Livni and Peres conspire with Kerry — against Israel

“OK, here’s my idea for how we can stick it to Bibi…”

By Vic Rosenthal

"OK, here's my idea for how we can stick it to Bibi..."

As you may remember, Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin carried on pre-Oslo agreement negotiations with the PLO behind the backs of Prime Ministers Shamir and Rabin, and then presented the deal as afait accompli to Rabin. One doesn’t know how Rabin felt about it in his heart (although the look on his face when he shook hands with Arafat on the White House lawn might give us a clue), but publicly he had no choice but to embrace the initiative and do his best to minimize the damage.


Communicating with the PLO was still against the law in Israel in 1992, and while a Foreign Minister — as Peres became in Rabin’s administration — is certainly permitted to engage in secret diplomacy, to do so in such a sensitive context without notifying the PM is unethical and borders on treason.

But Peres got his Nobel prize (and Israel got the Second Intifada and more than a thousand fresh graves) as a result. And now he — along with one of the most cynical of Israeli politicians, the drooling-with-lust-for-power Tzipi Livni, he has apparently engaged yet again in private diplomacy.

Livni confirmed that she and Peres, now a private citizen,  approached US Secretary of State John Kerry and suggested that he delay the UN Security Council vote on a PLO proposal to force Israel to withdraw from Judea and Samaria until after Israeli elections, because a vote now would help her opponents Benjamin Netanyahu and Naftali Bennett. According to a report in Foreign Policy Magazine, Kerry told EU envoys at a recent meeting in that the US would indeed follow their advice.

“Kerry has been very, very clear that for the United States it was not an option to discuss whatever text before the end of the Israeli election,” according to a European diplomat.

The diplomat, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the luncheon was confidential, said that Kerry explained that Israel’s liberal political leaders, Shimon Peres and Tipzi Livni, had expressed concern that a Security Council move to pressure Israel on the eve of election would only strengthen the hands of Israeli hardliners, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Naftali Bennett, an implacable foe of a Palestinian state and leader of the right-wing Jewish Home party. Netanyahu is also fiercely opposed to the Palestinians effort to secure Security Council backing for its statehood drive.

It’s hard to imagine worse behavior for a political candidate than to conspire with a foreign power — one whose objectives in this area are clearly opposed to Israel’s — in order to advance her candidacy, which is what Livni has done (with the help of practiced conspirator Peres).

The State Department has recently strongly suggested that the US would veto such a Palestinian resolution. Postponing the vote might well be against Israel’s interest, since it’s hard to predict what the US attitude will be in the future.

But apparently Livni and Peres think it is in the interest of the Labor party. Because nothing is more urgent for the impotent Left than getting into power.

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11 Comments / 11 Comments

  1. Justin Said:

    @ bernard ross:

    Bernard, may I ask how you feel about the assassination of Rabin? Do you think this was somehow a justifiable act? Do you think this was holding Rabin “accountable” for his deeds?

    No you may not.
    First of all you have never dealt with my prior questions and assertions regarding your libelous canards of illegal jewish settlement, etc etc. You keep moving on new tangents but have not withdrawn your fraudulent propaganda.
    Do you know anything about Rabin beyond the superficial, do you know how he was assassinated and why? Do you know who JFK was and how and why he was assassinated or do you buy the warren commission. why would a person so ignorant on these subjects want to know my “feelings” rather than spend his time ascertaining facts and widening his perspectives.
    Have you read Barry Chamish re Rabin etc…. not saying its true, but it is an interesting speculation and not easily dismissed. Same with JFK, the alternative narratives make a hell of a lot more sense than the gov whitewash. Have you read loftus “secret war against the Jews”? From his report everything you think you know about your nation is torn apart. Once having such information it is impossible to view the USA in the same way as before.
    I am not interested in discussing “feelings” or beleifs with you as that is all you have… facts, speculation on facts and trends based on existing facts and trends, etc. this is my interest: what is really happening behind the BS we are fed daily by media and politicians. Those like you who operate on “feelings” rather than doing the work and research are superficial and ignorant. Perhaps you should enter group counseling where such things are more relevant?
    Have you even looked up the term “useful idiot”?
    you should research more and pronounce your superficial conclusions less.

  2. @ bernard ross:

    Bernard, may I ask how you feel about the assassination of Rabin? Do you think this was somehow a justifiable act? Do you think this was holding Rabin “accountable” for his deeds?

  3. @ Steve Smyser:
    No doubt about it. Notice that she gets all the financial resources needed, I do not know how…:).
    The item drifts from one party to the next in each election cycle. Her controllers, including but not limited to Kerry-Obama, somehow transfer cash so the snake can slither about. The head of the NIF was and probably still is I believe a former “meretz” MK and expert traitor on her own merits.

  4. @ bernard ross:
    Precisely. And even the Kotel will not be Jewish controlled either. That perverted snake is our worst enemy and it is acting, it is acting in coordination with the rep of the Vatican, Peres, who is a mortal enemy of the Jews. Refer to his hate filled comment after losing the election to Netanyahu.

  5. “…As you may remember, Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin carried on pre-Oslo agreement negotiations with the PLO behind the backs of Prime Ministers Shamir and Rabin, and then presented the deal as a fait accompli to Rabin….”

    Remember? How can anyone forget? How was it possible for Peres to come out of this ‘squeaky clean’ and then manage to become The Prime Minister and The President and Foreign Minister? Perhaps it was seen as a safe pace to keep him, ‘restrained’ in a largely ceremonial post, but where is Israel’s pride. What an affront to the families of his victims. “Fait accompli…”, Israel did not have to accept that as a “fait accompli”, what is the matter with these people. No wonder Peres and Livni are working hard to do it again. They know it has to be in conjunction with extreme pressure from Israel’s traditional allies, it is a proven formula: It works.
    Take off the gloves my friends. Don’t let them get away with anything. Create a legal organization which can file on them in court. Peres wants Pollard to remain in prison, huh? Why, I wonder. Perefat.

  6. Unbelieveable! That sounds like the kind of thing Obama would do. Wait, he has – with Iran and others. Disgusting.
    Hopefully, they will be convicted of treason. Livni, Peres, Obama and Kerry.

  7. Netanyahu called the Livni gang, saboteurs plotting behind his back. Again it is clear who and what Livni was and is. She would have been a Judenrat in times past. Peres whole career is based on betrayals, sabotage, lies and many suspect far worse so it is not at all surprising that him and Livni did it again.
    Herzog would be politically intelligent if he dropped that poison bag.
    She betrayed and stole mandates for the Likud. She betrayed and abandoned the fabricated “kadima”, she again run away from the sinking “movement”.
    That is Livni in short and clear terms.