PBS veers to the right

Last night I watched America at the Crossroads by PBS and was pleasantly surprised, knowing about the bias of PBS amd their refusal to air Islam v Islamists by Frank Gaffney Jr.

Salon has an article by Gary Kamiya complaining that it “veers to the right”. In that respect I agree with him. The article and comments are worth reading.

He suggests

“Crossroads” came to the air as a result of right-wing pressure and intellectual timidity. The project began during the tenures of Ken Tomlinson and Michael Pack, two conservatives who held top positions at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the government-run nonprofit that oversees PBS and its more than 300 local affiliates.

Given the two films I saw last night, one by Ishad Manji and one on Indonesian Muslims it was harder to understand why Gaffney’s film was nixed.

April 20, 2007 | Comments Off on PBS veers to the right

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