Netanyahu plans a national referendum on US peace framework to extend negotiations for another year

Netanyahu is right. Israelis will overwhelmingly support the proposed framework which does the following:

    – doesn’t require Jerusalem to be divided
    – involves only 80,000 Jews to be evacuated (we get to keep Ariel and Maaleh Adumin)(Olmert was ready to evacuate 120,000)(close to 600,000 Jews to remain east of greenline)
    – recognizes Israel as a Jewish state but doesn’t require the Palestinians to do so.
    – no right of return to Israel

In the context of previous negotiations, as a compromise its a pretty good deal providing, if a final deal isn’t reached which is highly probable, then we go back to square one and retain our rights to all of Judea and Samaria. Regardless accepting the Framework eats up another year of Obama’s term. That doesn’t mean we could count on the next President to back off.


    Meanwhile, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, said the emphasis now was not on reaching a framework agreement but on agreeing on a framework to enable a continuation of the talks beyond the nine-month deadline that expires in late April.

    “It is clear there are big gaps – they are not new – but our interest is definitely to continue the negotiations and continue to work toward stabilizing the situation and our relations with the Palestinians,” he said during a tour of the IDF Central Command headquarters in northern Jerusalem.

This means that Israel will cede something to the PA to get a one year extension. That something may be part of Area C.

This deal will not be acceptable for those people who reject compromise and want it all for what ever reason; ideology or security. That includes the PA.Ted Belman

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report January 7, 2014,

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is planning to conduct the first popular referendum in Israel’s history to ratify the amended peace framework proposal which US Secretary of State John Kerry is drafting for presentation in the coming weeks, DEBKAfile reveals.

The prime minister has been quoted as saying that he needs the referendum to push back “domestic pressures from the right”, but in any case he believes it will be politically advantageous. He has confided to his closest circle that for the first time that he is in favor of the Kerry proposals and, although they don’t see eye to eye on many of the issues, he thinks the gaps between them can be bridged.

Netanyahu is counting on the the framework accord gaining an overwhelming popular majority in referendum. Although it is not yet a final-status agreement, the document will lay out principles for solutions of the core issues at dispute between Israel and the Palestinians.

After Netanyahu and Abu Mazen affirm this paper, it will be possible to extend the negotiating time frame for a final accord by at least another year and so get past the original nine-month deadline which expires at the end of April.

Our sources add that the prime minister regards the Obama administration’s acceptance of Israel as the Jewish national state to be an historic achievement of unparalleled importance. He believes he can find common ground with Secretary Kerry on Jerusalem as well. He was encouraged to learn that Kerry is working on a formula that avoids citing E. Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state, only as a goal for their national aspirations.
Intense exchanges are gong back and forth on the security arrangements for the Jordan Valley which runs along Israel’s eastern border, and the number and area of the Jewish settlements remaining under Israeli sovereignty.

A number of settlements outside the main blocs are due for removal, despite reports to the contrary, but the argument among the Americans, Israelis and Palestinians is over a timetable for their staged evacuation which is counted in years.

US Ambassador Dan Shapiro precisely defined the current state of the negotiating process when he said in an interview to Kol Israel Radio Tuesday, Jan. 7, that the proposed US framework in which new elements have been introduced is not designed to generate an interim accord but “a final agreement on all the issues at the center of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute.”

Further exclusive details on the new elements and their import will appear in the coming issue of DEBKA Weekly out next Friday. If you are not already a subscriber, click here to sign on.

Netanyahu does not expect the right-of-center Jewish Home to actually quit the government coalition over the US initiative, even though its leader, the Economy Minister Naftali Bennet, declared Tuesday that his party would not stay in a government that withdraws to the pre-1967 borders or repartitions Jerusalem.

Circles close to the prime minister said that he hopes Kerry won’t have a sudden change of heart and go back on his plans and their points of agreement, because then the huge effort invested in the current peace process will turn to dust.

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9 Comments / 9 Comments

  1. Israel Hayom (Today) which very often reflects Bibi’s viewpoints had the following written today. {This is extracted for the best parts of the article}

    “Kerry’s plan for Jordan Valley withdrawal is ridiculous’

    Senior Israeli diplomatic officials: U.S. proposals are superficial and not serious, Kerry not in touch with reality • Officials: Talks currently being held without papers passing between the sides, because the Arabs refuse to present written documents.

