MK Eldad: Present Alternatives to PA State Plan


MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union) spoke to US Ambassador Dan Shapiro during his meeting with the Knesset Security and Foreign Affairs Committee.

    “The ‘2 States for 2 Nations’ plan has reached a dead end. Washington should come up with an alternative plan, taking into account to possibility of the end of the Jordanian Hashemite Kingdom, at which point Jordan will become the Palestinian Homeland.

In case you are wondering MK Eldad is referring to Zahran’s Idea that I have been promoting.

Remember; Want Peace? Demcratize Jordan

Meanwhile ‘Jordan mulling sanctions against Israel’

Last November it was reported,

Eldad to Abdullah II: Jordan is Palestine or Exile

By Gavriel Queenann

The Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee delayed a discussion entitled “Jordan is Palestine” citing the “sensitivity of the issue,” according to MK Aryeh Eldad.

Eldad, who called for the discussion, said “the discussion is relevant and more urgent than ever. The shocks and upheavals in the Middle East will not pass Jordan by.”

A long-time proponent of defining Jordan as the ‘Palestinian state’ over creating such an entity in Israel’s biblical heartland, Eldad has pressed the government to abandon the bilateral track instituted by the Oslo Accords and pursue a separate diplomatic track with Jordan.

Earlier this year King Abdullah II of Jordan rejected the long-held formula of the Hashemite monarchy that “Jordan is Palestine,” saying “The so-called ‘substitute homeland’ exists only in the minds of the weak.”

Abdullah, responding to comments by Eldad, told reporters “the Jordanian option is an illusion. Jordan is Jordan, and Palestine is Palestine.”

Analysts say, despite Jordan’s couching its opposition to the Jordan is Palestine formula in terms of support for the current bilateral peace track and “protecting the interests of Palestinians,” that Amman’s motives are likely rooted in its own demographic and security concerns.

Last week Abdullah said, ““A Fatah-Hamas joint platform of action, which may put an end to any prospect of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, would be viewed with great concern in Amman. The absence of any negotiations may drift into violent friction between Israel and the Palestinians with dire consequences for all concerned, Jordan included.”

Eldad earlier responded to Abdullah’s statements, saying “Abdullah knows full well that there is no other justification for Jordan and he is overwhelmed with fear of the masses in Amman today to do what they did Mubarak and Gaddafi.”

MK Eldad today recommended, “It is better Abdullah announce today that Jordan is the national homeland for the Palestinians – or else seek asylum in London.”

Sources close to the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee told Arutz Sheva the government is concerned raising the issue for discussion at this time would sour already strained relations with Amman.

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9 Comments / 9 Comments

  1. lol. I am listening to a song on the radio that reminds me of you. Don’t ask me why. But everytime I hear it…..RA RA whats his face lover of the russian queen. Do you know it?

  2. Israel’s priority is to extend sovereignty over Yesha. Dwelling on what to do about the Arabs can derail the best efforts at developing a plan for sovereignty.

    The Left has managed to instill fear of an Arab majority in Israel (while they welcome Arab, African and other illegal migrants). So from the start it must be made clear that blanket citizenship for Yesha Arabs is out of the question.

    We witness alarming trends to obliterate people’s sovereignty through international organizations such as UN and EU, and to intervene in sovereign countries to depose their ruler or to partition them (Serbia). In spite of US government talk of support for Israel, Israel isn’t safe from international boycotts and Western military intervention. That’s why abiding by international law is so important.

    The government should move firmly in extending sovereignty, but with every step backed by international law.

    Expelling Arabs would be impossible, unless there is a major war and an internal Arab uprising.

    Offering Arabs citizenship if they solemnly swear allegiance to the state of Israel and all its laws would deter most of them from applying. It’s a matter of pride. Islam decrees that Jews must live in a state of dhimmitude, not as masters of their own land.


    Investigative reporter David Bedein disclosed the following.

    “Speaking on the record, the head of the European Parliamentarian Delegation to the Geneva Initiative, Mr. Graham Watson, described the planned armed international force that the US, Canada, the EU, the Scandinavian countries, Japan and Australia plan to dispatch to patrol the future borders which will run through the middle of Jerusalem and alongside Judea, Samaria and Gaza. Watson confirmed that Geneva Initiative mandates the creation of an international force which would actively prevent the Israeli army from pursuit of terrorists who escape into ‘Palestinian territory’ since that international force is, according to the Geneva Initiative, designed to protect the ‘integrity of Palestinian territory’.” (From Israel National Radio transcript of “The Attempt to Foster a Fourth Reich”.)

