Pelosi, the dummy or should I say Dhimmi

It is normal when entering a place of worship to conform to your hosts. In a synagogue you cover your head, in a church you uncover it and in a mosque you take off your shoes.

But in the diplomatic arena we are supposed to be equal and no one is shown deference. One does not start a diplomatic meeting by groveling, cringing or paying deference. When Pelosi covers her head she is adopting Dhimmi status and thus has handed a victory to Assad who is secular and to Islam. She conveys a message of weakness. Simply by going there she delivers a message of weakness and capitulation.

The WSJ editorialized under the title Democrats at War.

The NY Sun editorialized, Pelosi’s Inspiration.

April 6, 2007 | 4 Comments »

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4 Comments / 4 Comments

  1. Nancy Pelosi opening herself up to charges of being a dhimmi might turn the public off on Democrats.

    Pelosi engaged in a act of crass political opportunism for her own self aggrandizement. In so doing she spoke to and expressed views to an enemy of the U.S. that are contrary to the Bush administration policies and thinking. A Democratic leader of Congress expressing views that Syria would find welcome aids America’s enemy.

    Shuttle diplomacy should be the sole purview of the existing American administration. Should the Democrats get to form the next government, then it will be their turn. Jumping the gun as Pelosi did might just provide some new ammunition for the Republicans to undermine the credibility of the Democratic party and their next election candidates.

  2. Whenever visiting a holy Muslim site, or in the vicinity of one, both Sec. of State Condoleeza Rice and First Lady Laura Bush wear headscarves.

    Three is no reason to criticize Nancy Pelosi for doing so. Unless that reason, cause or motivation is the combination of the dislike of Democratic leaders, women leaders, Democratic women leaders, and the obvious hatred of those perceived as the enemies of Israel and the interests she represents.

  3. Besides engaging in usurpation this type of action is but a continuation of the diplomatic ideology embraced by Albright that created an escalation of aggression around the globe and lead to 9/11.

    In case anyone missed David Zuker’s expression of this approach to appeasement you MUST see the video he produced exposing Albright’s diplomacy. It is hilarious but at the same time all too true.

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