Olmert kisses up to Mubarak

The bitter fruits of corruption,

With the Israeli media scope-locked on bigger stories, the fact that Thursday Prime Minister Ehud Olmert paid an obsequious and shameful visit to a country which propagates Holocaust denial and sponsors the Palestinian jihad went largely unnoticed.

No, Olmert did not visit Iran. He visited Egypt. Iran’s Holocaust denial conference last month was roundly condemned in Israel and in the West – as well it should have been. Not only is Holocaust denial intellectually and morally unacceptable. When undertaken by people whose stated desire is the physical annihilation of the Jewish state, Holocaust denial is also dangerous.

Yet while everyone took note of the Iranian conference, aside from the Simon Wiesenthal Center, no one considered it disturbing when last week a sister conference organized by Egyptians who share Iran’s aspiration to wipe Israel off the map was held.

Under the banner, “The Holocaust Lie,” on December 27th the Egyptian Arab Socialist Party held its Holocaust denial conference in Cairo. The conference was broadcast live on Iran’s Arabic language network Al-Alam. Its keynote speaker was party leader Waheed al Uksory. Uksory gained international prominence for being one of the few politicians whom the regime permitted to run against Egypt’s dictator Hosni Mubarak in the 2005 presidential elections.

That psychotic and genocidal hatred of the Jewish people rules the Egyptian street no less than it dominates the leadership ranks in Teheran has made no impression on Olmert and his associates. Far from responding to the Wiesenthal Center’s call to protest the conference during his meeting Thursday with Mubarak at Sharm e-Sheikh, Olmert and his colleagues devoted their time ahead of the summit to searching for new superlatives to heap onto Mubarak for his “responsible” leadership of the so-called “moderate” Arab states. CONTINUE

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  1. Perhaps other factors that entered into the people voting for Kadima’s Olmert were the lionization of Kadima’s Sharon that accompanied his health crisis and the moderation and confusion regarding Likud’s views (which in turn could have been partially due to response to Sharon’s situation). Maybe there were also pschological and spiritual elements that entered in, some of us even believing in the concept of supernaturally imposed confusion and blindness to certain realities. Sigh.

  2. Mubarek is Not the main focus, it is Olmert. Why please tell me, israpundit readers why on G-d’s green earth, why he was elected especially after Amona!

    We cannot answer that question because he would have never been elected here. You need to talk to the people who voted for him and find out what was in there head.

    I think sometimes people vote hoping to mantain the status quo when they don’t have faith that things will get better. It is not a vote of hope, it is a vote against uncertainty driven by the false hope that by not changing direction it will keep things from getting worse.

  3. Mubarek is Not the main focus, it is Olmert. Why please tell me, israpundit readers why on G-d’s green earth, why he was elected especially after Amona!

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