Nazis, Muslims and the Jews

Decades of Palestinian Arab terrorism upgraded from stoning and stabbing Jews to the diabolical nightmare of Nazi crematoria. 

By Mordechai Nisan      Dec 3, 2023,

One of the most accurate aspects about Israel’s war with Hamas in Gaza is the use of the word Nazi to describe the terrorist enemy. No other label or historical parallel could capture the chilling ferocious madness – but not scope – of Palestinian Arab butchery of Israelis. The Nazi vilification epithet has now become conventional Israeli discourse in public and media circles with the vivid revelation – in words and photos – of Palestinian Arab savagery and barbarism by Hamas on October 7.

Hamas terrorists, without an ounce of inhibition or remorse, shot youth in cold blood at the music festival at Re’im, burnt and beheaded Jews, vaunting their sadistic impulses upon children, men, and the elderly – raping women and girls. They decapitated a baby cut from the mother’s womb in front of her eyes. The pyromaniacs set fire to homes, barns and cars.

Nazis and Jews

The murder of approximately 1,200 Israelis in an orgy of bloodshed evoked the sensation that Nazis carried out such a horrific massacre of helpless Jews on that ‘Black Saturday’ on Gaza’s border. Decades of Palestinian Arab terrorism upgraded from stoning and stabbing Jews to the diabolical nightmare of Nazi crematoria – burning Jewish people alive.

Later, in a child’s room in Gaza, Israeli soldiers came upon an Arabic translation of Mein Kampf, Hitler’s bible. The kidnapping of 241 Israelis to Gaza became an additional chilling chapter of this unparalleled ordeal.

Are the Palestinian Arabs Nazis by ideology?

Berl Katznelson, the foremost leader of Labor Zionism until his death in 1944, was a witness to Arab massacres of Jews in the 1920s and 1930s. He referred to “the Palestinian Nazis who succeeded to unite here in [Eretz] Israel the zoological antisemitism of Europe and the lust for the dagger of the Orient.” The connection between Nazis and Palestinian Arabs led the esteemed songwriter Naomi Shemer to offer a remarkable insight:

“Arabs like their murder hot, moist, and steamy, and if they will ever be free to fulfill themselves, we [Jews] will yearn for the good sterile gasses of the Germans.”

In Kfar Aza and Be’eri, Nir Oz and Sderot, there was no Palestinian Arab industrialized war machine in operation; rather just primitive hordes of “Muhammad’s monsters”[1] mangling and mutilating Jews whose innocence, in the double sense of the word, became ready prey for the Gazan rabble run wild. To define those Hamas Palestinian Arabs as ‘terrorists’ is a gross understatement, perhaps a euphemism.

In Israel today, after the October 7 pogrom, the liberation of language has allowed the use of ‘Nazi’ to describe the horrendous event. During the entire year prior to the pogrom, the leftist street protests against the judicial reform package of the Netanyahu government introduced the odious word – Nazi – specifically targeting Netanyahu himself. Placards portrayed him in a Nazi uniform, the demonization of the prime minister becoming a central axis of the intense brainwashing campaign. The year 1933 became a symbolic benchmark for Netanyahu’s devious dictatorial designs – said the protest.

Of memorable notoriety was ex-general and member of Knesset Yair Golan’s “processes speech” from 2018 that hinted Israel was already adopting Nazi features in its ideological transformation from a democracy to a dictatorship. The end of liberty in Israel was approaching. The leftist-liberal secular camp, unhinged and full of hatred for Netanyahu during the decades of his premiership, had lost its cultural poise and historical judgment.[2]

When the Arab Nazis struck and slaughtered in October, the outrageous accusation that the rightist-nationalist camp is Nazi-like paled and dissolved.

The gruesome real Nazis changed the contours of the domestic Israeli dialogue. Now Netanyahu, the would-be Nazi in the furtive imagination of some bewitched Israelis, labeled Hamas leader, Yahya Sinwar, “a little Hitler hiding in a bunker” on November 5. Here was a candidate worthy of the title.

