Pfizer Is Hiding How COVID Jab Damages the Heart

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola

  • August 3, 2023, the Australian Senate held a COVID hearing. Sen. Gerard Rennick asked Dr. Krishan Thiru, Pfizer’s Australian medical director, to explain the mechanism of how the mRNA COVID shot causes myocarditis. Thiru, however, kept talking in circles rather than answering the question
  • Either Pfizer has no idea how the shot damages the heart, which raises serious questions about the company’s scientific qualifications, or they do know but refuse to admit it, for fear of liability
  • Pfizer appears to have sponsored campaigns to push for the jab to be mandated, at least in the U.S., thereby maximizing the potential damage along with profits
  • According to Marc Girardot, the bolus theory can explain how and why the mRNA COVID shots damage the heart and other organs
  • Several other theories and hypotheses have also been proposed, including molecular mimicry, immune response to mRNA, dysregulated cytokine expression, ACE2 suppression, endothelial damage, lipid nanoparticles triggering syncytia formation and impeding the electrical conduction of the heart, and more


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  1. The only real question here (unfortunately, the answer is rather obvious), is why governments around the world committed their countries to imposing the vaccination on their populations. A small subset of this question is why the Israeli government agreed to make Israel into a laboratory for the study of the effects while keeping the people fully in the dark about the real impact.