Mouthing off about Ramon

By Stephen Plaut

Red Haim Ramon, one of the worst demagogues in Israel, one of the initiators of the Oslo debacle, creator of Israel’s “National Health Insurance Law”, the guy who dragged Amir Peretz out of the gutter to make him chief Mafiosi of the Histadrut crime family, that very same Red
Haim Ramon just had his political career ended once and for all by two women judges and one male judge. He was convicted of sticking his tongue into the mouth of a young lady who was not interested in its being there.

I would have much preferred that Ramon be convicted for his role in Olso rather than for his hanky panky. (Ramon was not married at the time of the incident, unlike the alleged incidents in which President Moshe Katsav was involved.)

Let us note that the same journalists rolling their eyes in horror over Ramon’s dental exam of an unwilling young woman and over the behavior of Moshe Katsav are the very same people who preached for years that Bill Clinton’s private behavior was irrelevant and should not interest the
public nor media. And THAT really sticks in my throat!

Frankly, I would like to see what would happen if Haim Ramon stuck his tongue into Moshe Katsav’s mouth, but I let me fantasies get ahead of me.

Ramon was such an evil person that I would have let him stick his tongue into MY mouth if that is what it would take to get him convicted.

Pass the Listerine….

February 1, 2007 | 1 Comment »

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