Obama out to get Israel in second term

Cindy Adams, a reputable columnist with NY Post writes,

    A MAJOR businessman with ties to our DC administration, which is about to become bankrupt tomor row, says: “Israel is in danger. Obama cares nothing about Israel. Abandoning that nation would politically boomerang in a re-election year, so the White House maintains a pretense of caring. I’ve spoken to them about this and know it for a fact. For safety’s sake, they’re letting other governments lead the propaganda assaults against that country while they’re hiding behind.”

No surprise there.

April 8, 2011 | 13 Comments »

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13 Comments / 13 Comments

  1. Vinnie,

    I was set to record again at 9:00 and… guess what? No Beck.

    This is really pissing me off and I’m thinking of unsubscribing to Fox News. What does Debbie Schlussel call if? The Prince Alweed Network? PAWN?

    The whole thing is obnoxious. E.D. Hill, the best commentator on Fox News, was kicked out and now Beck. Both got it as regards the jihadists.

  2. Obama and his administration’s intense hate for Israel is matched only by their intense hate for America. They are determined to destroy both countries.

  3. Yamit,

    Why do you trust the Russians? What makes you think Putin will by any better than Obama? I just don’t know what you base this on. You think centuries worth of rabid anti-Semitism, two generations of unbridled anti-Israel activity since her creation, supplying Iran’s nukes, the list goes on and on and on, this is going to change with a few arms sales?

    Well it’s like this Vinnie: Putin is better than Obama. He is totally Mercenary and hates America more than Israel/Jews. Russia produces nothing of commercial value except natural resources and armaments. Russia sells to our enemies, America sells to our enemies. Russia today does not give away freebies to our enemies they sell for cash. Russia and china have lucrative construction in Iran and an Syria. Both countries not exactly politically stable. Israel would have to pay for what we get from Russia although barter is feasible, Use your imagination here. Israel buys most of our Oil imports from Russia. We don’t get more than a half billion dollars from America in ealk terms anyway. The same 3 billion we get today is the same 3 billion we got after camp David Discount inflation of the Dollar add the inflated cost of American weapons especially aircraft and it’s obvious that the real value of American aid for Israel is minimal. 70% of that aid must be spent in America and that hurts our local industry. What ever co production we get can’t be marketed to third parties. America thus restricts our exports if it contains either American parts or based on American Technology About 8 years ago because of our AWACS deal with China and helicopter upgrades to china America made us cancel both deals costing at a minimum 4 billion dollars and bad relations with China as an unreliable supplier. To pacify the Americans Israel gave America access to all our military sales to purview and have a veto power over any contracts they dem infringes on American interests. They were out to kill the competition and succeeded.

    This was under both Clinton and Bush. Don’t blame Obama for this ongoing American policy. Our Vassalage to America has cost us billions retarded our own economic viability, has cost us thousands of skilled good paying jobs and created distortions in our own military planning and doctrine.

    America forgave past dbts to Jordan and Egypt but not to Israel. Until 2- years ago our past debts were reduced for the American aid package and All construction over the green line based on the value of the construction in dollars is also deducted and educed from American aid packages.

    I call it aid but in reality it’s a bribe. For a lousy few bucks America gets to control Israel which gives them leverage with the Arab States. They complain to America about Israel, America listens and applies pressure on Israel. Then America gets to be a security umbrella and mediator for peace at the same time. America proliferates the arms race guarantees the security of the oil producers, controls their bogeyman Israel, and laughs all the way to the bank. They are both devious and Devilish.

    A Russian veto is every bit as good as an American Veto and I can’t recall Russia ever throwing an ally or nation in their sphere of influence under a bus. Russia is both respected and feared by he Arabs and Muslims unlike the Americans who are hated , not respected and not feared.

    Israel has over a million Russian speakers including over a quarter million non Jewish Russian Slavs. For Russia that counts for something, and we are better able to deal with the Russians culturally and mentally. Russia does not impose moral restraints and conditions on those they are allied with.

    America will eventually throw Israel under the bus whether it’s Obama or one who comes after him. It’s only a matter of time and circumstances.

