LTC(R) Allen West says “hello”

By Ted Belman

LTC(R) Allen West is running for Congress on the Republican ticket. In the past, we posted two videos in which Allen West was speaking. And what a great speaker he is.

Here’s the best

In praise of Lt. Colonel Allen West

West replies to Alui Benn

Much to my surprise he wrote to me the following email. Evidently he is on my email list.

    Greetings Ted, I truly enjoy reading your posts and dont want to bother you. I agree, we are portraying weakness and subservience to the barbaric savages of islam. Their threats of violence and use of taquiyya have again resulted in their success.

    However, rest assured that the clock is ticking and after Chamberlain there came Churchill, after Carter came Reagan.

    May I wish you a belated L’Shanah Tovah Tikatevu.
    Be well, LTC(R) Allen West

I replied

    Israpundit is in your corner as you are in ours. I have posted a couple of videos of you speaking.

    Good luck in the upcoming election.

    America and Israel need more people like you and Palin in goverment.

    I am honoured that you took the time to write.

and he replied

    Thanks Sir, and let the people know that I shall not tire nor grow weary in pursuing Victory on 2 November and protecting America and Israel!
    Be well, Allen

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