Our Self-Induced Catastrophe at the Border

T. BelmanTrump says he will carry out the ‘largest domestic deportation operation in American history’ if elected

The American people must override the corrupt entities who profit from the border’s human misery and chaos.

 By: Victor Davis Hanson, AMER GREATNESS   September 21, 2023

Since early 2021 we have witnessed somewhere between 7 and 8 million illegal entries across the now nonexistent U.S. southern border.

The more the border vanished, the more federal immigration law was rendered inert, and the more Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas spun fantasies that the “border is secure.” He is now written off as a veritable “Baghdad Bob” propagandist.

But how and why did the Biden administration destroy immigration law as we knew it?

The Trump administration’s initial efforts to close the border had been continually obstructed in Congress, sabotaged by the administrative state, and stymied in the courts. Nonetheless, it had finally secured the border by early 2020.

Yet almost all its successful initiatives were immediately overturned in 2021.

The wall was abruptly stopped, and its projected trajectory was canceled. The Obama-era disastrous “catch-and-release” policy of immigration non-enforcement was resurrected.

Prior successful pressure on Mexico’s President Andrés Obrador to stop the deliberate export of his citizens northward ceased.

Federal border patrol officers were forced to stand down.

New federal subsidies were granted to entice and then support illegal arrivals.

No one in the Democratic Party objected to the destruction of the border or the subversion of immigration law.

However, things changed somewhat once swamped southern border states began to bus or fly a few thousand of their illegal immigrants northward to sanctuary city jurisdictions—especially to New York, Chicago, and even Martha’s Vineyard.

The sanctuary-city “humanists” there who had greenlighted illegal immigration into the southern states suddenly shrieked. They were irate after experiencing the concrete consequences of their own prior abstract border agendas. After all, their nihilism was always supposed to fall upon distant and ridiculed others.

New York mayor Eric Adams went from celebrating a few dozen illegal immigrants bused into Manhattan, to blasting his party by allowing tens of thousands to swamp his now-bankrupt city.

But why did the Biden administration deliberately unleash the largest influx across the southern border in U.S. history?

The ethnic chauvinists and Democratic Party elites needed new constituents, given their increasingly unpopular agendas.

They feared that the more legal Latino immigrants assimilated and integrated into American society, the less happy they became with leftwing radical abortion, racial, transgender, crime, and green fixations.

Democratic grandees had always bragged that illegal immigration would create what they called “The New Democratic Majority” in “Demography is Destiny” fashion. Now they slander critics as “racists” who object to leftwing efforts to use illegal immigration to turn southwestern red states blue.

Mexico now cannot survive as a modern state without some $60 billion in annual remittances sent by its expatriates in America. However many illegal immigrants rely on American state and federal entitlements to free up cash to send home.

Mexico also encourages its own abject poor and often indigenous people from southern Mexico to head north as a safety valve of sorts. The government sees these mass exoduses northward as preferable to the oppressed marching on Mexico City to address grievances of poverty and racism.

The criminal cartels now de facto-run Mexico. An open border allows them to ship fentanyl northward, earn billions in profits—and kill nearly 100,000 Americans a year. Illegal immigrants pay cartels additional billions to facilitate their border crossings.

Do not forget American corporate employers. Record labor nonparticipation followed the Covid lockdown. In reaction to the dearth of American workers, the hospitality, meat packing, social service, health care, and farming industries were desperate to hire new—and far cheaper—labor.

Human rights activists insist that the borders themselves are nineteenth-century relics. The global poor and oppressed thus have a human right to enter the affluent West by any means necessary.

Many in the tony suburbs and universities do not live anywhere near the border. So they pontificate on the assurance that thousands of unaudited illegal immigrants will never enter their own enclaves or campuses.

The result is elite-bottled piety—but not firsthand experience with the natural consequences of millions chaotically fleeing one of the poorest countries in the world to pour into the wealthiest. Without background checks, vaccinations and health audits, legality, high-school diplomas, English facility, skill sets, or capital, the result is an abject catastrophe.

Polls continue to show that the American people support measured, diverse, legal, and meritocratic immigration as much as they oppose mass illegal immigration into their country and the subsequent loss of American sovereignty on the border.

They understand what the Biden administration does not: no nation in history has survived once its borders were destroyed, once its citizenship was rendered no different from mere residence, and once its neighbors with impunity undermined its sovereignty.

Ending illegal immigration now depends solely on the American people overriding the corrupt special interests and leaders who profit from the current chaos and human misery.

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8 Comments / 8 Comments

  1. I think the initial goal might have been to have democrat voters in perpetuity. But Hispanic Americans are hard working, they have Christian values, and most of them are grateful to be in America. They are thus starting to leave the democrat party.

    Trump has benefitted from increasing numbers of Hispanic voters who have little in common with the woke democrats who want to tear down statues of George Washington. Trump has more Hispanic American supporters than any prior Republican President or candidate for the Presidency.

    Once here, the Hispanic Americans want safe and secure streets, and don’t appreciate cities where crime goes unpunished.

    It is possible that the Hispanic illegal immigrants who support democrats are criminals or mentally ill. They look at the democrat party and see it as protective of the criminals at the expense of the law abiding.

    I don’t think the democrat dream of millions of new democrat voters will come true. This is why they are planning on millions of mail in ballots because it is the easiest way to commit electoral fraud and cover it up.

    They know voters don’t want their policies, so they have to cheat to stay in power. They also know if Trump is in the White House, it is possible their treason will be opened up for the American people to see.

  2. I am all for legal vetted immigrants that the country needs. Sort of like Australia does it. They bring in immigrants of professions they need or close relatives of Australians. That makes sense.

    I just hear 18,000 Chinese Nationals came across the border and were allowed into the USA. So how many might be spies?

  3. Bee, I have seen videos and live feed from Fox News. So that does not provide the smell or actual horror. These people are now in LA among many other USA cities

  4. Bear Darln, you cannot imagine the horror at the border. The trash, smells, and filth. Texas is overrun. Poor little Uvalde, Texas is subject to daily car chases as it is on the Sumgler’s favorite road. The impact is heading North.


  5. The Biden administration says it’s granting temporary legal status to hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans (472,000) who are already in the country — quickly making them eligible to work — as it grapples with growing numbers of people fleeing the South American country and elsewhere to arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border.

    That’s in addition to about 242,700 Venezuelans who already qualified for temporary status before Wednesday’s announcement

    The move — along with promises to accelerate work permits for many migrants — may appease Democratic leaders who have pressured the White House to do more to aid asylum seekers, while also providing grist for Republicans who say the President Joe Biden has been too lax on immigration.


  6. Texas officials put up barbed wire in spots at the border to try and slow down the illegal migrants.

    You would think Federal officials would applaud the effort and say thanks for the assistance.

    Federal Border Patrol Agents were ordered to take down the barbed wire. So it is a clear plan that goes all the way to the White House to flood the USA with millions of migrants who they have not vetted and do not have a clue who they are.

    The plan it appears to me, is to at some point find a way to grant citizenship to these migrants. They are hoping these people will become Democratic Party voters as the Democratic Party wants to become so big it will never lose an election again.