Moshe Feiglin explains why he believes the US embassy will not move to Jerusalem.

And it’s not because of Trump.

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  1. @ Sebastien Zorn:
    did you compare it with the draft of trumps new executive order I posted above?
    I think Jews and israel should stop trying to convince and argue with all the defamers, euros, etc… its a time for doing and riding roughshod over your enemies and obstructers… Israel gov and bb, or next gov, needs to be pressured now to settle jews outside the major blocks in area C…. no new laws are needed to do that…. do… dont argue anymore….

    New US Envoy Puts UN Allies on Notice: ‘For Those That Don’t Have our Back, We’re Taking Names’

    follow trumps example… less talk more action

  2. @ bernard ross:
    If you see my latest comment, the Greenfield article tells of how Congress passed a law banning polygamists in 1891 but TR went one better, to Ottoman Turkey’s consternation, by banning people who believe in polygamy.

  3. @ bernard ross:
    The remedy (in addition to maintaining bans on immigration from Muslim majority nations):

    Teddy Roosevelt imposed an ideological litmus test.



    My question:

    If someone lies and gets in. If proven they can be deported but:

    a) Can they get away with saying they adopted these beliefs after coming here.
    b) Given that they can bring in their relatives once they have citizenship:
    i) If that citizenship is revoked, can their relatives be deported?
    ii) if their relatives have since received citizenship on the basis of a revoked
    citizenship, can theirs be revoked, as well.
    I) If citizenship is revoked from immigrants who had children on U.S. soil, while they
    were citizens, do the children keep their citizenship?
    II) What if they had children while not on U.S. soil?

    Sorry, it won’t let me format.

  4. Terje Said:

    you are grouping all people of a certain type into one group

    bernard ross Said:

    You want the Jews to live with their avowed killers… you will see that the muslims will teach the euros who they are…. experience is the best teacher.


    Sweden: Two Afghan Muslim migrants revealed as those who streamed 3-hour rape on Facebook

    the attackers were “nysvenskar,” that is, “new Swedes,” which is the establishment media euphemism for Muslim migrants

    The Qur’an teaches that Infidel women can be lawfully taken for sexual use

    whether arabs or afghans the muslim adherents are a plague.
    the same fake news which censors muslims atrocities in europe also censors news from Israel. I suggest voting for the far right to escape the muslims the leftist euros hired to flood their nations….

  5. Terje Said:

    “Ataturk basically understood this in Turkey when he set up his military in such a way that any attempt at creating a Islamic state would be crushed by the military. Sadly morons in Europe and the US have fought the Turkish military for decades, and now we see the consequence, they are no longer strong enough to topple the lunatic in charge.”

    So this is your model, huh?

    “Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (1881-1938) was the founder of the Republic of Turkey and the consummator of the Armenian Genocide.”

    “From Musa Dagh to Masada”

    “By Stefan Ihrig
    Tablet MagaZine”

    “How Franz Werfel’s novel about the Armenian Genocide inspired the Warsaw Ghetto fighters and the Zionist resistance”

  6. @ Glenda Urmacher:
    To the point of insanity.
    From just this week’s news:

    As opposed to say, Japan:

    That was last January. I just read that they will not accept any.

    And neither will America as of this week. Thank You, President Trump.

    It’s not just that Israel plays Mother Teresa when she shouldn’t — and like nobody else does — but Terje’s “secular libertarian” or whatever European pals don’t even give credit where credit is due and treat Israel like Simon Legree while covering up the massive crimes of Muslims. Another reason for the Crimean revolt nobody is talking about is the the Ukrainians were inviting back the Muslims expelled by Stalin for Nazi sympathies — which I believe — , who knows how many are Islamist terrorists. And you know that Crimea was a major slave trading center in the eighteenth century, where kidnapped Slavic girls were sent into sexual slavery in the Turkish Muslim Ottoman Empire. It’s where the word “slave” comes from. The Ukraine wanted to orientate towards the EU and away from Russia. And ban Russian. When 60 percent of the population is Russian speaking. And Russia has a naval base there. I totally side with Russia on this one.

