No, you are not going insane

E. Rowell:  That which emanates from the union between globalist elites who want to own the world and third world dictators is one source of animus towards Israel.  That which emanates from the United States results from over a century of Marxist cultural infiltration and subversion of every single institution in the country:  education, government, the military, the media, and the largest international corporations.  So when we feel overwhelmed with the degree of anti-Israel hatred from all these directions, that should not surprise us.  What is surprising is that there is still a majority of Americans who, despite all these subversive efforts, STILL SUPPORT ISRAEL and support Israel’s effort to win this war!

We are living through a moral apocalypse. Each day brings a new series of outrages against Israel. Staying sane in the face of lies and evil has become a full-time job. Fortunately, you are up to it.

By Nachum Kaplan, MORAL CLARITY NEWSLETTER    26 May 2024

The International Criminal Court (center) and the International Court of Justice, with the United Nations in the background.

The good news is that you are not crazy. You are not imagining things. The bad news is that the world is every bit as morally unhinged as it looks.

It is easy to think your mind is slipping when you read daily about a world where wrong is the norm, evil is venerated, racism is acceptable, terror is rewarded, and palpable lies are treated as truth. It is not you. It is the world.


  • United Nations’ (UN) representatives stood in silence to pay respects to Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, aka “the Butcher of Tehran”, as though his death was a loss to humanity.
  • Ireland and Spain, which have long and awful experiences of terror, think it is a good idea to reward it by recognizing a Palestinian state. It might be wise for them to be careful what they wish for.
  • The International Criminal Court (ICC) is trying to arrest Israel’s leaders despite the court having no jurisdiction. Israel is not a member. Even if it were, it would violate the legal precept of “complementarity”. This means the court may exert jurisdiction only in cases where national legal systems fail to do so.
  • The ICC’s allegations are the precise opposite of the truth. Far from targeting civilians, Israel has conducted the most moral war in history, as evidenced by the lowest ever civilian-to-combatant ratio. Far from hindering humanitarian aid, Israeli has allowed 18,255 trucks into Gaza carrying 399,580 tons of food, 59,660 tons of shelter equipment and 23,110 tons of medical supplies. This is so much aid the UN has said it cannot not distribute it all.
  • Israel is the only country in history required to supply aid to the enemy in war.
  • The Jewish state’s democratically elected leaders are treated as equivalent to Hamas’ leaders who built the biggest terror infrastructure in history, launched a pogrom that butchered 1200 Israelis, and other foreign nationals, and abducted 253 people.
  • The world’s leaders, representative bodies, and media have forgotten about the remaining 125 hostages who have been held for seven months underground, being raped and tortured. Some of them are dual Israeli-foreign citizens, eight are Thai, one is Nepalese. A French-Mexican hostage has just been found dead. Nobody cares.
  • The international community has failed to condemn meaningfully Hamas’ systematic use of rape and sexual violence as a weapon of war. This ought to be the simplest thing for anyone who is morally sentient.
  • Hamas’ butchering of civilians and Israel’s attacking of terrorists are deemed equivalent.
  • The international community and non-governmental organizations impose and agitate for trade and investment boycotts against Israel, but not against the terrorist group Hamas, which started the war and terrorizes its own people.
  • Media claims to report what is happening in Gaza, while simultaneously complaining about its lack of access.
  • News outlets use Hamas terrorists and sympathizers as reporters, photographers, and sources. They then stand behind them as credible sources.
  • The people with the highest educational achievements are the most ignorant and misinformed.
  • The world’s most elite universities are rubbish. Young people go into them smart and come out lobotomized.
  • Police in so-called liberal democracies turn out in large numbers to keep the streets safe for Jihadists and Nazis.
  • Police arrest lone Jews for fear that Jihadist anti-Israel mobs will attack them. They do not arrest the mobs. They call this policing.
  • Israel uses soldiers to protect its civilians, while Hamas uses its civilians to protect its soldiers. This garners no objections.
