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  1. I agree with the death penalty occuring for murders (premeditated) and for the murder of children. Furthermore, allowing for appeals, the penalty must be carried out no later than 1 year of the sentence.

  2. Gilad Sharon: The PA National Story Rose in the Wake of Zionism

    They look at us. We are everything they never were and never will be. We have a history and culture thousands of years old, we have a functioning, developing society – while they are just the offshoot of our Zionism. Their entire national story was born in the wake of Zionism. Even their self-definition as a people has no subsistence without us.

    They look at themselves through our image. The more we succeed and progress, the more their hatred intensifies. We are the proof that it is possible to do it differently, that failures are not the result of destiny, but primarily of decisions and actions.