Nearly 1 in 10 Americans think neo-Nazi views okay, poll finds

[Shocking!! I wonder how many Muslims in the sample.]

Number of those not opposed to white supremacist ideology rises to 17% among Trump supporters, says Washington Post/ABC survey


New poll indicates that nearly one in ten Americans believe that neo-Nazi and white supremacist ideology is “acceptable.”

The survey, which was published Monday by ABC News/Washington Post, was conducted in the wake of the violent white nationalist rally earlier this month in Charlottesville, Virginia, in which a woman was killed when a white supremacist drove into a group of counter-protesters.

According to the poll of 1,014 respondents, 9 percent of people said that neo-Nazi views are okay to hold, while 83% said such ideology is “unacceptable” and 8% had no opinion.

Among Republicans, 13% said that neo-Nazi views were acceptable, and the number climbs to 17% among Trump supporters.

Respondents to the poll were also asked about the “alt-right,” a loosely defined group that counts among its ranks white supremacists and anti-Semites, with 10% saying they supported the group, while 50% said they oppose it and 41% said they have no opinion.

Although the alt-right prominently features white supremacists and neo-Nazis, only 39% of those polled said they believe the group holds such views, while 21% said it does not. Another 39% said they have no opinion.

The violent rally in Virginia, which saw hundreds of white supremacists marching through the college town to ostensibly protect Confederate statues, sent a chill through the American body politic, which only intensified when US President Donald Trump seemed to blame both the marchers and protesters.

Trump initially did not name white supremacists in his condemnation of the violence, although a day later he called neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan “repugnant.” Trump then later appeared to walk back his statement, saying there was “blame on both sides” for the violence.

Only 28% of respondents said they approved of Trump’s response to the rally, with 56% disapproving.

Asked if the US president equated white supremacists with counter-protesters, 42% said he did, while 23% said he did not.

Responses were split sharply between Republicans and Democrats. Sixty-two percent of Republicans said they approve of Trump’s response, while 28% of independents and only 6% of Democrats said they approve.

Despite disagreement among members of the two parties on Trump’s response, there was widespread disapproval on both sides of neo-Nazi views.

Overall, 37% said they approve of Trump’s presidency, while 58% said they disapprove.

The numbers were largely unchanged from an ABC News/Washington Post poll in July conducted prior to the Charlottesville rally.

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  1. terjeber Said:

    Trumps rhetoric is almost identical to that of Goebbels in the late 1930s until the mid 1940s.

    Woah! I just caught that. Trump is the most pro-Israel President since Nixon, who saved Israel in 1973, and the most philo-semitic President since Johnson, who did nothing as President but stopped Eisenhower’s BDS BS cold when he was senator. You wanna substantiate that, buddy?

    Apropos of nothing, I take exception to your tone. Ad hominem attacks are logical fallacies. If this were a formal debate, you’d be disqualified.

  2. @ terjeber:
    Red and Green marbles only have one difference, they are either red or green and there is no subjectivity, there are no other variables. At least the way it was explained to me in political science by George McKenna at City College of NY. (I have to say, he was amazing with statistics, he was able to peg the composition of the class down to the last individual, somehow).

    However, people will answer questions differently depending on how they are phrased and in accordance with their own assumptions.

    For example, what do people assume by the use of the term, “‘acceptable.” Republicans tend to be more diverse politically and less friendly to any form of censorship. Republicans tend to agree with the statement that freedom of speech means defending the speech you hate.

    Moreover, other polls show that Democrats are much more hostile to Israel and to Jews than Republicans.

    from 2002

    from 2016

    Six in 10 continue to sympathize more with Israelis than Palestinians
    Republicans remain especially likely to favor the Israelis
    More in U.S. still favor than oppose establishment of Palestinian state

    Was it the Republicans who appointed Keith Ellison to be co-chair of their party?
    Is it Conservatives who play host to Palestinian terrorists like Rasmeah Odeah, or give leadership positions in a so-called women’s movement (which is just another flavor of overthrow Trump movement) to misogynist Islamist terrorism promoters like Linda Sarsour?

    Bibi’s son, Yair, nailed it:

    “I’m a Jew, I’m an Israeli, the neo nazis scums in Virginia hate me and my country,” Yair Netanyahu wrote Wednesday in English, apparently after Trump’s reference at a news conference in New York to shared blame. “But they belong to the past. Their breed is dying out. However the thugs of Antifa and BLM who hate my country (and America too in my view) just as much are getting stronger and stronger and becoming super dominant in American universities and public life.”

