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  1. @ Sam Goldblatt:
    True, 2/3 of the former Jews, aka unJews in the US believe on Soetoro Obama. Thus confirming that they lost sight of what being JEWISH means. Their beliefs are not longer of any relevance to Jews.
    Don’t we see from miles away that when a person hides behind the words “most of the world” the person says he or she is afraid of saying it is his own beliefs?
    Since we in Israel do not hide, here it goes. I believe that the US unJews are akin to the “judenrat” and capos.

  2. 2/3 of all American Jews think Obama is treating Israel beautifully. Most of the world thinks Israel is the new Nazi Germany. But Obama sticks up for Israel.

  3. What do we mean is backstabing? He never stopped and not for a moment Mr. Netanyahu missed that.
    The problem is that we keep electing that stuff. Could not a decent Jew be found and elect him or her? A vote for Netanyahu is a vote for Soetoro.

  4. “Our national bird should be the ostrich”

    Now that would be funny if it were not so serious. Meanwhile, our eagle is morphing into a Dodo.

    After watching Obama operate, all I have to say is, if Satan ever retires he has a replacement.

  5. Obama is back stabbing Israel

    Of course he is–as I knew he would before he was fraudulently elected–and he will continue to do so–more and more!

  6. Glick: “As strange as it may sound, I am slightly relieved by Hagel’s appointment, and by my trust that Kerry will be a loyal mouthpiece of Obama’s hostility. The more “in our faces” they are with their hostility, the smaller our ability to deny their hostility or pretend that we can continue to operate as if nothing has changed. As we face four more years of Obama – and four years of Obama unplugged — the most urgent order of business for Israelis is to stop deluding ourselves in thinking that under Obama the US can be trusted.”

    Our national bird should be the ostrich.

    All the world will oppose us should we choose to rescind our recognition of the non people in our midst, should we not do so the results will be no different. If we have the courage to stand Firm and determined against them…. good things will follow for us.

    Seems Glick has now finally come to the conclusions I have held for the past 5-6 years. She still won’t publicly attribute much if not most of our problems with BB by name. I think she still has a thing for him since she was a paid adviser to him during BB’s first term as PM.

  7. Excellent! The secret that was never a secret is out – FINALLY!

    This president does not differ from past administrations at all. The US govt has a very long track record of harming Israel, of working behind the scenes to undermine its security and its very survival. The biggest threat is not an openly anti-Israel US govt – but one that pretends to be your friend and ally, one that demands your trust only to betray it, one that asks for sacrifices for ‘Israel’s own good’ while empowering Israel’s enemies. The myth of the US govt as an ally of Israel is OVER!

    NEXT ON THE AGENDA – DEMOLISH the other big myth – the one where Israeli authorities pretend to represent Israel’s best interests, while they too empower your enemies. Just look at your history since the brave defense of Israel in 1967 and all you see is a DISGRACEFUL series of decisions and policies that have brought an entirely preventable loss of land, security, Jewish lives, and national reputation. Your enemies could not have wished for better helpers than Israel’s own politicians. And don’t give them the excuse of their being inept. They are extraordinarily skillful at oppressing Jewish nationalism and undermining Jewish Israel.