However, many years earlier, the enemies of Israel from near and far had adopted the Nazi charge against the Jewish state as an ideological staple of de-legitimization. The Russians had initiated this perversion of comparing Zionism to Nazism, and their Syrian proxy followed suit. The loathsome ‘Zionism-is-Nazism’ canard served to vilify Israel and render its existence to be a wicked injustice imposed on the Arabs, Muslims, and the world.[3] This fabricated indictment shaped the victimology of the Palestinian Arabs that became a marketable political logo.

Incompatibilities and Conflict: The Primacy of Islam

Islam, the religion of the Muslim faithful, predominates in the political calculus of Hamas (an Arabic acronym for the Islamic Resistance Movement). This turns the Israeli–Palestinian clash into a Muslim–Jewish religious war. In the language of the Hamas covenant from 1988 (Art. 15): “the Palestinian problem is a religious problem” which obligates Muslims to conduct jihad. In Articles 20 and 31 Hamas makes the heinous accusation that Israel uses Nazi methods against the Palestinian Arabs.

Where has Israel concealed those death camps and gas ovens? Needless to say that the very victims of Nazism are not the Palestinian Arabs but the Jews, then in Europe and now in the Middle East.

It is worth recalling that the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) earlier flung the Nazi charge against Israel in its 1964 Charter (Art. 22). This diatribe against Zionism is an incredulous inversion of truth, no less because of the intimate collaboration in World War II between Hitler and Haj Amin Al-Husseini, the Palestinian Arab leader in British-mandated Palestine. The latter’s ideological and nationalist successor, Yasser Arafat, stated in an interview in 1981 that “the Zionist invasion recalled the Nazi invasion” (of Austria, Poland…).[4] Fatah, the core faction in the PLO, and Hamas are of one Palestinian mind.

The religious engine instructing, validating, inspiring, and mobilizing Hamas is, expectedly, the Koran. The book of Allah revealed to the prophet Muhammad guidance in confirming that the only true faith is Islam (3:18), it is above all religions (48:28), and it will conquer or convert the entire world. To “fight for the cause of Allah” (9:111) against “those who do not embrace the true faith” (9:29) is the greatest deed a Muslim can do. The “believers” (Muslims) must confront the “unbelievers” (Jews) and thereby establish truth and justice on earth. Indeed, “ruthlessness toward unbelievers” (48:29), beheading without mercy, is the mark of Islam as a complete religious-political way of life.

For hundreds of years Muslim regimes applied restrictions and humiliations against dhimmi Jews (and Christians) in the lands of Islam[5] – similar to Nazi Germany’s anti-Semitic legislation, turning Jewish citizens into outcasts and dwarfing their public presence. With the spread of armed radical Islam, militant and triumphalist, Muslims seek nothing less than a resounding victory against the Jewish people.

With an ineluctable mandate from Kitab Allah (The Book of God), no moral restrictions stayed the hand of Hamas savages. Like the Nazis in the 1930s, Hamas was always rearming and preparing for the war it would start. Nazis reviled the godless communists, Hamas reviled godless Fatah – and both saw the Jews as the ultimate and diabolical enemy. Hitler aroused frenzy among the Germans, he whipped up passion and hatred, and the mob would follow him; all this featured in the role of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and his successors – Ismail Haniyeh and Yahya Sinwar.

In both cases, Germany and Palestine, exultant mass support for the regime as befits totalitarian movements was more essential than the democratic vote that brought them to power.

Hamas cutthroats and murderers assaulted civilian communities and military posts across the Gaza line and slaughtered the Israelis. The spirit of Itbach el-Yahud – “slaughter the Jews” – filled the air. This sacred mission gave life significance and purpose. Twelve hundred dead Israelis and 241 Israeli hostages were a trophy of victory that, when the news of the operation spread, brought the Gazan Palestinian Arabs to the streets, joyous at the Jewish blood spilled, and – as is customary – to distribute sweets and candies in celebration. Fatah followers in the ‘West Bank’ were no less exuberant.

The Hamas plan for war was sophisticated in its tactical maneuvers and deceptive in implementation. In the months prior, Sinwar had avoided provoking Israel, rather conveying his emphasis on economic development for Gaza and shying away from joining the more active terror campaign by Islamic Jihad in Samaria. Netanyahu apparently may have believed that Israel had successfully deterred Hamas from any concerted military campaign.