  • Hamas uses kindergartens, schools, and hospitals as terror bases, hiding behind toddlers and cancer patients. The international community considers this to be copacetic.
  • The UN is an Islamist terror sponsor. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNWRA), a dedicated Palestinian refugee agency, employs terrorists, shelters them, allows its premises to be used as weapons depots and command centers, and indoctrinates Palestinian children to hate Jews. Yet, everyone pretends it is a serious body.
  • The UN still exists despite it being deeply corrupt and having achieved nothing since its inception, except as a sheltered workshop for unemployable freeloaders and professional parasites.
  • The international community is the world’s biggest terror sponsor, with governments and agencies sending billions of dollars to Hamas and the Palestinian Authority to wage war against Israel. This cognitive dissonance rattles no one.
  • Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA) teach Palestinian children right out of the womb to hate Jews and aspire to grow up and murder them. Hamas even has them playing games involving burying loved ones as martyrs. There is precedent. During the Iran-Iraq War, the Iranians lacked minesweeping equipment, so they wrote prayers on their children and sent them to detonate the minefields. UNWRA helps Hamas and the PA indoctrinate Palestinian children. The West funds this and calls it humanitarian aid.
  • Hamas has encouraged Palestinians in Gaza to have many children, so it has more martyrs in its campaign to murder Jews. It has tied men’s incomes to how many children they have. The media leaves this out and reports only that Gaza has an unusually high number of children, as if it is a mystery why. That is wickedly tragic, but context still matters.
  • Foreign governments, including alleged liberal democracies, fund the PA to pay terrorists who murder Jews. The more Jews they kill, the more money they earn. That is your taxpayer dollars, hard at work.
  • The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) facilitates these PA payments to terrorists. It is complicit.
  • The ICRC has not visited the Israeli hostages who have been held captive for seven months. There is no outrage.
  • The international community thinks the PA – Jihadists in business suits – is suitable to govern the Palestinian territories, despite it being a corrupt, kleptocratic dictatorship that Palestinians loathe. Ninety percent of them want PA President Mahmoud Abbas to resign.
  • The UN wants to reward terror with a nation state and let terrorists run it on the doorstep of its arch enemy Israel. What could possibly go wrong?
  • The more Jews the Palestinians kill, the more international support the Palestinians get. This is considered a moral norm.
  • The media pretends Ireland, Spain, and Norway deciding to recognize a Palestinian state is important. Some 144 countries already recognize a Palestinian state, so what do three more matter?
  • Jihadists who want to destroy Arab kingdoms and republics, bring down the West, and impose a Caliphate, are considered oppressed by the Western Left.
  • US universities have accepted about US$53 billion in foreign funding, including from Middle Eastern countries, according to the US Department of Education. Between 2014 and 2019, Middle Eastern autocracies “donated” more than US$5 billion to American universities. This sparked no national security concerns.
  • The global Left is allied with Jihadists who oppose everything the Left claims to support. Islamists oppose women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, religious freedom, and minority rights. This is ridiculous.
  • The media routinely misreports International Humanitarian Law, the Laws of Armed Conflict, and the Geneva Conventions. If only there were some way reporters could look them up without having to put their phones down.
  • Newspapers keep writing that the Palestinians are fighting for a state without mentioning that they mean a state in place of Israel, not beside it. Luckily, details do not matter.
  • Western leaders think a two-states solution is viable, despite Palestinians rejecting it for almost a century. Hamas, and most of the PA, insist that two states is an interim solution until they can kill all the Jews. This seems like an important detail to leave out of reporting.
  • The media will not report that anti-Israel protests often become violent, while pro-Israel ones almost never do.
  • News media will not report that attacks on Jews come mainly from anti-Israel Muslims and their sympathizers, while attacks on Muslims come mainly from Far Right lunatics. Everybody knows this to be true.
