Pat Condell on the idiocy of Islam

August 13, 2012 | 8 Comments »

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  1. Quite sadly, we have been moving too slow.
    If we go on at this pace we may have to have
    an uprising. Well worth it, to bring our
    country and other western democracies back to
    what they were – once and for all.

  2. @ BJK:
    By then they will have the world under their feet. Just watch the speed at which they are marching ahead. If they managed to get into the WH through the door wide open, their war is nearly won. Not even a Republican administration will stop them, for the Republican politicians are not much different from their Dem counterparts when it comes to assessing the danger that Islam poses. They all think that appeasement will bring peace.

  3. Right on, Pat!!! But remember, time is on our side. World oil will be gone in 50 years. And at that point, the Muslim world will lose its last bargaining chip. I hope i live long enough to see it happen.

  4. We already have an Islamist in the Oval Office without a peep from hardly anyone. And he might be there for another four years.G-d help us.

  5. Another appropriate title for this video would be “The Idiocy of the West” since we shamelessly have been acquiescing to islamic barbarity.