Look for BARRICADES at better newsstands everywhere.

Beryl Wajsman head of the Institute for Public Affairs of Montreal is our friend.

The new issue of BARRICADES, the Journal of the Institute, is now out. It includes the exclusive publication of “Ideas & Lashes: The Prison Diary of Akbar Mohammadi”. Akbar was the Iranian student dissident leader killed in a Tehran prison several months ago by the same prosecutor who was responsible for the murder of Montreal photo journalist Zahra Khazemi. His diary was sent to us by his sister who now lives in the United States. She helped lead demonstrations in Washington against the recent visit of former Iranian President Khatami, and the Institute was proud to help with publicity, communications and logistical support.

Among other highlights in this issue are, “Traitor and the Jew” author Esther Delisle’s first political piece in almost 10 years entitled “Hidden in Plain Sight” that details her work in uncovering the early fascist leanings of Quebec political and intellectual leaders and how these views, and those men, affected our lives even through the past few decades; National Post columnist Barbara Kay’s riveting account of the pressure she faced in “L’Affaire Quebecistan” after she criticized the Montreal rally that turned into a platform for Hezbollah propaganda with the full participation of so many leaders of Quebec civil society; Col. Peter W. Reynolds, former NATO public affairs director and special advisor to the United Nations Office for Project Services that oversaw the Iraqi elections, “War, Power and the Media” a must-read in order to understand how international foreign and military news get distorted in western media; and, as we seem to be heading closer to a Quebec election, former Montreal Business Magazine editor Michael Carin’s timely look at “Separatism is Not Dead, But…”

January 9, 2007 | Comments Off on Look for BARRICADES at better newsstands everywhere.

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