Out of Outrage: Where is the U.S. Response?

by Pete Hoekstra, GATESTONE   •  July 27, 2023

  • Despite COVID having killed more than 1.13 million Americans as of mid-June 2023, and with a cost to the U.S. economy estimated to be $14 trillion — yes trillion — by the end of 2023, where is the united outrage among American citizens over the role of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in the pandemic?
  • In these [Chinese] camps, Uyghurs face indoctrination, sterilization, and forced labor…. The situation is so horrific that both the Trump Administration and the Biden Administration have labeled it a genocide.
  • [T]he CCP has also been sending across America’s southern border groups of single men of military age, with the apparent aim of sabotaging American installations on the first day of a conflict if the U.S. tries to counter a Chinese offensive on Taiwan.
  • With all of these revelations and threatening activities, there seems to be dismayingly little concern from the public as well as from the political and business leadership, despite a growing plurality that views China as an enemy to the United States rather than as a strategic “competitor.”
  • Have Americans become so tired of the “outrage of the week”… that it… has confused the American people on the difference between real threats — such as the Chinese Navy overtaking the U.S. Navy while 37% of U.S. attack submarines are out of order — and lesser threats, such as pronouns?
  • Many American political, tech and business leaders are funding the China’s military and seem casually indifferent about the deadly-serious existential threat from the CCP.
  • As some analysts have stated, Chinese President Xi Jinping and other CCP leaders “recall a world in which China was dominant and other states related to them as supplicants to a superior, as vassals that came to Beijing bearing tribute.” – Graham Allison, The Atlantic, May 31, 2017.
  • Restoring China to that position of dominance is the long-term goal of Xi and the CCP. This is the real threat that should unite Americans to face the challenge head-on to maintain America’s leadership position in the world. This position is one where there will be respect for human rights, economic freedom and security, and where the U.S. serves as a beacon for representative government; individual freedoms; property rights; equal justice under the law (a bit askew at the present) and above all, the right to free speech.

A lack of outrage among Americans is likely why, on Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s recent visit to China, he only seemingly made passing reference to the China’s human rights record; its role in the COVID pandemic coverup; its continued theft of U.S. intellectual property, and its aggressive military and intelligence stance against the U.S.<

After years watching both major political parties in America foster public outrage to advance their political goals, someone recently commented that he was “out of outrage” — totally over it.

Polling by Pew Research shows that he may not be alone. Nearly 40% of Americans say they wish they had more political parties to choose from, with that number rising to nearly 50% among younger Americans. Favorable views of either party come in approximately at a paltry 40%.

One problem appears to be the grandiose claims made by both parties that stoke partisan anger but fail to deliver the anticipated results. Consider the claims that have been made by politicians and others since the 2016 presidential election alone:

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  1. I agree that the CCP is potentially dangerous and destructive. On the other hand we have a US Department of Defense that contracted with pharmaceutical companies to make bioweapons and pass them off as vaccines. The legal framework to do so was already in place in the US. No one in our government has been honest about it. This is a program of genocide that was committed against the American people and the people of the world.

    We should face up to genocide when our own country’s department of defense commits it before focusing the blame on another country, no matter how devious and cunning that other country might be.

    If we cannot face up to what we as taxpayers paid for in terms of a genocidal campaign that is still continuing, we are not going to be in a position to face external dangers either.

    It is beyond criminal that the FDA gave Emergency Use Authorization for these bioweapons with fraudulent testing and fraudulent data, and is to this day insisting that these dangerous toxins be given to every infant and child in this country.