  7. Stop using Nazi Germany when Jews voice their opinions.
    It is baseless.
    Israel is at the forefront when any nation undergoes a natural disaster.
    Whether a tsunami, hurricane or avalanche.
    Israel is there first with field hospitals, doctors, medicines, food, housing, clothing for all and without a thought to are they muslim, Christian, or Jews.
    So knock off the epitaphs.
    They are so dumb!

  8. @ Terje:
    Nonsense. The party, in the ideological sense, very much exists and it’s chief standard bearers have been the Muslims who were allied with Hitler at the time. Only Muslims and Nazis call for the extermination of Jews on a racial basis.* There are no Jews who have called for anybody’s extermination on a purely racial basis. That’s a blood libel. And those of us who even support a death penalty for terrorists are in the minority, as you would know if you kept up from the news with Israel which is really easy to do since all of the papers except Haaretz are free online and have English editions. Want a list?

    * “Article 7 of the Hamas Charter reads:

    “The hour of judgment shall not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them, so that the Jews hide behind trees and stones, and each tree and stone will say: ‘Oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him,’ except for the Gharqad tree, for it is the tree of the Jews.”

    Article 7 is taken from Hadith Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Number 177 and quotes the Prophet Muhammad:

    Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle said, “The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. “O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.”

    Many people thought of Stalin as a fighter against Nazism, his public statements were to denounce anti-semitism as “cannibalism.” And there were Communists who fought heroically. One of my heros:

    But this was the book that I read. It left out a lot:

    He later wrote a memoir. Wound up in Israel.

    Another great movie that needs to be made. Nancy Spielberg, are you out there somewhere?

    And this is based on a true story, a wonderful story:

    After the film was shown in Moscow where it won awards, the little boy, all grown up now and a cameraman in Israel, came forward and went to work for the director of this film. I didn’t know about and haven’t seen the 2015 remake.

  9. Covert Campus Watchdog Discovers University of Houston Students Praising Hitler, Expressing Desire to Hurt Jews on Social Media

    upon investigating in detail the links in the article we find it is all muslims.
    Muslims who brought their filthy creed to the USA to pollute the nation as they now pollute the EU and Israel. Trump should ban ALL muslim immigration to the USA and deport the illegal muslims that ex president hussein illegally brought in. If its not muslims it the leftists who ally with them that is causing almost all the wave of todays anti semitism globally, I have no fear of right wing nazis but I do fear the left wing nazis and their demonic alliance with the muslims.
    Israel needs to get them out of the Jewish homeland

  10. Terje Said:

    His antisemitic tendencies was not one of his most problematic ideas. Communism was. Socialism and communism is far worse than Nazism.

    LOL, to a jew its probably the anti semitic tendencies which are more important…. did stalin build ovens to burn jews like the euronazis did?

  11. Terje Said:

    Glenda Urmacher, for example, voices very clear Nazi ideas when she brands whole swaths of the worlds population as cockroaches. Her argument by the way is *identical* to the ones used in Nazi Germany *and* in the Arab world today. Considering the fact that genetically Arabs are (mostly) Semites, her views could even be described as antisemitic.

    why do you keep spreading these lies?
    there is indeed a whole swathe of the worlds population who are as “cockroaches” they subscribe to and belong to an ideological org which supports and funds jew killers… although you are disingenuously trying to frame it as racism and thereby beleive you are able to project your fake analogy to nazis..its pure rubbish… driving anti semites from Israel is nothing like the nazis who did base their genocide on race… there is neither race nor genocide involved…. its about distancing and protecting oneself from dangerous lunatics who subscribe to racial genocide…. the jews werent slaughtered for their beleifs… the jews arent calling and havent slaughtered anyone. You keep spreading lying propaganda exactly identical to that I described of the european serial jew stalker and jew killer… who has for the current time subcontracted his jew killing to his muslim employees.