  • It is politically incorrect to call Jew-hating Jihadists racists, while anti-Semitism and Nazi rhetoric is acceptable.
  • Mainstream media gives terrorists, terror sponsors, and terror sympathizers column inches and airtime. Long live freedom of expression.
  • International media does not verify facts and publishes provable provably ahistorical claims. Too bad there are no history resources online where they could learn about how Israel was re-created.
  • Protestors call for Intifada and a ceasefire at the same time, because they are entirely entirely compatible.
  • The UN Human Rights Council features the world’s worst rights abusers. China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Cuba, are among the council’s members. Nobody blushes.
  • No one is upset, including donors, that Hamas spent billions of dollars in foreign aid on a vast terror infrastructure and weapons manufacturing capabilities instead of developing Gaza.
  • The Islamic Republic of Iran, the regime that is building nuclear weapons illegally and exporting arms to help Russia in its invasion of Ukraine, chairs the UN Disarmament Conference.
  • Allegedly unbiased media presents a Jordanian view of geography and history by referring to “the West Bank”, which Israel calls Judea and Samaria, the name by which it was known for the 3,500 years before 1950 by everyone who ever lived there, from Jews and Arabs to Crusaders.
  • Qatar is mediating hostage talks despite being a major terror sponsor that allows Hamas’ leaders to live luxuriously in Doha while war ravages Gaza.
  • The media treats Hamas casualty numbers as credible because baby murderers do not tell lies.
  • The media does not retract its false casualty numbers when they are proven wrong (as everyone knew they were).
  • Demands that Israel end its occupation are taken seriously when Israel has not been in Gaza since 2005.
  • The belief that Israel is an apartheid state when the two million Arabs who are Israeli citizens keep telling them that it is not. What would they know?
  • The claim that Israel is an apartheid state when Arab neighboring states have apartheid against half their populations – women.
  • Civilian hostages and terrorist prisoners are treated as equivalent.
  • Israel’s war deaths, injured, and displaced people never get reported because the media does not care about Jewish lives. This is why you may only now be reading that since October 7, at least 606 IDF soldiers have been killed, 3,310 injured, with 60,000 people internally displaced. (Note: I have put this point to two news editors at major news outlets, one American, and one British. Each fell silent).
  • People in Western democracies can openly support terror groups devoted to destroying the West without being charged with sedition.
  • Universities have given in to student demands to boycott Israeli universities and cease any investment in them or cooperation with them. All good college professors know that the person who shouts the loudest is correct.
  • US university leaders cannot tell the US Congress categorically that anti-Semitism is not allowed on campus. This is because they allow it.
  • For 2000, years the world has attacked and persecuted Jews. Now that Jews have their country back, the world then attacks that country. That must be a coincidence.
  • No one seems capable of condemning anti-Semitism on its own, without weaselly references to Islamophobia and all hate crime. Balance is important, you see.
  • Calling for genocide is now the politically correct position. “From the river to the sea” and “By any means necessary” are badges of honor, rather than cause for arrest or deportation.
  • The world wants to impose a two-state solution that neither most Palestinians nor Israelis want. Polling from the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research shows that 64 percent of Palestinians oppose it, while a Pew Research Center survey shows that only 35 percent of Israelis think it can work. How is that for active listening?
  • The UN condemns Israel for violating press freedom when it is the only country in the region with a free press, while UN Security Council members Russia and China are thuggish totalitarian regimes with no free press.
  • The ICJ makes rulings over which it has no jurisdiction. The world calls these advisory rulings. The is legalese for non-binding and having no weight in law.
  • Israel is pressured for a ceasefire but not Hamas, which started the war.
  • Woke protestors who violently took over university buildings believe they have a right to have food and water delivered, presumably along with pizza and a helicopter. Of course, this worked for Hamas, so it was worth a try.