    Diplomatic officials also said: “Kerry visits here a lot, but he does not display any understanding of what is happening here. The U.S. plans are superficial and not serious. There is no connection between what is said in public about the progress of the negotiations and what is actually happening. It seems that Kerry is just not in touch with reality. He is not an expert, to say the least, on the roots of the conflict, he does not know how to create real solutions and does not even demonstrate proficiency in reading maps that are presented to him.” For the whole article:

  2. Comment number 4 by Yamit: never has he been more right inevery sense of the word.

    Only he omitted to add that they are our best friends, having saved us from total annihilation as yet. Since true to precedent, they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

  3. What Israel needs to do is:

    1. Send Kerry home
    This piece process will not end well no matter how it ends and certainly won’t result in peace.

    2. Quite the U.N.;
    Nothing to be gained by continuing in this camp of vicious Jew haters.

    3. Annex Y&S;
    Not for security but because it’s ours.

    4. Send the palys home to Jordan;
    An implacable enemy population that gets more radicalized with each successive generation and saps our resources and legitimacy. A national identity whose only collective ethos and singular foundational underpinnings is in our destruction.

    5. Say thank you but no thank you to the rest of the world.
    “A nation that dwells alone” could not be clearer to even the legally blind.

    The sooner the better!

    Anything short of this is national suicide. A death by a thousand cuts!

  4. Debka story for referendum just for framework negotiation for one year sounds taken out of context and unreliable.

  5. CuriousAmerican Said:

    You are lucky you are dealing with idiots in the Palestinian camp.

    Truth be told it’s they who are lucky! Any other nation including the USA would have liquidated them years ago.

    Had they been smart, instead of asking for released murderers, or the stoppage of construction, they could have asked for Israel to give them 2,000 building permits immediately in Area C.

    Idiot they already have built and are building more than 2000 units without permits by Israel. Much of it financed through your tax dollars. They should thank your generosity.

    Be grateful they are idiots.

    Apparently they are smarter than you are. You have bought into their narrative.

  6. Who are the real idiots?

    BB sincerely states that the only obstacle to peace is the refusal by our enemies to recognize Israel as a Jewish State. The fact is that this very situation is the only thing saving this country from self-destruction. Were the Arabs to seriously want to make peace with Israel,BB and other stupid Israelis would give away the whole store with the standing ovation of our American Jewish supports aka JINO’s.

    We stupid Jews have already proved to the world that we are willing to back down on any principle out of fear of the goyim and to gain their sympathy. Unfortunately we haven’t noticed the fact that backing down on principles brings scorn rather than sympathy. When we turn murderers loose in an effort to show how much we want peace, this act simply makes us an accomplice to the murders! It is as if we are admitting that we were wrong and the murderers were right. If this is the case we really should just give our country to the PLO and jump into the sea. . . for peace.

    Our enemies are laughing at us as they are successfully defeating us under the pretext of piece talks. They have accomplished a tremendous victory merely by getting us to recognize the legitimacy of a fraudulent “people”. We have given them physical control over much of our homeland for absolutely no legitimate reason. We have taught them that throwing rocks and murdering our civilians will get us to retreat. They, even now, openly state that they are at war with us. Only stupid Jews labor under the illusion that we are making peace.

    Stupid Sharon gave away Gaza as a gift. Look what we got in return? BB legitimized their claims that murdering Jewish civilians was part of the fight to liberate their homeland. Abu Mazen openly stated that he sent these murderers on their missions. If BB is talking peace with him, why should he keep his soldiers in prison?

    Our stupid leadership is caught up in a self-delusional fantasy. Our enemies will not be appeased. They will accept nothing less than the complete destruction of the Jewish State, which they openly refuse to recognize. We underestimate their sincere intentions. As clever as our stupid leaders may think they are, the Arabs are growing more clever. They are using our own deceitful tactics against us and are winning. Once BB said that he is willing to give them a state on Jewish soil, he lost and Israel lost. He still thinks he can dictate exactly what form that state can take.

    If we cannot stand up for our own most basic needs and interests, how can we expect anyone else to do it for us? If BB announced his willingness for a two state solution, why should we expect Obama, Kerry or anyone else to think otherwise? No other country in the world would willingly carve up its own homeland and serve it to enemies who only want to use it to take the rest away from us. No other country would turn loose murderers of its children, for any reason.

    Israels war of Independence did not end in 1948, we are still engaged in that war and we are little by little losing ground, ground paid in much Jewish blood and national treasure. There will be Peace when our stupid Jewish Israeli leaders divest from fantasy’s of Peace through concessions and appeasement and decide to win our as yet to be decided war of Independence.

  7. You are lucky you are dealing with idiots in the Palestinian camp.

    Had they been smart, instead of asking for released murderers, or the stoppage of construction, they could have asked for Israel to give them 2,000 building permits immediately in Area C.

    That would have been hard to say no to – and defend it to the outside world while increasing Jewish building.

    Be grateful they are idiots.

  8. If there is a national referendum, the Israeli government can ignore it.

    Public opinion doesn’t count for much in Israel.

    The Likud membership voted overwhelmingly against Ariel Sharon’s plans to pull out of Gaza; he ignored the vote and did what he wanted to do all along.

    If an extension of the talks serves Netanyahu’s political interests he will pursue them even if the voters should decide to pull out.