Official antisemitism erupts in Venezuela

by Karl Pfeifer

Armed police raided the Jewish elementary and high school at the Jewish Cultural Centre in Caracas on 29 November 2004 implementing a court order that alleged that materials of a criminal nature, such as electronic equipment, arms and explosive devices were concealed in the building.

The swoop started at 6.30 am, when school buses and parents had already started to bringing children to the school, but, after rooting through the building for three hours, the police left having found zilch. The court order, it has since been revealed, had been issued three days earlier but the police waited until Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, arrived in Teheran for a state visit to Iran.

That was two years ago, but things have only got worse in the intervening period. Indeed, since election of the left-wing populist Chavez in 1998, Venezuela has witnessed a proliferation of virulently anti-Israel and anti-Zionist propaganda, frequently entwined with nakedly anti-Jewish slogans. CONTINUE

February 22, 2007 | 4 Comments »

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4 Comments / 4 Comments

  1. The Jewish population needs to make aliyah to Israel or at least get out of Venezuela. This is another validation of my thesis ‘Anti-Semitism and Collectivism’ in which I put forward the notion that collective societies in which Jewish people reside as a minority will eventually exclude and become hostile to them. The theory was that the more authoritarian societies become the greater threat there is to the minority Jewish population, being that they are considered foreign to the group identity of the collective – For the the tendency of an authoritarian or totalitarian society is to form a collective identity for cohesion – such was the case with the Nazis and Communist, Islam, or any other collective society.

    As Chavez takes more dictatorial powers and forms a stronger collective society, anti-Semitism and oppression in general will become more prevalent, as indicated by the article.

    Antisemitic ranting is not confined to government circles but is spread throughout the mass media.

    Unfortunately, with the Israel hating government in power and the media reinforcing the message the masses will tend to follow. The Jewish community needs to consider leaving now.

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