  3. Thank you for spotlighting the truth of history and for shining a light on the incredibly continuing swindling of the jews. Complicit in this swindling are the jews themselves through ignorance and fear. The jewish disconnect from their own history has been created from the habit of subterfuge and stalling which itself is based on fear of their enemies and captors; it is call DURESS and agreements made under duress are not binding. You did not mention san remo which i understand to be a binding treaty in international law that invalidates future proclamations in conflict with it. The Israeli govt is deceiving the Jews by not educating them to the truth of history. There is almost a conspiracy of silence from the Israeli govt. and this complicity disqualifies them from leading the jewish people.

  4. This is sensible. Added to this should be that the only just solution to the undealt with ethnic cleansing of jews from the arab countries AND the the creation of JEW FREE jordan is to consider the jewish ethnic cleansing as the first step of a population exchange which must now be completed by the west bankers to move to the JEW FREE state of Jordan which appears defacto to have been created intentionally as Jew free on the palstine mandate. There is no reason for the Jews to accept this ethnic cleansing. Past agreements can be repudiated as they were done under duress at the barrel of a gun. The foreign hashemites would be wise to open their gates to all the “palestinians” as this would be a political coup for them to retain their monarchy. With his palestinian wife and heir abdullah would be cementing his families future. Coupled with that, massive arab and global financing could solve all the problems

  5. Sharing Yesha with Jordan? Why? You yourself state that this will not end the conflict.

    If anything, it would greatly intensify it. And permanently.

    It’s Israel’s control of Yesha that keeps it somewhat peaceful. Pull out of it – or parts of it as you suggest – and you’d have not another Gaza but something much worse, because the land surrendered would belong to a sovereign state. A state, all of us know, is headed for a radical takeover.

    How would Israel respond to terror launched from a Greater Jordan closely allied with Iran? And predictably with the IDF fighting according to restrictive rules imposed by the US, EU and UN?

    Most of us are aware of the worth of an agreement signed by Muslims. The proof is on the headlines these days, with the new Egyptian rulers all but ditching the much touted “peace treaty”. They have already violated it with the presence of their troops on the Sinai.

    There’s no ideal solution to the problem. The best Israel can do is:

    1) Elect a government that will abide by international law based on the League of Nations Mandate Agreement and and stop all talk of illegal surrender of Jewish land to the Arabs. Offer peace in exchange for peace. No more land for peace.

    And start to wean Israel from its high dependency to the US. Decline any further “financial aid”.

    2) Immediate full extension of Israeli sovereignty over the land.

    3) Offer residency to Arabs living there – no automatic citizenship. Those Arabs were Jordanian citizens. If they ever revolt against the state, they can be put across the border.

    4) Israel may offer citizenship to some of them, but they would have to swear allegiance to the Jewish state and all its laws, and they would have to apply for citizenship on an individual basis, meaning that a record of crime or terror would automatically disqualify them and their immediate family.

    5) Repopulate all this Jewish land with with Jews. Aliyah will soar.

    6) Offer financial incentives and other assistance to Arabs willing to emigrate. Statistics show that most young PA and Israeli Arabs would like to emigrate. Many would rather live anywhere except under Jewish laws.

    7) Stop leftist indoctrination in Israeli schools. Develop pride in Jewish history and heritage.

    Change the Jewish mindset from timidity into self-confidence and self-respect.

  6. What is Jordan in relation to Israel?

    Jordan is what the relevant FILE/FOLDER of the League of Nations titled/called *Trans-Jordan Province of Palestine*!
    But Palestine in history is the geopolitical entity to which the Roman occupier of “Judea and Israel” two Jewish Kingdoms in the second century CE gave the name “Palestina” in a futile attempt to eradicate the Jews’ link to their Land, which entered history as the Sovereign Homeland of the “Jewish nation” more than 3000 years ago.

    Since that time, Jews have continuously lived there, though often under foreign conquerors. In fact for over 3000 years ago… the one common demographic denominator in “Palestina” has been the Jews. Concurrently, no ethnic or national community except the Jews has claimed Palestine/Israel as its distinctive home. Even Sherif Hussein of Mecca called this Land *Ard Ibna’a Ihal aslyin* = *The land of the original owners.* Ref. to Jews.

