One Day More Corona Parody

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  1. Shir is an Israeli girl (`100lbs) from Tiberias who comes from a poor family. The parents are divorced and the mother has become a depressed alcoholic. Shir has been raising her two younger siblings while training in her journey to become first the world junior champion and then world champion. See a video of this charming determined girl.

  2. “CLAP FOR CONNIE Great-grandma, 106, becomes Britain’s oldest coronavirus survivor as she’s given guard of honour leaving hospital
    Thomas Burrows
    15 Apr 2020, 14:31Updated: 15 Apr 2020, 15:14” From today’s Sun (UK). Trying to cheer myself up with some good news.

  3. “PIERS Morgan is calling for 99-year-old WWII veteran Captain Tom Moore to be knighted after his fundraising for the NHS sailed past the £8million mark today.

    The Good Morning Britain host, 55, has championed Captain Tom’s fundraising efforts after inviting him to appear on the show last week.

    Captain Tom Moore has raised more than £8million for the NHS
    Captain Tom Moore has raised more than £8million for the NHSCredit: Reuters
    The war hero was determined to raise £1,000 for the NHS by walking 100 lengths of his garden
    The war hero was determined to raise £1,000 for the NHS by walking 100 lengths of his gardenCredit: Reuters
    The war hero was determined to raise £1,000 for NHS Charities Together by walking 100 lengths of his garden in Marston Moretaine, Beds, with the help of his zimmer frame.

    But thanks to Piers’ support, his appearance on GMB and the tale of his 100-length walk going viral on social media, Captain Tom has so far raised an incredible £8,000,000 and counting.

    Piers is now championing for Captain Tom to be honoured with a knighthood.

    Speaking on today’s GMB, before Captain Tom hit the £5 million mark, Piers said: “I’ve just launched a campaign on Twitter, as it’s suddenly come to me.

    Piers Morgan is now calling for Captain Tom to receive a knighthood
    Piers Morgan is now calling for Captain Tom to receive a knighthoodCredit: Ruckas
    The Captain undertaking one of his 100 laps of his 25-metre garden
    The Captain undertaking one of his 100 laps of his 25-metre gardenCredit: SWNS:South West News Service
    “Wouldn’t it be nice to see Captain Tom Moore, who served his country in World War Two and has now raised over £4 million for the NHS in a week, knighted for his service to to the country?

    “He’s 100 on April 30th. Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t feel temptation to give it to business people, who pay money for the honour, or to celebrities for singing nice songs.

    “But we give it to someone like him. That we make him Sir Tom. I think it will be great. If you’re with me, let’s get a campaign going and let’s give him something back.”

    Taking to Twitter, the star added: “I’d like to see the magnificently inspiring ?@captaintommoore be knighted for his services to his country in WW2 & now to the NHS. Who’s with me?” ”
    More good news from the Sun.

  4. Some good news on Shabbat from Ynetnews: “Number of serious, intubated patients drops as Israel shows signs of flattening coronavirus curve
    Health Ministry continues to report more recoveries from virus than new diagnoses; at current rate, country’s verified infections double every 16 days as opposed to every three days last month
    Ynet |
    Published: 04.17.20 , 22:03

    The number of serious coronavirus patients and patients receiving respiratory assistance dropped sharply Friday evening, raising cautious optimism that the pandemic in Israel may soon be on the decline.
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    The number of coronavirus patients in serious condition dropped by 13 from Thursday evening to 168 patients (-7.2%) and the number of patients on ventilator support dropped by 15 to 122 (-11%).
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    Health worker wearing protective gear in ambulance outside Sheba Medical Center (Photo: Shaul Golan)
    The Health Ministry reported there are 12,982 confirmed cases of coronavirus as of Friday evening, 224 more than 24 hours earlier.
    However, 308 patients have recovered at the same time, continuing a positive trend after Israel’s daily number of recoveries from coronavirus Friday morning exceeded the number of new infections for the first time since the onset of the pandemic in the country.
    The number of confirmed patients has been steadily growing at a daily rate of about 4% in the last 11 days. At this rate, the number of verified coronavirus infections in Israel will double every 16 days – as opposed to cases doubling every three days at the end of March.
    At least 162 patients are in moderate condition, while 9,375 only display mild symptoms and 3,126 patients have made a full recovery from the virus.
    There are currently 579 coronavirus patients receiving treatment in hospitals while 7,209 people are fighting the virus at home. Another 1,348 people are currently receiving treatment in specially designated hotels and 569 are awaiting a decision on whether they will be treated.”

  5. Not such good news on the economic front . Check out Chad Stone’s column on April 17 at

    ” A Swath of Abysmal Data This Week Shows ‘Economy Is in Ruins’
    Chad StoneApr 17, 2020
    This week’s abysmal data has been a real eye-opener to the effects the coronavirus shutdown is having on the U.S. economy, and it brings into question what sort of recovery the country will see once business starts returning to normal — and how bad the impending recession will be.”

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