So goes the heart, so goes the body

Capital for Sale
by Moshe Feiglin

The first and last stronghold is Jerusalem.

With its last remnants of strength, Western culture is clinging to the outer veneer of world hegemony. Technology, social and military structure, the ability to distinguish between good and evil, to learn from experience and progress, capitalism and human rights have all created a Western cultural dynamism with which the Muslim near east and the pagan far east cannot compete. Even atheistic socialism collapsed under the weight of Western freedom based on faith in G-d.

But all of this is rapidly crumbling away. Just like the Twin Towers, the West is imploding. The ability to distinguish between good and evil has been replaced by post-modernism. Freedom has been replaced by nihilistic servitude and capitalism has lost its refinement and cultural restraint. Instead of liberating man, it now enslaves him and has turned the masses – both rich and poor – into servants of the system. There is no need for gulags; Western society lives in golden cages, more enslaved and despondent than ever.

There is no day of rest and no days of work; no working hours and no free time; no family time and no culture time. Everything is the shopping mall. Everything flows into the bottomless consumer pit. The air, water and oil that once empowered man’s liberty have been exhausted and polluted. The foundations of the Western Tower of Babel are corroding away.

It turns out that the new, G-dless capitalism is much better suited to the paganistic East; the never-ending toil, the discipline, the culture of enslavement, the unending pagan circular trap – with no way out and no destiny – interface much better with the Far East, idol-worshiping Chinese tyranny, in which enslavement of one’s fellow man is a given. There, in those countries in which one can be imprisoned for chewing gum in public and the organs of those people considered a threat to the regime are removed and sold while they are still alive (to Western hospitals, of course) the new capitalism is flourishing.

The faith fundamental printed on the dollar has died, and the dollar seems to be going in the same direction. Everyone is fleeing the green bills with the pictures of the Founding Fathers, men of liberty and faith. The new king is the red yuan with the picture of the greatest mass murderer in history.

Economically, the Far East is conquering the world. But the more fundamental political summit cannot be conquered by a culture that is not monotheistic. That summit is being conquered by Islam. Europe already has a large Arab minority; many European countries, which had encouraged a negative birthrate, now have no chance to survive without the waves of Muslim immigrants. Many of the West’s philosophers have already surrendered and accepted their fate.

But the first and last stronghold is Jerusalem.

Giving Jerusalem to Islam – under the cloak of the Orwellian code name “the Holy Basin” – means that the last significant obstacle to Islamic hegemony has fallen into Muslim hands.

The Jews have betrayed the Temple Mount. Now, they are selling the entire city. When
“He who rules the Temple Mount rules the Land,” wrote the poet of rebuke and faith.
Yitzchak Rabin and Binyamin Netanyahu – the representatives of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel – embraced the Chairman of the Palestine (all of it) Liberation (from all the Jews) Organization, the fate of the Twin Towers was sealed. Until then, the concept of the Islamic suicide bomber did not exist. The opening of this horrific Islamic Pandora’s box is the true and only heritage of Yitzchak Rabin.

“He who rules the Temple Mount rules the Land,” wrote the poet of rebuke and faith, Uri Tzvi Greenberg. We have surrendered control of the Temple Mount and we are rapidly losing our sovereignty in the Land.

If negotiations over Jerusalem actually do take place, G-d forbid, and the Jewish Nation officially and finally surrenders its sovereignty over the source of the world’s Divine message, then the Muslim message to the world will erupt from Zion, flood the Land of Israel in no time, and then submerge the entire cultured world.

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  1. I apologize for the multiple posts. While it is certainly plausible that some business leaders wanted to trade with Communist countries in the hope of making them more democratic, after all I think some have even stated that is what they wanted to do. I think most of these immoral men and women simply wanted to make money and over looked who their buisness partners were. When confronted with who their business partners were, they used the excuse that we are trying to spread democracy or perhaps in brief moments of time their conscience got to them they needed to invent some rationalization for what they were doing hence they came up with the rationale that they were spreading democracy. Some were probably sincere about wanting to spread democracy but I think most of them simply wanted to become richer and in their greed they over looked who their business partners were/are.

    In any event, these are very dispicable people. I hope and pray the American people as well as the rest of the Western world have the moral compass to hold these people to account for their actions.

  2. US elitists could significantly help themselves by putting controls on spending and opening up more of our domestic oil and gas reserves to drilling and building more refineries. This would involve fighting the enviro-whackos who are often in league with the very people we ar fighting. Few people have the courage to take these people on. There allies in the media are more than willing and able to malign and destroy anyone who gets in their way.

  3. Randy

    Well spoken as always. My thoughts exactly. You just express them so much more articulately than I seem to be able to!!

    I agree with you about Israel. I hope and pray the Americans will also cast the internationalists out of their midst as well. If we do so, there will likely be some economic turmoil for the US but it may be the only way to preserve the survival of our nation.

    Like you I have faith that good will prevail in the end.

  4. There must be a foundation for morality for capitalism and democracy to be built upon or it will fall as a house built upon sand.

    You are absolutely right.

  5. Feiglin’s analysis is dead on. I do not, however, believe that Israel will be conquered. The West is falling as Rome fell and when the collapse is complete the whole world will be in turmoil and chaos. I have much on my blog about this as I see it as the most significant current event taking place; Feiglin’s depiction, though brief, is accurate.

    What happened in part is that when elitists Godless capitalists got the bright idea that by free trade they could open up and break communists societies and democracy would spread. This worked, but only to an extent because the became so empowered by the green back that they are in the position to wrestle for global power. There must be a foundation for morality for capitalism and democracy to be built upon or it will fall as a house built upon sand.

    The US has become rich through prostitution, but elitists in both parties know the cost is that the nation has become a dependent and sold itself out to these fascist nations they have empowered. This is why they are engaged in capitulation and kowtowing**. US eltitist know they face an economic collapse if the do not appease the nations. The only reason that the nations don’t collapse the dollar now is because they are currently empowering themselves with it, not of love for the US; but, as Feiglin says, this is coming to an end.

    A shift to the Euro is taking place; global politics is going through a great upheaval, and because Islam has become a factor to the international community Israel needs to be sacrificed in the hopes of stability.

    Putin’s visit to Iran unnerved Olmert, that is what he ran groveling to Moscow for comfort, but he found none. The Russians believe they have more to gain, if only for the time being, by siding with Islamic nations in the Middle-East.

    Israel may flounder in the days to come but it the state will not utterly be cast down. The Jewish state may come to the brink of destruction but there is a movement in the nation that is beginning to take hold and it opposes the direction the rest of the world is going, and the Israelis will eventually overthrow the internationalists in their midst. I have faith that good will, as it always does in the end, prevail.

    Feiglin expresses many of the exact same views in this article that form much of basis for the things I have written about on my blog. I concur with him.

    **kow·tow (kou-tou’, kou’tou’) pronunciation
    intr.v., -towed, -tow·ing, -tows.

    1. To kneel and touch the forehead to the ground in expression of deep respect, worship, or submission, as formerly done in China.

    What an appropriate word for US/Sino relations, the Chinese prop up the US dollar and own the Clintons. The US has become an Harlot of the nations.

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