In the German case, until September 1, 1939 when Germany invaded Poland, Hitler conducted a disinformation campaign aimed at America, England, and Russia, to conceal his intention to go to war.[6] In the end, Hitler fooled Chamberlain and later Stalin; Sinwar arguably fooled Netanyahu – as Arafat fooled Rabin, not with war but with a peace offensive.

War is at the heart of Islam and conquest is the banner of its glory. Ayatollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran inspiring, training, arming, and financing Hamas and other Islamic terrorist groups, declared in a speech in 1942 that Islam is not a religion of peace. Rather, “Kill them [the non-Muslims] put them to the sword…Whatever good there is exists thanks to the sword.”[7] Religious euphoria bonds with the Islamic maxim: Din Muhammad bi’l Saif (the religion of Muhammad by the sword). Khomeini demanded that no one should insult Islam by calling it a religion of peace. His Hamas proxies, bold and ferocious, did not disappoint.

The classic Islamic works – Sirat Rasul Allah and The Sahih Al-Bukhari Anthology – relate the gruesome actions and instructions of Muhammad against enemy forces. They document his war against his own Quraysh tribe, the expulsion of the Bani al-Nadir tribe, and the slaughter of the Bani Qurayza. Mercy, attributed to Allah in the opening Al-Fatiha Koranic verse, was not included in the arsenal of qualities or attributes of Muhammad’s Muslims. A traditional saying commands: “Kill any Jews that fall into your power.” The Hamas Charter (Art. 8) cites the movement’s slogan: “Allah is its target, the prophet is its model, the Koran its constitutions, jihad is its path and death for the sake of Allah is the loftiest of its wishes.”

In a street rally in Ramallah weeks into the Gaza War, the chant arose: “Whoever has a rifle, shoot a Jew.”[8]

The goal of the Nazis was to kill all the Jews and cleanse Germany of any Jewish presence. The Palestinian Arabs are unarguably their true successors and ideological compatriots in the Middle East, fighting to cleanse Israel of all Jews.

Reflections on Gnostic Heresy

The Hamas-Nazi analogy requires a few final reflections. Four distinctive features define the resemblance:

One: they engaged in the dehumanization of the Jews, as vermin (rats and parasitic insects) by the Nazis, and as apes and pigs by Hamas;

Two: they had the singular and obsessive objective of killing Jews more than even victory in war;

Three: they aspired to achieve global conquest in the name of their ideology – Nazism and Islamism – without compromise.

Four: German Nazism emerged in the 1920s with a fervent hatred of Great Britain and saw her as the major strategic rival, so to the Muslim Brotherhood – Hamas’ parent organization – was born in the same decade and saw Britain, with its mandate over Palestine, its Great Power enemy. The shame of the Versailles Treaty for Germany compared with the humiliation of the Balfour Declaration for the Arabs.

Germans and Palestinian Arabs acted under a mysterious spell, they did things out-of-the-ordinary in a conflictual-military context. They burnt Jews alive, and Hamas in earlier years conjured up the holocaust “still to come upon the Jews.”[9] A primordial force operated in such cultures dedicated to domination but also destruction, the perpetrators never blaming themselves.

They do not countenance the possibility of error. The Nazi truth and the Hamas truth are unassailable: the faithful ask no questions. Hitler youth in Germany and Islamic youth in ‘Palestine’ receive an education that prepared them to sacrifice, murder, and die.[10] Anointed to rule with a mission to launch a new era, Nazism and Islamism set forth to build a new world.

Only with such language and interpretation can we begin to grasp the violent nightmares that these diabolical gnostic forces imposed on their Jewish victims, and the world.[11] Hitler’s declaration of the Thousand Year Reich, and Islam’s belief in the Coming of the Mahdi or the Day of Judgment, make possible and permit every conceivable monstrosity.


