O’Reilly’s no-spin zone bows to Ann Coulter

by Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East Analyst & Commentator


Dear Mr. Bill Reilly,

I have been long aware of your background as an Irish Catholic, ready to defend your faith – no matter what its history. Your interview with Ann Coulter shamed your theme of “No Spin”. You must still have vertigo as you made every effort to feed her lines that could allow her to explain her Catholic (and Yes) anti-Jewish mind-set.

Has the room stopped spinning yet? You, as a proud Irish Catholic, still go to church and speak to a Jewish Rabbi who himself approved of Abraham’s destroying the wood idols his father made.

[To the credit of James Carroll, he recognized all this. Wynston is usually over the top for me and he is here too but I wanted to see what discussion his remarks would engender.]

Have you noticed that every Church has a dead Jew hanging on a Roman torture instrument? The history of the Church was to set in motion forces that murdered the family of the man, Yehoshua, now called Jesus. What are you and Coulter going to say to your lord Jesus? “Hey, pal! We ignored your statement of: ‘Father, forgive them for they know not what they do’.” – but we are still killing as many as we can get our hands on.”

The Catholic Church was and remains a murder machine of record. The high (low) points that stand out are the murders of woman as witches, the Crusades, the Inquisition, the assistance to rescue Hitler’s Third Reich officers…. There is no forgiveness from the murdered possible, at least for those who murdered them. Talking through a screen to a probable homosexual pedophile priest will hardly get you absolution. Even if he were a straight priest, give absolution in the name of the Church and a Jewish lord just wasn’t possible.

Layering canard upon canard has been the mainstay of church scribblers for eons. Since you were once some sort of teacher, I would think you could do the research, even as you deny what you find.

Have you ever really taken a hard look at what those so-called Church fathers, from time immemorial, have done to nations, tribes and especially to the Jewish people?

What did you think about the support by most priests and their support of Hitler’s killing machine, denials and exceptions notwithstanding? What do you think of the well-oiled Rat-Line of the Church as they shipped German Nazi war criminals from the Church’s safe houses all the way to Latin America? Naturally, these good Germans were always able to leave a little of the looted gold (from the teeth of dead Jews) to pay their way.

What did you think of their companion mechanism, the Red Cross, providing forged passports for these genocidal officers of Hitler’s high command and concentration camp directors…all good role models for Ann Coulter’s theology to emulate?

Reilly, don’t confuse a bit of Church Charity with the Church’s Crusaders’ march across the planet with a Cross, murdering and enslaving the people across the world for centuries.

You, my friend, are a reluctant witness who seems ready to lie to yourself and your audience as you cover up an Evil Empire with your fast talk. Are Jews supposed to follow the Catholic example as their role model and “perfect” themselves by converting to Christianity – as Coulter has proclaimed?

Watching you roll over like a dog in heat, pleading with Coulter to scratch your back as you scratched hers, was truly a disgusting display. Clearly, under the layers of your purported honesty, you want to project both to your audience and, ever more to yourself, as a Class A “spinner”.

When I was growing up in Chicago, there was a Catholic Church, St. Agatha, in my neighborhood. As a Jew, I instinctively walked by with my eyes averted because I knew this was a castle of evil. We did not discuss Christians or Churches in my house. But somehow, as a child, I could sense what this place represented as a danger to me and my people. Also, I did not know then what a cross meant but, there was something about that symbol which seemed to evil and full of hate. As a teenager, the hate was impressed on my skin by the many fights I was forced into by the surrounding neighboring Christian kids – according to what they were taught at home, in school and in their Churches.

Later as an adult, I learned that the Romans (when they were in control of the Land of Israel) had lined the road to Jerusalem with hundreds, if not thousands, of these torture instruments upon which they hung those rebellious Jews who wouldn’t bow down to their Caesar and desecrate their Temple with Roman idols. The Rabbi was only one of thousands….

Strangely, the Church adopted this hideous terror symbol and they, too, used it as a lead banner to conquer, murder, force conversions – always in the name of a Jew who never knew he had been adopted and to have murder done in his name.

Is this then what Bill Reilly was taught and now believes? Clearly, you and Coulter are anxious to out perform Pat Buchanan. Fortunately, there are many good Christians who do not hate the Jews and the Jewish nation. Maybe, if you dump Ann Coulter, you too could be “perfected” as a Christian and become a worthy role model.

As it stands now, you are a successful barker in a side show. “Hey! Hey! Come see the bearded lady, the two-headed monkey and watch me trash them on the T.V. freak show!” Now, you are, indeed, a role model. Strangely, I used to enjoy your show until you peeled back your other self and I saw the pernicious evil with you championing Coulter. Is that what they call a “matched set”?

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9 Comments / 9 Comments

  1. The truth hurts. I am glad this man feels secure enough to vent his rage. He is saying aloud what many feel but do not say. Until we as Christians are willing to look at the truth unvarnished we can not move forward. The truth is ugly and the rage is justified. It is our place to listen without judging or making excuse. Accept responcibility and love unconditionally.

  2. I would agree that Winston is over-the-top here, but it bothers me that conservative Jews are so willing to give Coulter a free pass. I have said before she has made subtle anti-Jewish remarks in the past, most notably against Joe Lieberman. BTW, her purportedly devout Christianity and social conservatism is nothing but bunk. She doesn’t attend church and she is a slut. She doesn’t practice what she preaches unless one were to actually believe Coulter is a 40-something year old virgin. Since she’s never been married, one has to assume she has slept around.

  3. I am closer to Wynston’s views than yours Jonathan. The Church is not a “murdering machine now, but it certainly was for centuries. Jesus, who is considered the Christ, certain was Jewish and certainly is dead.

    The Reformation started the process of returning Christianity to its roots in Torah. It has come a long way since. But keep in mind that the Holocaust was only seventy years ago.

  4. Winston’s language throughout is highly inflammatory and one sided. Calling the church a murder machine is wrong, referring to Christ as a dead Jew is wrong, etc etc. Winston takes the worst of Christianity and blows it up, completely forgetting all the progress and good things that are due to Christianity. Of course it has its faults, but why don’t we start by comparing it to Islam, communism, fascism etc.

  5. Soren you are correct except the blue states see an all in one package. You are mostly referring to the red states. Liberal Christian and Jewish America lump all those evil ones together in one indivisible package.

  6. Specifically Pat Buchanan, like I said, that crosses the line! Perhaps you not aware of his connections or apparent connections with extreme white supremacist groups, Aryans, neo-nazis, KKK? His name comes up a lot on white supremacist websites. (Google “Pat Buchanan Aryan,” you’ll get the idea.) To me suggesting someone wants to “outperform Pat Buchanan” is to compare them to being a modern nazi, and though I’m not even a fan of either O’Reilly or Coulter, that comparison is “waaaay too far.” Anyway, I really don’t think too many people (particularly Evangelicals!) connect O’Reilly and Coulter with Christianity, but with political and social conservatism, not Christian conservatism.

  7. O’Reilly and Coulter are not national opinion molders in the league with names such as William F. Buckley, Gore Vidal, Suzanne Fields and Jean Kirkpatrick.

    The celebrity entertainers are given too much credit.

    Kol tuv,

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