Staying sane in this dystopia is no mean feat. I commend you for doing so.

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  1. Adam, you referred to “Hegelian intellectuals” as the conduit of “Christian” teaching into what has been called “Marxism”. From what I read about Hegel, his doctrine is not Christian and does not come from the Bible:

    Hegel on Christianity in the Phenomenology of Spirit

    There is a difficulty in interpreting Hegel’s views on Christianity as they are presented in the Phenomenology of Spirit (1807). One position is that he is endorsing Christianity and its articles of faith as the representative truth of Absolute Being. In this reading Hegel is a Christian apologist who is attempting to reconcile his philosophy with the traditional Lutheran teachings concerning the Trinity, Creation, and Incarnation.

    1 There is a contrasting interpretation, expressed by several prominent commentators, that he is rejecting Christianity and is instead endorsing atheism.

    2 One sign is that he identifies Absolute Being with humanity, and another is that the appearance of the incarnate god is simply the return of the world-historical Lord.

    3 Others view Hegel’s philosophy as pantheism because Absolute Being is seen as a god of natural religion.

    4 According to both of these interpretations Hegel is seen as opposing Christian.2 teachings.

    Yet another position is offered by Neo-Hegelians of the nineteenth-century; that he is providing a philosophical exposition that is post-Christian but arises from Christian teachings.

    5 According to it, Hegel’s philosophy is rooted in Christianity, but he is sublimating it in favor of a new theological metaphysics…. (over 400 words)

    Christians are being massacred today by the tens of thousands, and more. The ones doing this are mostly Muslims, the same group that is stirring the masses up against Jews. Why are you trying to blame the Christians for this?

  2. Muslims attack Jews; Adam blames Christians.

    Adam, please explain the following, in your convoluted logtic:

    “Since 2000, 62,000 Christians in Nigeria have been murdered in genocide perpetrated by Islamist jihadist groups including Boko Haram, Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), and Fulani militias. The International Committee for Nigeria refers to this genocide as the “Silent Slaughter.”Feb 29, 2024”

    Here, it’s Muslims committing genocide against Christians. Should we blame the Jews?

  3. Ted, I once again have to ask you to retrieve my last post commenting on the anti-Israel hatred so ably cataloged by Nachum Kaplan.

  4. Excellent summary of the facts about the war and the antisemitic reaction of the “international community,” and American students, etc. I think that the hatred of the Jews and Judaism by Marxists is essentially just the ancient Christian hatred of the Jews rephrased in what the nineteenth century Hegelian intellectuals thought of as a scientific “dialectic.” The far-right 19th century racialist thinkers who laid the groundwork for Nazism reworked the ancient Christian hatred of Jews into their “scientific” racism., The kids on American colleges have been brainwashed into the Marxist perversion of Christian antisemitism. The :international comunity” is motivated by old-fashioned Islamic Jew-hatred and /or Eurpen ‘”post-Christian” antisemitism. ith some outright Nazi Jew-hatred thrown in. (The Hamas charter quotes from the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” which after all is not an Islamic book.” The basic, undwerlying problem is that the human race is mainly a bunch of mean-spirited hate-filled, jealous sh-ts. They have never forgiven us for being God’s “chosen” people.

  5. Eve R,

    “That which emanates from the United States results from over a century of Marxist cultural infiltration and subversion”

    What you smell here is manure: To the Easterners, it’s climate change; to the farmers, it’s money and food on the table. I don’t think the “Progressives” have any idea where their food comes from — not even their tofu. Some call it “Marxism”. We used to call it “stupid”. I think when overpaid teachers teach “stupid” in school, they call it “Marxism”.

  6. My feelings exactly! Today is a perfect example of that. No one in the outrage mob against Israel bothers to ask why hamas leaders are hiding amongst civilians, let alone blames hamas for the deaths.

    Long list…
    Pondering my own frustrations: If Israel does good (like warning “palestinians” to clear out because of an impending IDF raid, people are outraged or at best, silent. If Israel kills terrorists dressed as civilians (and carrying weapons) people are outraged. In other words whatever Israel does, “good” or “bad” elicits “outrage”…

    So why bother? Do what has to be done and let the outrage come as it will.

  7. As wonderful and concise as all this information may be, it will make little if any difference if it is not read and acknowledged by the Israel/Jew-haters and the left.
    Only those of us who genuinely care about the truth will bother to familiarize ourselves with its content.
    By doing this we can be prepared to educate anyone who will listen and spread the word.
    However, I have found that, even when presented with the truth, the vast majority do not care.
    Their arrogance and hatred will always choose wrong over right.
    This attitude pervades every facet and crevasse of their lives.
    I support the efforts of the Netanyahu Government, and Ben Gvir because nothing else in modern history seems to have ever worked against the enemies of Israel.

  8. Long list…
    Pondering my own frustrations: If Israel does good (like warning “palestinians” to clear out because of an impending IDF raid, people are outraged or at best, silent. If Israel kills terrorists dressed as civilians (and carrying weapons) people are outraged. In other words whatever Israel does, “good” or “bad” elicits “outrage”…

    So why bother? Do what has to be done and let the outrage come as it will.