    With the cuts America will have to make in the services and standard of living of the average American, the aid package sooner or later will be dropped. Israel doesn’t need that aid today and it will produce if continued an anti-Israel and antisemitic backlash if Israel doesn’t take the initiative to end it.

    I am not advocating a break in relations with America just a change in the nature of the relationship. A relationship where we have no or few restrictions based on American interests and to start to take our own interests into account no matter who may be upset about it.

  4. Putin is no good for Israel, but with the “friends” like America, Israel doesn’t need any enemy. Israel MUST be independent from this “friend”. Period. And she can. Only Israeli bureaucrats like Barak and Peres (not even mentioning piece of nothingness Olmert) were hanging on America’s
    pittances. In the matter of fact if it would not be America’s pressure on Israel, this country would have her own superior military aircraft developed as well as the other modern weaponry.

  5. Underzog:

    Yes, the Saudis are in that deep with FOX.

    Not only was Redeye there in place of Beck at 2:00 am, but also Stossel was there in place of a scheduled Beck replay at 3:00 pm. It is scheduled for 9:00 pm as I write this, and my DVR is set to record, but I expect “no Beck” yet again.


    Why do you trust the Russians? What makes you think Putin will by any better than Obama? I just don’t know what you base this on. You think centuries worth of rabid anti-Semitism, two generations of unbridled anti-Israel activity since her creation, supplying Iran’s nukes, the list goes on and on and on, this is going to change with a few arms sales?

  6. Those are good points, Yamit! E.D. Hill understands what is going on with Islam (she also survived a double masectomy) and she had to go. I was ready to record Glenn Beck’s program with Israel and since it was pre empted I tried to record it again at 2:00 a.m. But “Red Eye” was on then instead of its usual time at 3:00 a.m.

    What gives? Does that sleaze, Prince Alweed, have his hooks in the Fox News Channel that deep? Something unpleasant to contemplate.

  7. I am sure hussein can count on 70% of American Jews (useful assholes) as voters for his second term. During 2008 election process one thing was very much revealing – how many idiots are among American Jews.

  8. Beck was dumped unceremoniously by Fox, story was they lost advertising due to his controversial positions. 😉

    He had a top spot rating in his time slot with 3 million viewers.

    He is expected to buy or start his own cable channel like Ophra who is tanking in the channel ratings since Ja. She claims she won’t publicly support Obama next time as it might hurt her channel ratings even more.

    Israel advocacy is a dead letter until the government of Israel begins to make the right moves so any Israel supports can rally behind a clear position. Even Israelis don’t understand why and where BB is taking us and the why’s are redundant.

    Fox Dumped E D Hill for the same reasons after she hosted “Obsession”. The produces of Obsession offered to Fox a sequel about Muslim plans to take over America and Fox refused. Around the same time I read the Saudis had bought a 5% interest and fox with another 15% option. Murdock sold out and from that time Fox ceased to be a right wing organ. They have till now made their moves and political orientation subtly; no sense in alienating their core viewers but in the process they have increased their market share by moving to the political center and picking up nearly 40% of their viewers from non conservatives.

    If I were BB I would do everything to support Gaddafi,if it’s not too late, the Kurds and the Taliban yes the Taliban. We have no Quarrel with any of them but if we are successful it would put the kabbash of the Grand regional power play. Now that Egypt has openly sided with Hamas and have opened the border with Gaza the gate swings in both directions. Israel within a week should drive all of the Palis into Egypt and lock the gates. If Israel is facing sanctions in any event they might as well be for the reasons given. As soon as Palis declare statehood Israel should annex all of area c and b. Without Gaza they would be landlocked and without our recognition they are stuck between us and Jordan. I don’t see Jordan opening up their borders with them.

    Israel should openly replace or begin to replace Russian military hardware instead of American. The Russians would be only to happy to supply their veto in place of Americas for the benefit of having Israel on their client list instead of Americas. We are the best marketing tool America has for their overly priced military hardware. That does not mean we need to break with America but it does mean asserting our independence and if America wants to defund certain projects like Iron Dome others will pick up the slack like India or China. We just proved they work under real conditions. Don’t worry America needs us more than we need America. Israel is doing an off the books big business with China and an independent policy by Israel would allow us to increase our own market penetration to markets the Americans have prohibited us from.

