Meet the Iranian-born Biden military aide reportedly under investigation for major influence campaign: ‘Clear and present danger’

By Miranda Devine, NEW YORK POST   22 Nov 2023

Ariane Tabatabai, who currently sits in the Pentagon with a high-level security clearance, is reportedly under investigation over an Iranian influence operation.

In the wake of terrorist fears over the car explosion at a US-Canada border control checkpoint Wednesday, the Biden administration’s inexplicable complacency about national security threats must end.

While Gov. Hochul now says the FBI has ruled out a terrorist attack, there were initial concerns “at a time of heightened alert” that the car was packed with explosives and may even have been heading to New York City.

Hochul announced new counterterrorism efforts last week and already had beefed up security for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

On Tuesday, CBS reported a threat assessment from the New York State Intelligence Center warning that the war in Gaza is “driving chatter about targets in New York.”

The threats make it all the more reprehensible that hundreds of known and suspected terrorists have been caught crossing our porous southern border — and God knows how many have evaded detection.

But equally worrying is the administration’s apparent harboring and coddling of agents of Iran, even after the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel.

Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. It sponsors Hamas.

And, yet, sitting in the Pentagon with a high-level security clearance is Ariane Tabatabai, the Iranian-born Biden military aide who reportedly is under investigation over an Iranian influence operation whose tentacles reach deep into Washington’s military and diplomatic establishment — and nobody in the government will explain why.

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5 Comments / 5 Comments

  1. @dreuveni

    no one is in charge because there is no investigation.

    I can appreciate your perspective here and such routine skullduggery to act as interference in shielding the administration is common enough, but the group tasked with such matters is routinely the FBI, as is the case with the now 7 month long FBI ”investigation” into Malley’s mishandling of confidential documents. Given the fact that the matter is being pursued by some other authority other than the FBI would seem to be an encouraging break with the usual pattern of endless investigations which lead to sensitive breaks in protocol being exclusively pursued against those targeted as being enemies of the regime in power. Time will tell.

  2. @Peloni: no one is in charge because there is no investigation. That way, plausible deniability is preserved while she continues the good work.

  3. Something else which bears noting in this article is that

    The FBI reportedly has been shut out of the Tabatabai probe, and it is not known which agency is in charge.

  4. How much clearer can the ties between Washington and the Iranians be, than to not only find, but maintain, an Iranian asset in the highest eschelons of the US military and intelligence. As I recall, when Pollard was found to be working on behalf of Israel, the US did not maintain him in his position, expand his security clearance, or shower him with praise and support. No, Pollard was arrested, tried for espionage, and sentenced to life in prison without parole. The distinction is telling.