November 30 IDSF War Briefing

Well worth your time
December 1, 2023 | 2 Comments »

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  1. I was disappointed to see that there have been no comments on this post. I watch each of the IDSF war briefings and hope that others are doing so as well. The IDSF provides an important commentary about the war and as well as IDFS’ actions to improve Israel’s position, but this episode was far more informative than usual. Hence, as Ted noted, this episode in particular is very well worth your time.

    Among the most alarming facts shared by Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem Fleuhr Hassam-Nahoum is that Israel is the largest funder of Islamist schools teaching Islamist antisemitic propaganda which fuels Jew Hatred among the Arab children in Jerusalem. 80% of the costs of educating the Jerusalem Arabs who are residents, not citizens, of Israel are funded by the state while the Islamist Arabs are free to choose their own jihadi curriculem. While this is the most alarming point raised in this this briefing, there is much more to be heard and I strongly encourage people to watch it.