    If there is another Shoah, it will be in Israel. We in America are in no danger. Our focus on ourselves is narcissistic. We are part of the problem because we relentlessly push Israel to retreat while pushing allowing Muslims, from whom most violent anti-semitism eminates, to come in in droves.

    “Urge Your Elected Officials to Protect Refugees”
    Hebrew Immigration Aid Society (so-called, should be, “once-called”)

    And I find the fraction of a percent hilarious. What, is that like 3 fifths of a slave can vote? Or that New Yorker cartoon showing 2.5 children watching tv?

    People have too many variables. Such a small sampling, and we don’t know the questions, how they were phrased or the criteria, or how representative the sample, is just ridiculous, I’m sorry.

    I remember an interesting example from that class about how wrong statistics can be when based on the wrong methodology and assumptions.

    Truman was projected to lose to Dewey in the Presidential race of 1948 because all of the polling was done by telephone. But, most working class homes didn’t have phones yet, so it became merely a survey of the middle and upper classes.

    And, of course, more recently, we had the disaster in the Presidential election of 2000, was it, when the pollsters were disastrously wrong and in fact changed the results in Florida because their premature prediction — the polls hadn’t closed in some parts of the state — made many people stay home.

    “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” – British Prime MInister, Benjamin Disraeli, quoted by Mark Twain

  3. @ Sebastien Zorn:

    1,019 people, huh? That’s a representative sampling of 350 million people?

    Mathematically, yes. The sample size will give quite accurate results normally. This means that somewhere around 35 million Americans feel that these views are acceptable. If you want to learn about statistical sampling, deviation and other aspects of how to measure this stuff you should take a class in statistics.

    Your notion that mathematics should be in collusion with Soros/Antifa/Trump is not only childish, but a clear indication of the uniformed delusional insanity that plagues the Trump followers.

    The fact that the number of Trump followers who believes these views are OK is almost twice as high as in the population as such should also not be a surprise if you have ever read a book on history. Trumps rhetoric is almost identical to that of Goebbels in the late 1930s until the mid 1940s. Trump has been pandering to the Neo-Nazi crowd since the beginning of his campaign, and the fact that the pro-Israel side hasn’t noticed is shocking, and shows a terrible lack of information on their part of history.

  4. 1,019 people, huh? That’s a representative sampling of 350 million people? 9 percent is, let’s see, 901.71. I wonder what .71 percent of a person looks like. Would that be a disabled person?

    People are not red or green marbles. And the answers would change depending on the question. And the message could change depending on the headline, which could just as easily have read:

    “83% said such ideology is “unacceptable””

    And contrasted it with Europe. Or any other Muslim country.

    I find this article singularly uninformative and feeding into Soros/Antifa’s false anti-Trump narrative.

    As Neir Netanyahu said,

    ““To put things in perspective,” Netanyahu wrote on Facebook, “I’m a Jew, I’m an Israeli, the neo nazis scums [sic] in Virginia hate me and my country. But they belong to the past. Their breed is dying out.

    “However the thugs of Antifa and [Black Lives Matter] who hate my country (and America too in my view) just as much are getting stronger and stronger and becoming super dominant in American universities and public life.”

    The voice of common sense.

  5. Whilst totally disapproving of the views of the extreme right, I just wonder how many of those “liberals” that voted for Clinton actually hold anti-Israel views (racism), are ok with the mass Muslim immigration plans of Clinton, (noting that Muslims are as, if not more anti-Jewish than the extreme right. Personally I have lost a lot of respect for the Jewish people in the USA for their anti-Trump stance considering what Clinton was planning to bring upon them them with open border policies. The true Fascists in the USA are turning out to be the Democrats as represented by BDS supporters, BLM and Antifa. They are what they are, and they are more of them than KKK or white supremacist idiots. The left are trying to brand anyone that supports Trump as supporters or part of these Nazi wannabees. The usual Communist and Muslim trick of accusing others of being Fascists whilst they are even more repressive and dangerous to democracy if given the opportunity. Just look at the damage Obama did to the USA and how he has messed up the US political environment that Trump is even making huge mistakes in his hiring and firing. He is also backtracking on his pre-election promises. The more he does this and fails to support Israel by embracing Muslim organisations appointing anti-Israel people into important positions, failing to drain the swamp, not acting against Obama, Clinton for their treason, then the more I begin to suspect that he is just another Closet Globalist and the whole election was a huge deception. That or he is weak @ssed coward despite his mouth.