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Peloni: History comes from studying  timelines and exploring the stories which are revealed by doing so.  Relatedly, the events which took place on January 6 was not just an event, as it was the culmination of a staged process to make the insurrection of November 3 irreversible.  Do recall that the government assets which were moved into Washington were aware of Pence’s decision long before Jan 6, even as Pence clearly made every effort to obscure his decision til four minutes before the Jan 6 ‘insurrection’ hoax was put into motion.  Indeed, the raised expectations for Pence and the Congress to act and the contrasting revelation that they were not going to do so, was the very atmosphere around which the ‘attack’ was staged.  Hence, the question remains if Pence’s misleading comments which set the stage for the faux Capital attack on January 6 was the limit of his involvement in the events of that day.  Do recall the following as well:

Patrick Byrne: Been telling people this since the start: J6 was supposed to be at the Mall, where sober government scientists were prepared to explain to Congress our concerns. But Pence’s staff took over January 4, cancelled the scientists, and turned it into a vapid pep rally at the White House. Bad judgement, or sabotage?

The answer to these questions will not remain unanswered forever, as I suspect that History will one day come to reveal the full tale of January 6, and the degree to which Pence was knowingly or not involved in setting the stage for that fateful event.

Jeff Carlson, Epoch Times  Dec-01-2023

The recent release of the first round of January 6 tapes by the new House Speaker Mike Johnson, marked an important milestone, and may play a very real role in the upcoming elections.

It was the first real pushback against a fictional story created by the Left and carried by the media. The impact of the tapes, although difficult to quantify, should not be overlooked. Most of us have known all along that the “January 6 Insurrection” narrative was a hoax—albeit a very effective one—that was perpetrated by the Left, but for many the release of the tapes was their first exposure to an alternative version of events that had been force-fed to them by the January 6 Committee and the media.

It was their first chance to see that everything they’d been told for nearly the last three years was at best incomplete, and at worst entirely wrong. As we’ve said before, January 6 was a rally that became a protest that, in some areas, turned into a riot. But it was never an insurrection.


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  1. This “Bare Hands Insurrection” was a trap and one more hoax, visible from very early on when officers were seen encouraging people to get into unauthorized areas.

  2. “Pence is just one of the many, many people who serve in our deep state who speak a good line, but who only care about themselves, not the American people.”

    What makes me sick to my stomach is that Pence is a lying sack of human waste, who puts on his religious garb and comes out as a goody two shoes righteous person but is a hypocrite of the worse kind. they are easy to spot when you have been in an organized religious setting since the day you were born. This kind not only set in churches, they also set in Synagogue’s. And you know what, Pence and his kind make a conscious choice to be who and what they are / is……………

    May we live to see the day when Hashem destroys evil from the earth.

  3. There have been many disappointments involving former President Trump’s team. Pence is one of them. He appears to have been a RINO all along. There were others involved with Trump who I admired for their positions on foreign policy or for other policies, who we know now were part of the deep state like Pence: Pompeo, Nikki Haley, certainly Avril Haines of CIA, Chris Wray at FBI, Bill Barr at DOJ: all these people and more make a pantheon of men and women who either were disloyal to Trump or disloyal to the American people or both. Deep state actors generally are loyal to the deep state and the billionaire donor class and/or the CIA which may be actually running the US government and pulling Biden’s strings. This is how we can have neocons like Victoria Nuland and her husband Robert Kagan who recently began a process of trying to normalize the idea of assassinating Trump because of their projection that “he will be a dictator.” It is those running the country now who are the dictators. It is the uniparty in Washington that has become increasingly totalitarian, and that doesn’t want Americans to be able to choose their own President by peaceful transition of power through our elections, but prefers massive ballot fraud to choose their own person for us.

    The US is at a terrible place politically, economically, and in terms of foreign policy the US government is supporting worldwide terrorism and making it difficult for our ally Israel to destroy Hamas.

    What we are learning is that the US has been in a situation of gradually increasing totalitarian control since the assassination of JFK in 1963. That seems to have been a turning point in which the CIA was determined to be able to keep waging wars whether Presidents and the American people wanted to wage those wars or not.

    By the end of the second Obama term, the US was well on its way to a dictatorship with massive illegal surveillance of Americans, with massive government and corporate control over the media, with continuous PSYOPS using all legacy media to drive political decision making and to support the dictatorial political policies.

    There is very little left of the Constitutional republic we were once. The Constitution has been shredded by the deep state and corporate actors. The Bill of Rights, in particular has been extremely damaged, with government attacks on freedom of speech and freedom of association. The government has criminalized political dissent and even the political process of running for President against the sitting President has been turned into a criminal offense!

    The American people do not know how we will find our way back as our country becomes increasingly unrecognizable. The FBI had so many covert agents involved on January 6th they couldn’t keep track of them all. All January 6th files, tapes and depositions have been lost!

    This is what totalitarian governments do when they want to cover up the truth of their behavior against the people. They lie, they cheat, they use other forms of fraud, and they use force.

    There are so many RINOs in the Republican party in Congress who are working to destroy the chances of Republicans to win back the Senate. What does this say when they will be happy to defeat their own party rather than support Trump?

    Pence is just one of the many, many people who serve in our deep state who speak a good line, but who only care about themselves, not the American people.