McCain pledges not to allow Iran to possess the Bomb

Tom Gross Mideast Analist


    1. In flip-flop, U.S. says Iran may be able to make nukes by 2009
    2. Western media implicit in downplaying Iranian nuclear threat?
    3. Much damage already done by the NIE
    5. The Mossad: “Iran is the biggest threat to Israel”
    6. McCain repeats pledge: I will not allow a nuclear Iran
    7. McFarlane: “To choose a president without vital foreign policy experience is to invite disaster”
    8. Syria and Iran in confrontation with Lebanon, says Hariri
    9. More advanced Iranian arms for Syria, and for Hamas
    10. Two women sentenced to be stoned
    11. Iranian sentenced to death for drinking alcohol
    12. Renewed persecution of Bahá’ís in Iran
    13. China invites Ahmadinejad to Olympics
    14. “Iranian Nuclear Rewrite” (Feb. 8, 2008, Wall Street Journal)
    15. “Correcting the CIA” (Feb. 7, 2008, New York Sun)
    16. “Explosive Recipe” (Feb. 5, 2008, Investor’s Business Daily)


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