    One last point some of the anti Israel voices come from anti-American sources that find it expedient to bash Israel, a Vassal of America rather than attack America directly. We are for them a surrogate for America.

  9. “post*tenebras*lux”:

    Here’s a partial answer to your question.

    How many Glenn Beck fans do we have here? I’m sure Ted watches. And Yamit. And “American Eagle”.

    This past week, all week long, Glenn was advertising that he was going to have a special one-hour show on this past Friday, April 8, entirely devoted to Israel.

    So, Friday comes. And what is on? The show is pre-empted by some stupid “special report with Bret Baier” segment on the pending government shut-down, which still had some seven hours to go before the deadline. Mind you, Bret Baier has his own regular program that would have come on the following hour anyway. And on their regular news coverage, they’ve been talking about the possible shutdown all week long, so it’s not as if there wasn’t any ground to cover that they hadn’t covered before. BUT…Glenn Beck’s special on Isreal HAD to wait for this nonsense.

    I’ve been a regular Glenn Beck watcher for at least the past year. I set my DVR to record every episode. With everything that has gone on in the world – the fall of Mubarak, the earthquake in Japan, you name it, and those two examples are surely of greater import than our own fiscal stupidities – Glenn Beck’s show has NEVER been pre-empted. EVER.

    OK, so I figure I’ll set my DVR to tape the middle-of-the-night replay at 2:00 a.m.

    I get up today, pull up the recording…..and I am greeted with Greg Gutfeld’s “Redeye”, a kind of comedy news probram that normally doesn’t air until 3:00 a.m.

    I now have my DVR set to record the 3:00 p.m. Saturday edition, which is normally a replay of the Friday episode. I’d bet money this “disappears” as well.

    Now, the Saudis have publicly admitted a 5% stake in FOX, but some say it is much higher than that. I’ve heard rumors that it is actually 20% or even 30%. The British commentator, Pat Condell (a super guy if anyone here hasn’t heard of him; Google him and watch his videos,they are terrific) once made an offhand remark about the Saudis “…telling FOX what they could say”. Well, re Glenn Beck, we see them in action once again.

    Oh, they own Obama, too. They’re most annoyed with him at present for being a wimp on Iran, but hey, they bought themselves a wimp. Sometimes a trained poodle breaks training.

    Bottom line: The story above is NEVER going to see the light of day in national media. Doesn’t matter what we do. They shut down Glenn Beck just because he was going to broadcast one hour in favor of Israel; the Saudi petrodollar pimps would have none of that.

    Also, in case you haven’t heard, Glenn Beck is being cancelled altogether by the end of this year. Hmmmmm. Just before the campaign season begins in earnest in 2012. How convenient………

    We can simply forget about major broadcast or print media in terms of getting out a pro-Israel message, people. All we’ve got is blogs like these. All we can do besides this is e-mail letters to the editor – when they get published, which is rare in national-level print media – and then there is lobbying elected officials. The major media has been effectively closed off to anyone who is pro-Israel. Period.

    Anymore, I hope that when the shit really hits the fan, someone like Yamit has got their finger on Israel’s nuclear trigger, and sends a few in the direction of Riyadh and related addresses. Maybe then the ‘checks’ will stop coming in at places like FOX, and they can start to practice something vaguely resembling honest journalism once again.

  10. Why not publish this comment in every newspaper and on every TV station? Hussain is not good for the United States.

  11. USA Jews were stupid to back a person with no experience in any aspect of economic, national, military or international affairs simply to prove to themselves that they are open-minded and anti-racists. Obama, the friend of mohammedans and black racist Christian clergy, who flip-flopped on Jerusalem and was ignorant on the number of states in the union, had nothing to offer but the challenge that if you failed to vote for him, you were a racist bigot; he himself was playing the race card.

    Since becoming president, he has displayed incompetence, combined with ideological ignorance and arrogance in every area of his administration. With regard to Israel, he has been hostile and dishonest.

    Obama is bad for Israel, he is bad for the USA, he is bad for people fighting against cruel and repressive and he is bad for the cause of disadvantaged minorities in the USA. There are many wonderful and talented Black people in the USA, but Barakah Hussein Soetoro is not one of those.