Dr. Mordechai Nisan taught Middle East Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


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  1. Peace At Last

    Steven Plaut

    It was in the year 2008. The Israelis at long last gave up their attempts to resist the pressures of the world. They elected a new government headed by Prime Minister Yossi Beilin, the original promoter of the Oslo Peace Process, in coalition with the Jewish and Arab parties of the Left. They announced that Israel was willing to accept the unanimous proposal for peace supported by every single country in the world, and would return to its pre-1967 borders, remove all Jewish settlements from the territories of the new state of Palestine, recognize Palestine and grant Palestine all of East Jerusalem, that is, all of the city located east of a line running north-south through Zion Square, renamed Jihad Square.

    The world had not seen celebration like this which greeted the Israeli decision since the fall of the Berlin Wall or the transferal of power in South Africa to the black majority. All-night celebrations were held in every city on the planet, but none so enthusiastic as the party held in Tel Aviv in Rabin Square. Speaker after speaker appeared under a banner “Liberation at Last” and praised the decision to agree to the terms of the accord as the ultimate completion of the work and dreams of Yitzhak Rabin.

    The settlers were marched out of the lands of Palestine at bayonet point, with crowds of jeering Israeli leftists pelting them with garbage, as they moved into their temporary transit camps inside Green Line Israel. Liberal Jews in the United States organized a million man march in Washington together with Arabs and the Nation of Islam to celebrate the breaking out of peace and the final settlement of the conflict. “Peace at Last” was the number one pop single. The State Department sent out a message urging Israel and Palestine to conduct good-faith negotiations and round-the-clock talks on all outstanding issues of disagreement still separating the two sovereign states.

    At long last, there were two states for two peoples. Land had been exchanged for peace. Peace had at long last broken out in the world’s most troubled region.

    The morning after the Palestine Independence Celebrations, the message arrived in the Israeli parliament, brought in by special messenger.

    The newly formed government of Palestine had only a small number of issues it would like to discuss with Israel. It proposed that peaceful relations be officially consummated, as soon as Israel turned over the Galilee and the Negev to Palestine. Israeli cabinet ministers were nonplussed. We thought we had settled all outstanding territorial issues by giving the Palestinians everything, they protested. The spokesman for the Palestine War Ministry explained: the Galilee was obviously part of the Arab homeland. It was filled with many Arabs and in many areas had an Arab population majority. Israel was holding 100% of the Galilee territory, and Palestine none at all, and surely that was unfair. As for the Negev, it too has large areas with Arab majorities, but is in fact needed so that Palestine can settle the many Palestinian refugees from around the world in lands and new homes.

    Israel’s government preferred not to give offense and sour the new relations, and so offered to take the proposal under consideration.

    Within weeks, endorsements of the Palestinian proposal were coming from a variety of sources. The Arab League endorsed it. The EU approved a French proposal that the Galilee and Negev be transferred to Palestine in stages over 3 years. Within Israel, many voices were heard in favor of the proposal. Large rallies were held in the universities. The Israeli press endorsed the idea almost in full unison, with only some regional weeklies from the north and south dissenting. Israeli film producers began turning out documentaries on the sufferings of Galilee and Negev Arabs under Israeli rule.

    Sociologists from around the world produced studies showing that these Arabs were victims of horrible discrimination and that Israel is characterized by institutional racism. Israeli poets and novelists wrote passionate appeals for support of the Galilee and Negev ‘Others’.

    When Israel’s cabinet rejected the proposal, the pressures mounted. A Galilee and Negev Liberation Organization was founded and immediately granted recognition by the UN General Assembly. It established consulate facilities in 143 countries. Weeks later, the infiltrations began. Squads of terrorists infiltrated the borders between Palestine and Israel, and suicide bombers produced a carnage of 75 murdered Jews a day.

    The border fences that Ariel Sharon had constructed were reinforced, but to no avail. The US State Department proposed that Israel defuse the situation by considering compromise on the matters of the Galilee and Negev.

    Six months later, the victims of Jewish discrimination in the Galilee and Negev decided to escalate their protests. Gangs of Arabs lynched Jews throughout the disputed territories. Roadblocks were set up, and entire families of Jews were dragged from their cars by the activists and beaten to death or doused with flames. The EU sent in observers, but warned Israel that there is no military solution to the problems of terrorism and violence. When Israel arrested gang leaders from the riots, the General Assembly denounced Israeli state terrorism against Galilee and Negev Arabs. French universities gave the pogrom leaders honorary doctorates.

