Obama fiddles while the world burns

Jack Golburt comments on President Obama’s Trivial Pursuits.

It is not inconsistent at all but one has to identify the unifying factor. Obama dithers when action is called for against an Islamic crazy regime, such as Iran in the matter of acquiring nuclear capability. He has held the world at bay while he “engaged” the Iranians, attempted sanctions and then attempted more serious sanctions and passed “deadline” after deadline, each time shredding American credibility, of course. Ghaddafi is an Islamic crazy and not only that, but he is someone who is admired and honored by Obama’s “spiritual mentor,” the very Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and in turn, his spiritual clone, Louis Farrakhan.

The Mubarak regime in Egypt, on the contrary, was not Islamist but pragmatic and moving quickly to elections might well result in an Islamic crazy regime under the Muslim Brotherhood, for whom the Obama administration is assiduously running political interference. The fall of Bahrein to the Islamic crazies would mean the loss of the “Pearl Harbor” of the Fifth Fleet and present an Iranian base on Saudi Arabia’s doorstep but Obama can’t be bothered with containing the Islamic crazies when he is promoting and protecting them. So the Saudis have taken matters into their own hands because they can’t rely on Obama to fight their wars for them so they can blame American involvement on the Israeli Lobby. It’s all perfectly consistent.

In effect Obama is voting “present”.

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  1. Great friend of Israel she:

    Ambassador Susan Rice:
    She said: “The US view is that we need to be prepared to contemplate steps that include, but perhaps go beyond, a no-fly zone, at this point, as the situation on the ground has evolved and as a no-fly zone has inherent limitations in terms of protection of civilians at immediate risk.”

    By “the situation on the ground,” she was referring to Qaddafi’s three army columns, reinforced with thousands of fighters from the Warefla tribal federation, which are rapidly advancing on Benghazi.

    This was the turning point to it all. Up unto that point (Thursday mar 17) it appeared that the US was a little reluctant

    With one fell swoop, as a poker player does, US sees and ups the odds

    Now as we write this the preparations for the superior military action, as in Iraq, is being prepared

    Also read the following paragraph carefully from Debka

    debkafile’s sources say the White House is weighing the option of US aerial strikes for halting Qaddafi’s march on Benghazi, Libya’s second largest city and the primary rebel stronghold. The point of this action would be less to preserve rebel control of the city and more to keep Qaddafi from proclaiming his victory over the opposition to his rule and its foreign champions.


    Another part of the plan under consideration in Washington would entail strikes against Qaddafi’s government and military centers in Tripoli, the capital.

    jews like Belman should consider a scenario

    Sarah Palin is in power

    Sarah says

    1. We are very reluctant to bomb the IDF and take control of Jerusalem

    2. But that was yesterday! Today we are forced to do as Britain and France have been saying. We will take control of the whole area. We will set up the Palestine State involvin of course Hamas who are now moderate. And rest assured my dear Jewish friends that will be all for the best and will enable a Jewish state (whichh I love dearly and even visited in March 20o11) to survive like…forever!!!