Israeli Arabs can always move to Judea and Samaria

Shin Bet: Extend Law Against PA Arab Family Reunification

The Knesset Internal Affairs and Environment Committee heard testimony from a security official Monday who said Arab family reunification had allowed 38 suicide bombers to enter Israel.The General Security Service (Shin Bet) official called on the committee to extend a ban on family reunification which allows Palestinian Authority Arabs to become an Israeli citizen through marriage. The temporary ban on reunification is slated to expire on January 16th.

The law was passed by a slim margin in May 2006 by the High Court of Justice after a 6-5 vote. Judges added, however, that officials needed to address humanitarian issues raised by the ban.

If the law is extended, humanitarian concerns will be more prominent this time around,according to the Haaretz daily. A professional committee will be able to recommend to the Interior Minister that a person be granted an entry permit, a work permit and temporary residency for humanitarian reasons.

At the same time, the Interior Minister will have the right to reject citizenship requests by Iranian, Iraqi, Syrian and Lebanese residents.

PA Arab males over the age of 35 and women over the age of 25 have been allowed to marry Israeli citizens since the summer of 2005. The IDF also continues to grant permits for up to six months for PA Arabs to enter Israel for medical treatment.

The Shin Bet security official noted in his testimony that 14 percent of the 272 suicide bombings that have cost Israeli civilians their lives were carried out by PA Arabs who had married Israeli citizens and came to live inside the pre-1967 borders of the Jewish State under reunification. He said it was absolutely essential that the law be extended in order to prevent a further deterioration in the security situation.

Also advocating extension of the law was Deputy Attorney General Mike Blass, who said it was essential to extend the ban, which expires on January 16th. Blass said the number of security threats remains high.

A rise in the number of women who have joined the terrorist “work force” was also cited as a reason to continue the ban. Justice Ministry attorney Yochi Gansin told the committee that married women as well as widows, educated and uneducated, are increasing their involvement in terrorist activities.

Despite the calls by security and justice officials to extend the law, however, most of the committee members opposed it. Israeli Arab Knesset member (Ra’am – Ta’al party) Ahmed Tibi charged that the “rationale behind the law is not security, but demographics.”

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2 Comments / 2 Comments

  1. Reunification of families in Israel does not make sense. Israel does not need more potential terrorists. Neither does reunification in the West Bank which will be wholly or partly annexed by Israel. Gaza or Jordan or any citizenship other than Israel should be the place of residence of the new married couple. And, if their israeli families want to be nearby, they too can join them.

  2. None of the members of the Knesset Internal Affairs and Environment Committee appear to have hands on experience in security. They are from political or civilian advisor backgrounds.

    The article notes that the High Court of Justice was earlier involved and in narrowly passing the temporary ban law set to expire January 16th, the court was then most concerned with humanitarian issues which seem to come down to it is inhumane for Israel to stand in the way of love and prevent Palestinian terrorists marrying Israelis and becoming Israeli citizens.

    The article further notes that it is a number of humanitarian issues flowing from the ban that will create the greatest resistance to it being extended and if extended, it likely will meet with a lot of consternation over humanitarian issues that the State of Israel will have created in pushing for the law and its extention in the first place.

    Shin Bet have come before this committee to request that the Committee extend the ban on family reunification which allows Palestinian Authority Arabs to become an Israeli citizen through marriage, which ban expires January 16th.

    Already these Committee members so ignorant of matters involving security are seemingly rejecting the advice from Shin Bet with either accusations that the law is not about security, but rather demographics, that the law is contrary to civil rights and is on the wrong side of a number of humanitarian issues.

    This committee is just one more loose cannon on Israel’s political deck that is more likely than not to shoot Israel and hopefully only in the foot.

    Where do they find these looney, left leaning, Israeli lunatics to be on important committees no less? These committee members with their one track naive and probably insanely closed minds, have cloaked themselves in sloppy sentimental notions that love conquers all.

    With such thinking, it is not difficult to conclude that the State of Israel has no right to stand in the way of a Palestinian suicide terrorist murderer of Israelis and a lover of a suicide terrorist murderer of Israelis who lives in Israel to consummate their true love and happily live together thereafter in Israel.

    Since Shin Bet seems to not be having any influence on these myopic mental midgets who comprise the committee, perhaps it would be prudent for this committee to hear from the Israeli survivors of Palestinian terrorism and the families that lost loved ones to Palestinian terrorists. Maybe their tears and cries of anguish will strike a more responsive chord than the plaintive wails and whining of Palestinian murderers of Israelis that Israel is not being fair in refusing to let them move to Israel and know true love, not to mention know all the benefits of being a citizen which if they play their cards right, they won’t have to work another day and the State of Israel will pay them to make love to their lover.

    How much more evidence do the Israelis need of how Israeli leadership is increasingly descending to madness before they take matters into their own hands and save Israel from Israel’s lost and losing leadership?

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