 election fraud, though this has gained far too little exposure with all the other victories which have been taking place this past week.

    It has been 3 difficult years in which people all around he world have suffered unspeakable losses. Despite this fact, however, judicial actions are taking form which will strongly support Alternate Media’s control over the direction and subject of the news of the day as the 2024 election process plays out.

    So while your concerns should still concern us all, there are many reasons why we should recognize that, though we have not won, we are certainly not beaten, and that Lindell’s Plan for exposing the fraud related to the machines connecting to the internet during the 2024 election will be a shot heard round the world across Alternate Media should a single machine connect to the internet during that election contest. Of course the Tyrants will have time to reconsider their options and pivot, but when they do, it is important that we not lose faith in the fact that there are more of us than there are of them, or the election fraud would not be needed. Also, we have the future of our loved ones and our children to fuel our passions to win this fight, while they are fighting for the power to rule us all, which also feeds our need for victory. Stay informed, stay politically active at the local level, and keep on resisting with the perseverance, spirit and non-violent resolve which has already shaken their hold on power over us. Our ultimate victory is not certain, but it is certainly within our reach if we do lose sight of what defeat portends for our coming generations.

  3. What happens if it’s true the voting machines are online and that elections can be manipulated but
    1. Mainstream Fake-News Media doesn’t report it and “fact checkers” muddy the waters?
    2. Courts either refuse to accept the cases, evidence or both?
    There is irrefutable evidence that masks don’t work & harm, lockdowns harm, covid Vaxx products are dangerous and ineffective, IVM is safe & effective etc and yet most people still are in the dark.