Min Erdan: “”Every Cabinet member is opposed to a Palestinian state, including Netanyahu (in the near term). “

T. Belman. Nothing new here. Other reports have been saying the Netanyahu supported a Palestinian state. Netanyahu’s focus after Iran will be to get Trump’s approval for building in eastern Jerusalem and all settlement blocks without restriction. Extending sovereignty will come later.

Public Security Minister speaks about Sunday’s Cabinet meeting, Netanyahu’s upcoming meeting with Trump, building in Judea and Samaria.


Interior Minister Gilad Erdan

In an interview with Army Radio on Monday morning, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud) spoke about Sunday’s Cabinet meeting.

“Netanyahu sat very patiently and heard everyone out,” Erdan noted. “Every Cabinet member is opposed to a Palestinian state, including Netanyahu. Some oppose the idea for ideological or Biblical reasons, and some for security reasons. The question is how we need to present our interests to US President Donald Trump. We need to remember that Trump was not chosen for the sake of Israel – he was chosen for the sake of US citizens.

“A Palestinian state is a bad solution which needs to become extinct. We should not dictate to Trump what we believe his position should be. Netanyahu will need to decide what to say based on how he feels during the meeting.

“Trump is not finished assembling his Middle East staff, but Netanyahu was already invited to speak to him. I don’t think we need to tell the Prime Minister what he needs to say.”

Regarding Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz’s criticism of Bennett, Erdan said, “I have the feeling that the Israeli public is smart and understands why every minister says what he says, and what his political motives are. The public understands that the Prime Minister is the one who will travel, and that he will represent everyone.

“For many years, Israel and the world said, ‘Time is against us.’ Right now, the Palestinians have no reason to come to the negotiating table. If we begin building in Judea and Samaria, it changes the balance.

“The Palestinians need to understand that the more they support terror and refuse to negotiate, the more time will work against them. Yesterday’s discussion was about how to work together with the US. We each put our ideas on the table, and the Prime Minister will decide what he needs to speak about.

“The Prime Minister does not need to come to Trump with a list of demands. He needs to speak with Trump about what is most important,” Erdan concluded.

According to recent reports, Netanyahu will discuss with Trump Iran and negotiations with the PA, but will not raise the issue of annexing Maaleh Adumim.

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  1. nutanyahoo states he surrendered J-S to the terrorists 3 weeks ago via trump. every thing else now is irrelevant, let trump worry about iran, his wall, ex-pres fuzzy wuzzy, shoppers want his wife’s products off ‘the Hudson bay’ shelves.

  2. It seems to me that Trump is now talking about creating a Palestinian Arab state.

    This is very bad. There is nothing good about this.

    Why is it so bad? Because it is part of the Islamist stages theory to destroy Israel.

    Listen to people like Yamit (commenter on Israpundit) and Martin Sherman on this. They will use the high ground of Judea which overlooks the plains below on which sits Tel Aviv to molest the Jews.

    Trump has said that there is limited space for a Palestinian state so therefore no Jews settle on that limited space IS THE CLEAR IMPLICATION .

    The other lie that is put about all the time by the BBC is that this is “Palestinian Land”. Trump is echoimg and reinforcing this lie.


  3. Mahmmoud Abbas and his Arab Palestinian authority are a terrorist entity and anyone who condones them is supporting terror and violence.
    Mahmmoud Abbas is a convicted murderer who is an escaped convict and belongs in Jail. Stop patronizing Abbas and start applying what he deserves, to be put in jail.
    He gladly admitted for sponsoring the Munich massacre and other terror acts.
    The Arab PA is no different than Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

    There will never be a second Arab-Palestinian State West of the Jordan River; they have Jordan which is Jewish territory.
    Anyone who thinks about putting another terrorist entity in Judea and Samaria aka West Bank, needs to have his head examined and any government considering such a proposal must be replaced.
    Such a move is suicidal to Israel in view of the results from Gaza with thousands of rockets attacking Israel.
    Judea and Samaria is Jewish territory. Israel does not need the consent of anybody to apply its sovereignty to Judea and Samaria.
    YJ Draiman

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