Long live the Nationalist Camp

by Nadia Matar

A few moments ago I came home from the marketplace in Hebron, where the forcible expulsion of two Jewish families and their supporters took place this morning. These houses legally and morally belong to Jews. As is well known, the Olmert-Livni-Peres-Peretz-Barak government has no time to deal with Arab terror or the Kassam rockets on Sderot. The problem of the massive and illegal Arab construction in Jerusalem, Galilee, the Negev, and Judea and Samaria does not concern this government. All those issues are secondary and unimportant. In the run-up to the “suicide conference” in September, the Olmert government must prove to US president Bush and Condoleezza Rice that it is capable of expelling Jews from their land.

Adults and youth, all lovers of Eretz Israel, who had come from all over the Land, defended for hours the houses earmarked for destruction, and refused to vacate alleys of the Avraham Avinu Hebron neighborhood.

Dear friends – at long last, there is some good news!

Today, we can definitely proclaim, before the whole world: the national camp has raised its head, and, at long last, dares to bark, and even to bite! What began at Amona, continued at Homesh and at the Eitam Hill: thousands of Jews blatantly disregard the government’s illegal orders and are not afraid to breach the ring of the violent Yassam (Special Patrol Force). They valiantly struggle to return to the areas that the government abandoned to the enemy (Homesh), and to save the places that are planned, G-d forbid, to soon be handed over (Eitam).

This new spirit that blows in the hills of Judea and Samaria reached a new high yesterday with the announcement by dozens of soldiers proclaiming: “Expelling Jews? No, no! We will not participate anymore in the crime of expulsion!” And that was not all! The parents of these heroic soldiers came to encourage their children, and were not afraid to lie under the wheels of the busses, to try and prevent soldiers from taking part in the expulsion. In other words: all that we expected would happen in Gush Katif and in northern Samaria, but unfortunately, did not take place, is finally happening now.

And today, when it took thousands of security forces almost eight hours to expel Jews from two old buildings, we said to ourselves that this is the tikkun (corrective measure) for what did not happen in Gush Katif and Northern Samaria. If our “leaders” had organized a resolute opposition for every house in Gush Katif and Northern Samaria, as we saw today in Hebron, we could have prevented the destruction of so many Jewish communities.

The struggle today is between this new spirit in the national camp, a spirit that can be defined as a “proud Jewish spirit”, a spirit loyal to the people of Israel, the Land of Israel, and the Torah of Israel, against the “spirit of Oslo”, the anti-Jewish spirit of all those in power who want to surrender to the Arab enemy, and even to destroy the Jewish nature of the State of Israel. We should not be surprised by the terrible violence that we witnessed today. Blows, dragging people on the hard stone, in some cases violating any semblance of modesty and arrests, all are only a small part of the methods employed by Olmert’s Bolshevik regime to try and repress this renewed Jewish spirit. We must make certain that our public will not be deterred. We must ensure that this spark of “proud Jewish spirit” will spread throughout the entire Israeli Public and become a conflagration of love and loyalty for the People and the Land.

And so, technically, the security forces, who acted so brutally today, succeeded in destroying the houses in the marketplace. But we are the victors!

As Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States, said:

    “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty!”

And now, finally, we are witnessing the beginning of the People of Israel’s exodus from the tyranny of the Left for Jewish liberty. May it be His will that we all have the strength to persevere!

August 8, 2007 | Comments Off on Long live the Nationalist Camp

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