NO to Susie Gelman as US ambassador to Israel

Reality vs. Ideology: 

By David Nusbaum


Whether the Democrat Party historically was a great friend of Israel while the Republicans were not is hardly a black and white issue. Yes, Truman and Johnson were pro-Israel and the Senior Bush was not. But Bill Clinton brought us the “Nakba of Oslo” and BHO…well, where can we start and end?  Trump was pro-Israel despite the mindless hostility he faced from “liberal Jews.” And the O’Bidenties, including the Squad and their supporters on the Senate on the Left, continue to mistakenly view the Israeli situation through the distorted ideological lenses of extreme Left Globalist intersectionalism and the KGB’s fabricated foundational Palestinian Mythology.

This article eschews the theoretical and ideological narratives underlying the inversion of reality embraced by the current U.S. administration, focusing on the security realities intrinsic to the fairy-tale driving what passes for “policy” in Washington today.  Although not yet a conscious issue, Israelis, like other long-time allies of the United Ststes, have to start asking themselves whether this country, as it stands today, is at all even approaching the “fight side of history” with the counterfactual, pernicious and destructive “values” that it now promotes, leading it away from the positive and enriching values of was founded on. All of this underscores the critical importance of the upcoming 2024 U.S. Elections that will put some Globalist Democrat against the survivor of the eventual internecine Republican slugfest, that will hopefully not alienate the supporters of the unsuccessful Republican candidate(s), whether they align with Trump, DeSantis, Haley or…?

IMHO, the power-seeking Democrat Machine will find a way of moving Joe Biden off Center-Stage and allow an 12th hour “savior candidate” such as Michelle Obama to be proclaimed and continue the complete destruction of America from within.

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