Livni Presents Six-Point Plan for Gaza Ceasefire

Justice Minister’s new plan links a ceasefire in Gaza with a return to peace negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.
First Publish: 8/8/2014, 10:32 PM

Tzipi Livni

Justice Minister Tzipi Livni has presented a six-point plan which links a ceasefire in Gaza with a return to peace negotiations with Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

Channel 2 News reported about the details of the plan on Friday evening. Livni has presented the plan to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu but he has yet to respond, the report said.

Livni’s plan includes the following steps:

  • A ceasefire.
  • Immediate humanitarian assistance to the residents of Gaza.
  • Measures that will meet both Israel’s security demands and the economic needs of the people of Gaza, equating the interests of the parties.
  • Recognition of the Palestinian Authority as the ruling party of Gaza, while recognizing the principle of one law and one military force.
  • Establishment of a mechanism that would ensure that any assistance and money transferred to the PA will help the residents and not be spent on terrorism.
  • Opening border crossings to Gaza while establishing a mechanism to prevent terrorism, and renewing peace negotiations with Abbas.

Speaking to Channel 2 News on Friday evening, Livni explained that her plan may be supported by the international community, adding that Hamas made acceptance of her plan easier when it announced on Thursday that it would refuse a ceasefire in Gaza unless all its demands are met, including the establishment of a port.

“It is clear to everyone today that they have no interest in compromising,” she argued. “Their demands are based on agreements that they themselves do not accept (i.e. the Oslo Accords), so this plan represents the interests of the security of Israel and the world can accept it.”

Livni stressed that she is opposed to dialogue with Hamas and any agreement to its demands.

“You do not reward them for their aggression,” she added, but declared, “I, like most of the members of the Cabinet, believe that Abbas is a partner.”

“The conflict has shown that Hamas does not want to actually lift the blockade, because it had an opportunity to do so in 2006,” said Livni, who made ??it clear that all operational options are on the table. “Any action will be possible if Hamas continues to fire on Israel,” she declared.

Livni earlier this week had harsh words for the “sour spin”, as she put it, of the Israeli media on Operation Protective Edge.

“Take a look at the current situation and what we have achieved thus far,” she said Monday. “Their leadership is still burrowed in, and they don’t dare show their heads above ground …they have 1,800 dead and have not attained even one of their goals.”

“With them, there will always be the one who will stick his head out of his bunker to say ‘We won!’, and with us, there will always be someone who will rush to cry out, ‘We lost!'” she added.

(Arutz Sheva’s North American desk is keeping you updated until the start of Shabbat in New York. The time posted automatically on all Arutz Sheva articles, however, is Israeli time.)


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22 Comments / 22 Comments

  1. I CANNOT GET THE ANSWER. WHAT IS THE HOLD THAT THE US HAS ON ISRAEL, TO FORCE ISREAL TO DO THEIR BIDDING? Is is perhaps blackmail of the individual leaders? Is it a defective gene?

  2. These so-called leaders have to be removed NOW. The deaths of all those beautiful soldiers is on their heads. Make them go into battle, at the rear or they will make a mess. How stupid, The P.A. as your partner. Rebuild Gaza. What for? Stupid is as stupid does. The solution is time-honoured. You start it, we finish it. Each rocket gets 18 immediately on any and all non-residential structures, no more malls, no more markets, no more offices, no more mosques. Bring it home to the people. This can be done BEFORE risking a single soldier. A full blockage, nothing in or out. IF Israel is going to be hung out to dry as a sheep, might as well do it as a lion. That is how you get respect. Send leaflets of the money that their leaders have, where their leaders are living, how much money is stollen from the people, how rich they could all be if they made Gaza into a Switzerland. What are the chances of that kind of common sense prevailing. I figure the delusional leadership keep relying on the IDF to pull the fat out of the fire, have no concept of what they are doing to the spirit of their people. HEARTLESS AND STUPID LEADERSHIP.

  3. Livini just stole the plan from Aafia Siddiqui.

    What’s up with Israel’s leaders? As you go to the apex of the pyramid they start looking like the other side.

    Is it all America’s fault? Is America pulling the strings through political aide and business ownership?

  4. @ yamit82:

    You know they’re evil! Israel got into bed with Arafat and hasn’t had one day of quiet since. The Torah commands the Jews to exterminate their enemies which is the exact opposite of the fake UnJewish warfare pursued by the IDF. And now Netanyahu is offering the slime the bodies of dead terrorists. There you have it.

  5. This is the same Livni who listened to the Arab demand that she not enter the front door for discussions with them in DC and that she go through the side.. Aside from Zakaria, the pretzeldente, Brzinski adtherest of the usual suspects, why the hell would anyone else even listen to her?

  6. The attachment of Livni to the PA and Abbas is the only way she can remain relevant in our domestic political reality.

    who knows what any of our politicians really think or even believe. Everything they say or do is self serving and calculated to ends served.

  7. NormanF Said:

    There no real difference between him and the Hamas leaders. They both deserve to die.

    Are you volunteering for the job of executioner? You’ve already assumed the role of Judge.

  8. Livni is returning to her old “Love them Arabs” ways.
    I was foolish enough to think she had changed her ways.
    She has learned nothing and, evidently, never will.

  9. The woman is too stupid to run the Justice Ministry, least of all Israel’s foreign policy. She seems unwilling or unable to grasp that it was Abu Bluff – not Ismail Haniyeh or Khaled Meshaal – who inked the unity agreement with Hamas. He is a snake who under no circumstances Israel can trust. He hates the Jewish State and like the Hamas leaders, rejects peace with it on ANY reasonable terms. Abu Bluff is a blackmailer, an extortionist and a terrorist. There no real difference between him and the Hamas leaders. They both deserve to die.

  10. My comment too brutal on the Gazans regarding the need for mass lobo-tom-ies even for the robot censor!

    Max says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    August 9, 2014 at 4:12 pm

  11. Gaza is a region of he earth, where the entire population is under the total control of terrorists and the entire population has been indoctrinated with the cult of terrorism.

    In short they are infected with a mass homicidal mental illness. I recommend the best strategy is to occupy all of Gaza and give the entire population lobotomies to pacify them.

    They could be put on psychiatric meds and one by one attempts made to deprogram them them but there is always a danger thy would go off their meds and I calculate about 100,000 psychotherapists/cult de-programmers wold be needed.

    The most humane thing for them woudl be frontal lobotomies. It’s for their own good and to keep them form infecting other poor innocent Arab children in the world.

  12. Livni reliance on Abbas as a partner is stupid. He lost Gaza because his group is weaker than Hamas. He would lose the PA cities in Judah and Samaria if it was not for the IDF. Abbas is an enemy he is just deferring his war against Israel into the future because he realizes they would lose. This is what he and his people say in Arabic.

    Israel must destroy Hamas military capability. No choice. IDF must not win on points but must devastate the Jihadis.

    Israel must state any day Hamas fires Israel will destroy one town or Gaza City Neighborhood until they throw out the white flag and are willing to surrender. Start with Rafah and capture the Philadelphia corridor on the ground.

    This is cease fire plan.