Netanhyahu: “Building in Jerusalem is our right and our duty”

Speaking at a special parliamentary session, Netanyahu pledged to keep building in Jerusalem and said the city has never been a capital to any other people.

    “We are building in Jerusalem because it is our right and our duty to this generation and future generations, not as punishment but as the basic right of our people to build in its eternal city,” he said. “Jerusalem will never return to the state it was in on the eve of the (1967) Six-Day War, that I promise you.”

The projects announced by Netanyahu were not new, but he ordered they be accelerated.

November 3, 2011 | 4 Comments »

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4 Comments / 4 Comments

  1. It is not only religiously observant jews that agree “This is our land”. There are many who are tired of the BS of the 2000 year chronic serial jew killers and swindlers, tired of restraint and proportionae response, tired of being the only nation forced to observe the geneva conventions and who dont care abou the future of those who dont care about the Jews. Some believe that Israel should go further and enter into an era of military imperialism(there I said it). after all the Jew has been forced to develop militarism by the global swindlers so why not put it to use. Israel would gain a lot more by brandishing a bigger stick[ look at China.

  2. “Jerusalem will never return to the state it was in on the eve of the (1967) Six-Day War, that I promise you.” What does this mean? It allows anything other than giving east jerusalem back to jordan. Is this deliberately vague?

  3. Bibi, I want you to tell me again how that building in Jerusalem is “your right and duty”, after you declare your next construction freeze to please Obama. Does declaring this to be your “right and duty” make your concession more “painful” to you? It doesn’t it’s not painful to you, but it is painful to Israel and to everyone in the world who longs to see truth and justice. Shut your mouth and issue permits. I’m fed up with the rhetoric.