    Meanwhile, boycotts of Israel arose throughout Europe. Professors at the US Ivy League colleges demanded a total embargo and divestment from ties with Israel until it ended its racist apartheid regime.

    The leaders of the Reform synagogue movement supported the State Department and demanded that Israel end its obstinacy, redeploy out of the Negev, and formally acknowledge gay marriage.

    Israel’s own leftists launched a Movement against Apartheid, and the foreign press reported that 400,000 protesters attended a rally by the Movement in Rabin Square. Cars around Israel had bumper stickers that read “My Son Will Not Die for Nazareth” and “Peace Now”. The Israeli Left urged people to refuse to do army service outside metropolitan Tel Aviv. The Israeli Labor Party proposed erecting a series of separating barriers throughout the Galilee under the slogan “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors”.

    But Palestine could not sit idly by. Barrages of rockets and mortars drenched Israeli cities. The death toll rose to 7,000 Israelis per month. The White House and State Department threatened to cut off all supplies from Israel if it dared to launch reprisal raids against independent Palestine. Large cargo ships from Egypt laden with advanced arms entered the port of Gaza. Thousands of volunteers streamed into Palestine to assist in the campaign to rescue the Galilee and Negev Arabs from Israeli oppression.

    On the afternoon of Yom Kippur, tank columns cut Israel in two just north of Tul Karem. Palestine offered to withdraw in exchange for transferring the Negev and Galilee to its control. An Israeli newspaper and the Israeli Peace Movement proposed transferring the disputed areas to EU control until things could be settled.

    Synagogues in Belgium and France were torched. Teach-ins for the Negev and Galilee were held on US campuses. A new conference was called in Durban to denounce Israeli apartheid. The White House insisted that Israel not expel the invading Palestine troops who had divided the country, for it was a matter for negotiations and dialogue. The President invited both sides to Camp David, with observers from the Negev and Galilee militias present.

    Increasing numbers of Israeli politicians urged that Israel respond to the situation by granting limited autonomy to the Negev and the Galilee. When the government proposed to withdraw from Safed, right wing inciter web sites broadcastnon-stop protests against the move.

    The government then passed a bill that shut them down. The owners of these web sites were thrown in jail as inciters against peace. The Americans offered to send in ground troops to protect the remaining Israeli territories, if Israel decided to accept the proposal to give up the Negev and Galilee. Let’s at long last have peace in the hills that Jesus roamed, suggested the President.

    Jews living in the Galilee and Negev were under siege everywhere and the roads were unsafe. The road through the Negev to Eilat was cut by Arab gangs in four places. Leftist Israeli professors officially joined the Arab militias fighting for liberation. Two of them blew themselves up on a Jewish school bus to show their solidarity with the oppressed Arabs. Ahmed Tibi, head of the largest militia, insisted he was doing everything possible to stop the suicide attacks on Tel Aviv and Haifa from the Galilee, but the Americans demanded that he do more. The UK demanded 100% effort to stop the violence. The PLO proposed, as a compromise, that instead of being annexed by Palestine, the Negev and Galilee be allowed to form a separate state. The Arab League endorsed the idea.

    CNN broadcast a series of specials on the plight of the Negev and Galilee Arabs, and the BBC started referring to Tel Aviv as illegally-occupied Arabian Jaffa. Netanya and Beer Sheba were described by them as illegal colonial settlements. When the carnage exceeded 10,000 a month, the New York Times, for the first time, expressed regret in having promoted the peace process and ran as its lead headline “Oops”. The Washington Post, however, urged more Israeli flexibility and concessions.

    The Negev and Galilee liberation organizations raised their flags over their towns and proposed that the Jews living in their territories be resettled elsewhere. The Palestine War Ministry was shipping them guns and explosives. The first word came of a detention camp north of Nazareth in which Jews expelled from their Galilee homes were being concentrated, with a second camp opened in the Negev near Rahat.

    Strange black smoke rose from the chimneys…