More than enough reasons to confront Iran

Mohammad-Reza Pardisan, an Iranian expatriot living in London and fighting for a free Iran often communicates with me. Here he comments on Intelligence Report Logs Bleak Outlook for Iran, and asks And Why?

    Believe it or not I always knew this. With Americans wasting time in Iraq where they should have focused on the head of the snake, Iran. With Europeans who now give two fingers to the Americans by cutting deals with the Mullahs. With the Russians and the Chinese who oppose every American move on Iran and off course with the Brits helping their beloved unruly child, the Islamic Republic in every way they can, nothing better can be expected.

    I am sure there are many Americans who are very concerned about the situation in Iran but I do not believe that the U.S. administration is either seriously thinking that way or indeed after wasting good five years has any idea on what to do with the Mullahs.

    Another problem is that the Americans listen to much to the Brits and they will not understand that it is foolish to seek help of those who are responsible for creating the mess in the first place. The day President Bush said to his audience in front of Tony Blair in Capitol Hill that: “America does not have a better friend than Britain in the world”, I told myself that he is badly mistaken and he will not succeeded in war against terror.

    One need to come to London and see the depth of anti-American feelings amongst the Brits before making such untrue statement. The US intelligence agencies should investigate Britain as their hostile enemy. Britain has done everything in her political power to destroy America’s reputation and influence around the world.

    The Brits achieve things differently. They do things indirectly as they have mercenaries around the world who take their orders. With the help of their Mullahs, Britain will not rest until they absolutely destroy the Americans.

    We are talking about a country that has created Islamic fundamentals in the early 19th century. We are talking about a country that engineered the Khomeini madness in 1979 as a way to drive the Americans out of the Middle East.

    We are talking about a country that not only promote Islamists around the world but indeed is harbouring Muslim terrorists from everywhere. The British Government is now making it illegal to criticize Islamists while the Muslims are allowed to burn books, shout death to America and Israel. It is going to be a crime punishable by British law to criticize Islam.

    We are talking about a country that regards President Bush as Hitler.

    In Britain’s white Hall which is the sit of the British Government, the British Parliament and even in Downing Street where their Prime Monster is based, they refer to President Bush as imbecile yet President Bush regards the Brits as America’s best friends.

    There are enough reasons for confronting these animals in Iran.

    There are enough Iranian opposition to support but as Britain’s top hooligan and the world war II criminal, Winston Churchill once said :

    “I am confident that the Americans will finally get things right after doing everything wrong”.

    But this time it will be too late for everyone concerned including the Americans.

August 25, 2007 | Comments Off on More than enough reasons to confront Iran

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