Olmert’s National Policy of Guilt

by Moshe Dann, INN

[..] This ‘original sin,’ occupation and oppression, haunts the Left, but it doesn’t begin in 1967. For Arabs, it begins (at least) in 1948, what they call the Nakba (the “Catastrophe”) – Israel’s establishment and victory. For most Arabs, as reflected in school texts, media and mosques, the “occupation of Arab lands” began 200 years ago, when Jews began to return to what was then called Palestine, the Land of Israel.

Olmert’s guilt mirrors the “Palestinian Right of Return,” the on-going plight of Arab refugees, and Israel’s acquisition of land and property as a result of the war. But which war?

Guilt knows no boundaries; self-incriminating and distorting reality, it can threaten existence itself. Psychologically devastating, it is even worse when the ‘immorality’ seemingly continues. On an individual level, one can sometimes escape through denial (e.g., the victim deserved it, or the acts never happened); admitting guilt and compensating the victim can assuage guilt. But, in Israel’s self-perception, who was the victim? Who was responsible? Who is immoral? Olmert’s sense of shame and guilt leave no doubt – Israel is at fault and Israel must pay.

Going back to 1948, however, means national suicide. Going back to 1967 offers compromise. For the Arabs and most Muslims, however, the distinction is no more than a trick; the wrong in 1948 cannot be erased by the bribe of returning to borders of 1949; hence, the “Palestinian right of return.”

Ever since Israel entered YeShA in 1967, the Left has been apologizing for that miraculous victory, even though Israel’s very existence was at stake. They are even more incensed that Israelis had the ‘audacity’ to move into areas that were formerly forbidden to Jews. But Jews lived throughout YeShA before 1948 and the area holds deep historical and strategic significance for the Jewish people.

Despite the fact that no Arab-owned land was taken (or “stolen”) by Jews in 1967, the Left considers this “occupation.” Understandably, their guilt would stop there; but it doesn’t. In order to justify Israeli “occupation of Arab land” in 1948, the Left would sacrifice Jews who “occupied Arab land” since 1967. But removing Jews who moved into YeShA in order to pay for what happened in 1948 leaves the ‘original sin’ intact.

This distorted notion was the basis for the Oslo Accords in 1993, in which nearly all Palestinians and Arab cities were placed under the control of the Palestinian Authority. Only later, when Yasser Arafat and Palestinian terrorists renewed war against Israel, despite a period of enormous growth and prosperity in the Arab sector, did Arafat’s aims become clear. It was not a question of territory, but of Israel’s very existence.

Using the Left’s criterion of occupation, the establishment of State of Israel itself was immoral. If Israel has no right to live and rule in Judea and Samaria, then it has no right to rule over Israeli Arabs or over property claimed by Arab “refugees” from 1948.

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8 Comments / 8 Comments

  1. Ed I forgot not all supporters of Leftist causes are for ideological reasons some are just self interested greedy businessman trying to get advantages for deals (GREED) is the motivation!

  2. Ed some but all are known there is no definitive list I could find yet so you have to go to ea Israeli politician and organization google them or archive them and compile a list . They are mostly known but you have to do the research. A short list might include some obvious names like the bronfmans, Laufers, Haim Saban,A guy in France named Freedman or fiedman( Peres) friend, there is a guy in switzerland I remember supported Barak. arieh Genger/ Sharon,Weitzman had his- BB has his Peres and Rabin have theirs. etc. Then you have Organizations like Peace Now which are Supported heavily by EU, and funnel money to all leftist anti Israel causes and politicians. Then there is the Peres center for peace that get tens of millions of Dollars tax free by unpublished donors and then fund every anti Zionist group in Israel. Much go for Projects in PLO/PA.Its all around us but not centralized so its like an invisible hand directing an orchestra. Money in the right hands is a difficult weapon to fight against and a lot of money in the right professional hands is akin to a nuke in the long tern damage it can cause.

  3. I agree with Yamit; however, all I hear about the wealthy left wing liberals is the group in total but not who the individuals are. Please name as many as possible.

  4. Before Israel can even begin to address our existential threats; our internal impediments must be first remedied. I believe that our so called democracy is at the heart of our malaise. I can live with a million less citizens, if those who decide to leave are those who act as our enemies 5th column agents or worse. Its not a bad trade off if it can produce the right mix of religion,politics and a sense of national unity.

    Moderation as a positive concept cannot address our unbalanced institutions of government, and culture as they have been solidly co opted and corrupted by the near radical left. To eventually reach an optimal balance the remedy must be strongly curved to the radical right. After institutional corrections which will take sometime we can then move more towards the moderate center. If it is determined to then be desirable by majority of the people.

    This can only come about in 1 of 2 ways either through the ballot or by force of arms. One seems plausible the other not! STATUS QUO IS NATIONAL SUICIDE! The Israeli Left allied with virtually every enemy of Israel and Jewry must be brought low even at great cost to Israel in the short term. We can’t afford them.


    liberalism,Humanism,Democracy, Appeasement, Internationalism,Pacifism,Cowardice, Anti-Nationalism,Anti- Religion,Neo- Revisionism of History.They use a corrupted nominal democracy to subvert the historical reasons for having a National Home for Jews. Pluralism is their method and by definition negates the premise originally intended upon which the Zionist endeavor sought to attain.

    They are not Post Zionist they are Pre Zionists. They are the Old Galut minded Jew who since the emancipation have sought only one overriding imperative to be accepted by the Gentile world and to assimilate.

    The Left in Israel must either be destroyed or forced to leave. THE LEFT MUST GO!

  5. They have a country called SAUDI ARABIA! Plus 21 others! This is Jewish land! If you want to dispute me bring it! Anyone who believes otherwise are just ignorant ASSHOLES!

  6. Shalom Ted,

    How can the Arabs have any guilt if they invented the Suez Canal ?

    A quick point re “would sacrifice Jews who ‘occupied Arab land'”.

    About a third of the Sinai Peninsula was NOT part of Egypt. There were later British territorial adjustments for protection of the southern approaches to the Suez Canal.

    Re all the other areas; without the intrusion of Olmert, the barbarians would have to argue with the Southern Baptists that Mary Magdalene Church and the Garden of Gethsemane are Muslim holy sites. Don’t even mention Hebron and Bethlehem !

    Our problems are internal.

    Sigmund Freud cannot help Olmert.

    Franz Kafka can, but refuses.

    Kol tuv,

  7. It is not guilt but FEAR. Or, rather, a mix of fear and guilt. But, mostly it is fear – coward’s fear. Fear of Israeli Arabs, fear of YESHA Arabs, fear of all Arabs, and even fear of all Muslims. Leftism is rationalized manifestation of mental disorder (credit to Michael Savage for the term) in core of which is fear: fear of masses – hence they have to be paid off (that’s what for is wealth redistribution), fear of envy by other classes in society – that’s how ‘classes warfare’ was invented, and fear of other nations – here comes the idea that nations are equal and peacefull (with some exception of fringe groups called ‘terrorists’ that are evil) that would love to cooperate under aegis of the “World Government” and peacefully resolve their ‘conflicts’ through negotiations in International Court of Justice.

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