Petition to bring back the Death Penalty for terrorists

To   PM Netanyahu

And to   Pres Obama

Bring Back The DEATH PENALTY For Terrorists

Please sign this PETITION 

Then distribute far and wide

June 16, 2014 | 17 Comments »

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17 Comments / 17 Comments

  1. @ the phoenix:
    Dropping in as you say has not been the usual way since Golda used to take a public bus to work. However, even reporters ask questions, at public meetings questions are asked, use your ingenuity. Regrettably at this time its not possible to say more, but hopefully ….. Sorry for the delay in replying, the problems via server time out while trying to login seem now to be fixed.

  2. I saw a documentary about Beslan. These Chechens were so disgustingly cruel. Also, if you want to read a good book about Chechnya and their war with the Russians, read ‘One Soldier’s Story’ by Arkady Babchenko. A real eye-opener about those wars, 1st and 2nd.

    This is definitely how the terrorists should have been handled. As we say in boxing, “No friends in this game.”

  3. @ danost:
    My question was not a challenge to your comment but a true inquiry as to the source.
    With due respect, I nor anyone on this forum can just pop in and ‘ask bibi xyz…’
    You surely understand that. No?

  4. @ the phoenix:
    See for yourself, convince yourself. Ask Bibi about him sending his reluctant head of Shabak to ask the mekubalim and how they acted on the info. Ask Bibi about the days preceding him going to speak at the UN re Iran nukes, how he went bezerk, was screaming at his advisers, assistants and secretarial staff, and what it took to calm him down. Easy to convince yourself, if you want to. But right now, more important: the boys are weakening, the bushy haired boy is the worst off. They are now being kept in an old house on the periphery of Hevron, with very thick walls, guarded by 7 “peace partners”. Now that the Shabak has waited too long, its now sadly, much more difficult. If I a no one know, how difficult for the “wise ones” to also have the same? Soon a well respected MK will visit the parents, another person also …..

  5. “The crimes perpetrated by the terrorists against Israel are crimes against humanity and crimes against the Jewish people, and it is an imperative duty and responsibility for Israel to punish them in proportion of their heinous crimes.”

    Execute the terrorists.

  6. Again 6 comments proceeding the above blocked as spam. All quotes from all local on line news sources from Israel are being blocked.

  7. For maximum benefit, good to try what the British did to muslim terrorists in India, pour pigs blood down their throats, then shoot them, with the reporters cameras active of course. This way they don’t get their 70 perpetual virgins in their paradise, not even the genitally mutilated variety, it worked. When all else fails, try what is known to work. And by the way, when the 3 kidnapped boys were held in Schem, the head of Shabak was told where to find them, he didn’t bother. When the boys were taken out of Schem right under their noses, they were told that it happened and that they have a Bedouin traitor in their midst. When the boys were moved to near Hevron, they were told where to find the boys, in a field underground, and they didn’t bother. It took a visit to Bibi at his home Monday night by an MK for Bibi to order the Shabak head to go and seek out such sources, thus this “wise one” went to the halban late Monday. This “wise one” is so closed mind that he not only caused much delay in getting to the boys, but also is a danger to Israel because of his closed mind. All will know this to be true when they find that the bushy haired boy was badly injured by the beloved “peace partners” in his back, knees and has been bleeding from his nose.

  8. I am neither American or Israeli, so my John Henry would mean diddly squat. For the record…I do support the death penalty.

  9. Death penalty sentence is already stipulated in Israel under Article Two of the Penal Law.

    Since the issue relates to a domestic matter, there is no rational reason to require Obama’s consent, especially since the death penalty exists already in the USA.

    If the USA enforce the death penalty against individual crimes, a fortiori, Israel should apply it against the terrorists who are no less and no more than mass murders.

    As a matter of fact, terrorism is a crime under international law, and there is no crime which should remain without punishment.

    The crimes perpetrated by the terrorists against Israel are crimes against humanity and crimes against the Jewish people, and it is an imperative duty and responsibility for Israel to punish them in proportion of their heinous crimes.

    Until now, terrorists have enjoyed vacation conditions in the five star prisons in Israel, increasing the burden of the tax payers, in addition to the denial of justice which such involves.

    Death penalty is the only moral and legal punishment for these mass murders.

  10. Regrettably, the Petition’s site only accepts “social networks” folk and I have no intention to be part of that.