Nobody is Decrying Jewish Genocide – Biden is our enemy

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December 7, 2023 | 5 Comments »

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  1. This is too serious and urgent a
    question for people to remove themselves from discussing. Hours means death.

  2. Peloni

    To ask you again. The offer is publicly made by an American for American soldiers to fight alongside Jews to free the innocent hostages. And you turn the offer down heaping insult upon insult in the process. Way to go Peloni!

  3. @Felix
    The last thing Israel needs is to have American troops dying in Israel. If the Americans would like to be helpful, they should act in their own interest and eliminate the Iranian threat which (sans Trump) they have for decades acted to strengthen. All Israel needs is to be allowed to deal with her own problems as it suits Israel, something which the US is woefully unaccustomed to doing, and most certainly the Bridge To Nowhere Christie is not to be trusted to stand up to the donor class on behalf of Israel. None of the neocons will do so. Like W, they will praise Israel, make profound statements of support for Israel, state that their Christian values are aligned with those of Israel, and then after elected do as the Neocon presidents have all done, and sell Israel down the river. IMO of course.