    Until the early twentieth century, Palestine was considered a geographic concept, covering the area both West and East of the Jordan River; the term “Palestinian” must therefore refer to all the inhabitants of this area. And the “Right of Self Determination for the Palestinian Arabs” is a right to which Palestinian JEWS as well as Palestinian ARABS are entitled-and which both, in fact, have attained.

    In 1922, recognizing THE HISTORICAL CONNECTION OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE WITH PALESTINE and the grounds for RECONSTITUTING their National Home in that SAME country. The League of Nations granted Britain a Mandate over Palestine, pending the reconstitution in Palestine of the JEWISH NATIONAL HOME.

    One of Britain’s first act as a Mandatory Power was to divide Palestine along the river Jordan, giving over 77% of it, to an upstart from ARABIA, by the name of Emir Abdullah who, 1946, established Trans-Jordan-later renamed Transjordan and even later Jordan. (King Abdullah originally had wanted to call his country “Palestine” but was persuaded by the British that the name “Jordan” would emphasize the King’s rule over both banks of that river (Jordan). Thus in the greater part of Palestine-the area East of the River Jordan-the right of Palestinian Arabs to self-determination was realized (and this was considered the FIRST PARTITION OF PALESTINE).

    Yet the Jews’ concomitant right to self-determination in the remaining 23 % of Palestine was not to be granted so readily. Arab militants, through terror and intimidation, opposed the fulfillment of Jewish national aspirations in any parts of Palestine whatsoever.

    In 1947 the United Nations sought to settle the conflict by a SECOND DIVISION (this time of Western Palestine) into Jewish and Arab States. In May 1948 Jewish Palestine (Israel) proclaimed its independence. The neighboring Arab States, however, joined in a massive assault on Israel. Though Israel succeeded in repulsing the invasion, Judea and Samaria were captured, and later annexed, by Jordan; only Britain and Pakistan recognized this illegal annexation (yet, NO Arab Country extended their recognition). Egypt also conquered the Gaza district (though not annexed it).

    Since mid-1948, then, two independent sovereign states have existed in the AREA once known as “Palestine”: the Arab-Palestinian State of Jordan (77% of the Mandate) in Eastern Palestine, and the Jewish-Palestinian State of Israel (23% of the Mandate), in Western Palestine. For this very reason another Arab Palestinian State was not established in Western Palestine (the so-called “West Bank”, i.e., Judea and Samaria) during the 19 years it was controlled by Jordan. It made no sense then; it makes no sense now…!

    All non-Jewish inhabitants in the area conquered by the British led army of King Abdullah were granted JORDANIAN CITIZENSHIP. Over 400,000 Palestinian Arabs from Western Palestine moved East of the Jordan River Eastern Palestine-mainly to be closer to Amman, the new Jordan capital, and the improved social and economic opportunities offered there. Ethnic, social, religious and identical language made these migrations merely a “change of address.” As one writer put it.

    Today, Jordan’s population-even without the western area it had conquered in its abortive attack on Israel in 1967-is still composed in its majority [73%] of Arabs of Palestinian origin. As Jordan’s late King Hussein said in an interview for the Paris-based An-Nahar al-Arabi w’al-Daouli, on 26 December 1981, “Truth is that Jordan is Palestine and Palestine is Jordan.”
    A change of scenery in Jordan [this artificial state] would automatically bring the largest Palestinian (Fundamentalist Party, the only party that represents 73% of Jordan’s population) in the picture. A Palestinian Arab leader replacing the present King Abdullah son of the late king Hussein might revert to “Palestine” instead of Jordan.

    I have in my possession two Jordanian State Stamps one from 1964, bearing the likeness of the late King Hussein and pictures Mandated Palestine as an undivided territory [All of Israel of today plus Jordan of today]…, the other a 1949 stamp pictures King Abdullah (the grand father of late king Hussein) of the kingdom of Jordan and bears the label of Palestine in English and Arabic.

    If Jordan (ex Trans-Jordan) IS NOT Palestine, what then, was its previous name? One of the answers is in the “Palestinian National Covenant”

    ART 2 : Palestine with its boundaries that existed at the time of the British Mandate is an integral regional unit.