  12. Terje Said:

    The fact that you are grouping all people of a certain type into one group and coloring that entire group as one is the same attitude that made the Holocaust possible?

    again you are telling lies…. it is a muslim creed taught in mosques and schools that jews are sons of apes and pig and anyone who belongs to such a club, org, ideology, etc must be grouped with the group to which they subsribe… the fact that not all who belong to the group of that creed carry it out does not absolve them from being targeted for deportation… in the same way that a member of the nazi party who does not carry out the killings but belongs to and supports with attendance and donations the agenda of his party is also grouped as a nazi. Muslims are not a race, they are a political, military, domination ideology …. I would not absolve a nazi party member or a KKK member who doesnt kill blacks… in the same way I do not absolve muslims. when they attend a mosque they make donations which go to the agenda of the muslim collective as a whole… that agenda involves all the disgusting behaviors being exhibited daily which you appear to ignore. Instead you are stalking Jews.

  13. Terje Said:

    A state where dogma, be it political or religious, is the core principle on which the state is run will turn to evil no matter what.

    although I do not support dogmatic thinking it is for practical reasons and not about “turning to evil”. Your rants are amateur high school philosophy where students are expected to sit and listen to irrelevant and unsupported drivel. You have given lots of opinions but I have not seen you support one of them with evidence or rational argument based on evidence.

  14. Terje Said:

    The fact that Europe funds Arab terrorists who are jailed is the next battle.

    for me this is todays battle and much more important than terrorists shot dead or discussions of “infantile superstitions”Terje Said:

    I am using my vote to try to stop the government from supporting any infantile superstition of any kind. As a libertarian atheist (I prefer the term “thinking individual” to atheist) I support no religion anywhere,

    you might prefer to think of yourself as a “thinking individual” but I have not seen in your comments the slightest sign of rational thought or rational construction of arguments… you merely state your opinion, like most arrogant euros I have encountered, expecting an echo of assent. In fact, the only argument you put forward on “infantile superstition” and your projected linkage to “yearning for a random patch of land” was ridiculed by me for its obvious lack of logic, argumentation, evidence and support. However, your ludicrous and ridiculed statement’s exposure taught you nothing as you doubled down with the same haughty pretensions as before like a child boasting about a turd he did on the carpet… of course the child does not know and is innocent but what is your excuse for pretense of rational argumentation?

    You never answered to my ridicule of your comment where you gave no evidence or support so I see no evidence of this “thinking individual” to whom you refer.

  15. bernard ross Said:

    LOL, that is as I predicted two years ago… a muslim flooding of europe will change their tune.

    In 20-30 years Muslims will be majority in Europe even without additional immigration just thru increased Muslim births and declining European birthrate which is negative. In other-words Europe as a cultural entity is nearly dead and will be pronounced dead in only a few years…. One thing is for sure the current trends are now irreversible

    Europeans who want even demand we adopt their nihilistic suicidal prescriptions on us for acceptance is plain BS. The only Jews acceptable to Europeans are dead Jews but even here based on Jewish grave desecration’s all over Europe even dead Jews are not allowed the respect and ‘PEACE’ of the grave.

    I would allow even encourage Russia to take over that stinking continent they are deserving of each other and between the Muslim hordes internally and the Russian Bear externally it’s bye bye Europe and good riddance.

  16. Terje Said:

    For secular Europeans the reason to support Israel is that it is a humanist democracy governed by law and (an astounding amount of) equality. Make Israel into a Socialist/Nazi totalitarian state run by a religious nutcase (in other words, make Israel like Iran) and I couldn’t give a rats ass if someone nuked the place. In the same way that I currently give a rats ass about someone nuking SA, the hinterlands of Iran (Tehran is actually quite civilized, but the civilized people of Iran are a tiny minority).

    That’s how I feel about Germany in particular and all of Europe in general… I would shed no tears if it all wnt up in a mushroom cloud. Europe swapped 6 -8 million peaceful productive law-abiding and even patriotic Jews that they murdered and invited in up to 50 million barbarian Muslims… I call that divine justice. Europe took in millions of illegals who drain their resources and their welfare system and bring crime up in mega proportions. Europe, who would not protect it’s Jewish citizens are now inundated with aliens who use and abuse them. Gang rapes up by hundreds of percentage points in their nations, murders, robbery, their prisons bulging with these alien predators. They now replace the Jews you murdered and pushed out ..multiplied many times over.

    They are YOUR REWARD.
    Those 50 million are people YOU INVITED IN! Now live with it . Drink it in deeply and choke on it. This is what you preferred to Jews. Now enjoy it.Savor it..there is the main course still to come.