Majority of Israeli Jews support nation-state law, polls determine.

61% of Israeli Jews do not think the law will impact the Druze community’s commitment to the state of Israel, one poll found.

By Gil Hoffman, JPOST

A small majority of Jewish Israelis believe the Knesset was correct in passing the Jewish Nation-State Law, two polls found Tuesday.

A Panels Research poll taken for the Walla! News website found that 58% of Israelis support the new law, 34% oppose it and eight percent had no opinion. The poll found that those defining themselves as right-wing or centrist were more likely to back the bill and self-defined leftists were more likely to oppose it.

Among people who define themselves as right-wing, 85% said they supported the law. ten percent oppose it, and five percent had no opinion. Among self-proclaimed leftists, 75% oppose the law, 19% back it, and six percent had no opinion.

The monthly Peace Index poll of the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University found that 52.3 percent of Jewish Israelis believe it was important to pass the law at this time, but only 7.3% of Arabs agrees.

Among Jews, 39.7% think it was not important to pass the law now, and eight percent did know or refused to answer. Among Israeli Arabs 83.8% believe it was not important, and 8.9% did not know or declined to respond.

Asked whether guaranteeing equality for all Israeli citizens should be in the law, 59.6% of Jews and 72.5% of Arabs said yes, 29.7% of Jews and 20.8% of Arabs said no, and 10.7% of Jews and 6.6% of Arabs declined to respond or said they did not know.

When asked whether the bill’s downgrading of Arabic as an official language was right or wrong, 88.3% of Arabs said no and just six percent said yes, while 5.8% said they did not know or declined to respond. Among Jews, 51.2% supported the decision, 39.6% opposed it, and 9.1% refused to answer or said they did not know.

Against the background of the Druze sector’s protests, 61% of Israeli Jews do not think the law will impact the Druze community’s commitment to the state of Israel, and only 25% assert the opposite.

When told that the law says that Israel would work in the Diaspora to maintain Israel’s connection with Diaspora Jewry, 32.8% of Israeli Jews said the law is patronizing or condescending, 50.7% disagreed, and 16.5% said they did not know or declined to respond.

The poll found that 64% of Israeli Jews support civil marriage, 68% back granting same-sex couples equal rights to those of other couples, 69% are in favor of allowing same-sex couples to adopt children in Israel, and 59% think Israel should recognize religious marriages conducted by Reform or Conservative rabbis.

The survey of 600 respondents, who constitute a representative national sample of the adult population of Israel aged 18 and over, was conducted on July 24-26 and had a maximum measurement error of ±4.1%.

The Panels poll asked Israelis what party they would vote for if elections were held now. It predicted 33 seats for Likud, 19 for Yesh Atid, 12 for the Zionist Union, 11 for the Joint List, 10 for Bayit Yehudi, eight for United Torah Judaism, six for Kulanu, six for Yisrael Beytenu, six for MK Orli Levy-Abecasis’s new party, five for Meretz, and four for Shas.

It was taken among 532 Israelis representing a statistical sample of the adult Israeli population and had a margin of error of  ±4.4%.

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