    ART 25 ; In the territories lying between the Jordan and the eastern boundary of Palestine as ultimately determined, the Mandatory shall be entitled, with the consent of the Council of the League of Nations, to postpone or withhold application of such provisions of this mandate as he may consider inapplicable to the existing local conditions, and to make such provision for the administration of the territories as he may consider suitable to those conditions, provided that no action shall be taken which is inconsistent with the provision of Articles 15, 16 and 18.

    After Jordan Independence May 25, 1946, the word PALESTINE was used on all official documents i.e. (I mentioned the stamp bearing Abdullah’s picture and the label Palestine). King Abdullah wanted to call his newly acquired country the kingdom of Palestine, but the British persuaded him to drop the idea. He had also mentioned in the past : “He (God) granted me success in creating the Government of Transjordan by having it separated from the Balfour Declaration.”

    The Raison d’être of Jordan has been clarified as the creation of a Palestinian order on the East Bank of the river Jordan. Initially an artificial country, established by British Imperial Decree, with unclear boundaries and no national identity, Jordan has taken major strides in trying to build a new collective that might be termed “Jordanian-Palestinian”. It is a state in search of a nation to fill it with content and purpose; nation building is proving, however, to be more arduous task now that the national Palestinian identity, authentic as it might be, has been kindled.

    The Palestinian entity of Jordan has not eliminated its ambitions to contest Hashemite control over this sizable part of Mandated Palestine. In essence, the real Palestinian Arab-Jordanian contest is over the East-Bank and not the West Bank of the Jordan River. The eastern portion of Palestine (Jordan), for objective reasons, is the big prize to be attained.

    Living in their own social and cultural milieu in the Eastern part of Mandated Palestine, and enjoying full political, economic and social rights, the Palestinian Arabs have already achieved all the elements of national self- determination and fulfillment. They constitute a majority within an established political entity, which happens to be situated on over 77% of the original territory of Historic Palestine.

    Israel controls today only 23% of that territory. Jordan is, therefore, the answer to the “Palestinian problem” since its population is nearly 73% of Palestinian stock. I then conclude that Jordan can be designated as either the “Palestine-Jordan Hashemite Kingdom,” or the “Republic of Palestine.”

    Historic Palestine has been already unevenly partitioned, and Jordan has come out with the Lion share!

    The non-Israeli Arabs of Palestine should be REPATRIATED to their country (since they are ALL holders of Jordanian Ids and passports from the time Jordan ruled the West Bank for 19 years).

    Jordan and Israel are now considered (after their Peace agreement) the two SUCCESSORS of the Palestine Mandate!

  7. Tiny National Union once again taking a bold initiative and standing up for Jewish rights – while coalition MKs raise their eyes meekly up to their leader for direction on what to do and what to say, and when to say it and how loudly.

    Dr Aryeh Eldad has what it takes to be a proper leader of the Jewish nation, but Israelis will once again bypass his Hatikva Party in the National Union coalition and vote for Likud in the next election, always complaining about lack of good leadership in Israel.

    Likud “right-wing” MKs may ocassionally slow down the Netanyahu-Barak’s agenda, but they will never dare to seriously challenge it. They’ll cooperate with it to the bitter end.

  8. As the “two-state solution” does a Costa Concordia two indisputable facts need to be stressed that clearly indicate the next step to be taken in ending the 130 years old conflict between Jews and Arabs:

    1. Jordan and Israel are the two successor States to the Mandate for Palestine enjoying sovereignty in 95% of that former territory – Jordan in 78% and Israel in 17%.
    2. In between these two sovereign states lies the West Bank – Judea and Samaria – that occupies 4% of the former Mandate territory – which was occupied by Jordan in 1948 until its loss to Israel in the Six Day War in 1967 and in which neither Jordan nor Israel presently exercises sovereignty

    The next step to be taken? – the allocation of sovereignty in the West Bank – Judea and Samaria – by redrawing the existing border between Israel and Jordan in direct negotiations in accordance with the principles laid out in United Nations Security Council Resolution 242.

    Jordan has a signed peace treaty with Israel in which the pathway to the resolution of controversial issues such as water, refugees and Jerusalem is already agreed and provide the framework and parameters within which these issues are to be determined.

    Such negotiations will not end the conflict – but will certainly go a long way to doing so if successfully concluded – restoring the status quo (as far as can now be agreed between Jordan and Israel) that existed on 4 June 1967.

    In my opinion King Abdullah needs to grab this lifeline – and soon – or indeed see the 90 years reign of the Hashemite monarchy in Jordan fall in a heap.