Played like a fiddle

By Ted Belman

I promised Francisco Gil-White that I would actually read his article, What really happened in Bosnia? And so I did.

The comparisons of the destruction of Yugoslavia with the destruction of Israel are chilling and instructive.

The sub-title “Were the Serbs the criminal aggressors, as the official story claims, or were they the victims?” could equally be asked regarding Israel, “Are the Jews the criminal aggressors, as the world claims, or are they the victims?”

He conclusively proves that

    “ Alija Izetbegovic, the leader of a minority Bosnian Muslim faction, the one that NATO supported, who wrote a book calling for the slaughter of infidels so that a Muslim takeover could install an Islamist theocracy in Bosnia.”

was the villain of the piece. Yet western leaders, academics, UN, and media all supported him as a moderate (Shades of Mahmoud Abbas having a long history of terrorism to his credit yet the entire world claims him as a moderate.) and accused Milosovec as the “new Hitler” and prosecuted him of war crimes which they couldn’t prove. They may even have killed him to end their embarrassment.”

(Compare to the world claiming Israel committed war crimes and its attempts to prosecute Israel’s politicians and officers for same.).

He asks

    “Isn’t it more likely that the one killing innocent people in the 1990s was Izetbegovic, and not the Serbs? Yes. Consistent with this expectation, every allegation against the Serbs evaporates into nothing the minute one investigates. The overwhelming, crushing bulk of the evidence supports the view that in the Yugoslavian civil wars of the 1990s the Serbs behaved much like did in WWII, when they were the staunchest defenders of the persecuted Jews in all of Europe. The portrait that was painted of the Serbs in the 1990s as “the new Nazis” is not only false, it is absurd. For this reason, the lies we were told about the Bosnian Serbs (repeated to this day) have required spectacular hoaxes, (Jenin, al Durah, Qana to name similar lies about Israel’s actions) knowingly perpetrated by the Western mass media.”

Izetbegovic was an Islamic fundamentalist so why did he get the following support from the west? (For that matter why do the PLO and Fatah get similar support?)

    First, because NATO intervened politically and militarily for Izetbegovic. For example, former US Ambassador to Croatia, Peter Galbraith, admitted in congressional testimony that the U.S. gave Croatia the green light to violate international agreements by letting Iranian weapons reach Izetbegovic’s army.[9]

    The US also allied with Iran in order to import foreign mujahideen terrorists into Bosnia, and this was all coordinated directly by Pentagon intelligence.[10]

    And NATO repeatedly and massively bombed the Bosnian Serbs, including with bombs encased in depleted uranium. The US and NATO backed Izetbegovic with destruction and death.[11]

    Second, because if we are right to say that Izetbegovic was an Islamist fanatic, and that this was no secret in Yugoslavia, then the media lied systematically. It is difficult to explain such uniform media disinformation absent coordination by the covert services of Western powers. If we are right about Izetbegovic, then this constitutes evidence that the West has a controlled media.

    Third, because if Izetbegovic’s views were entirely misrepresented by politicians and the media, this is evidence that the U.S.-led Empire has a dual policy regarding Islamic fundamentalism, as we claim. The US invokes the threat of fundamentalist terror in order to excuse its military adventures, but – covertly – it also allies with and sponsors Islamic fundamentalists around the world.” (How did the ‘Palestinian movement’ emerge? The British sponsored it. Then the German Nazis, and the US.)

Francisco Gil-White writes

    “Emperor’s Clothes and HIR have charged that, in Bosnia, the US and its NATO allies deliberately trained, financed, and politically supported a faction of Muslim fundamentalists whose goal was to create — through violence — a fascist-clerical state. This is what caused the Bosnian civil war.

    Put bluntly, what happened is that NATO supported a campaign of ethnic cleansing and genocide against innocent Bosnian Serb civilians, and then NATO blamed the victims, as if they had been the ones carrying out a genocide.

He makes the case so compellingly that it is impossible for an open mind not to concur. Also the more we understand the Orwellian world Israel lives in, it is easier to accept such reality.

Izetbegovic executed “a campaign of ethnic cleansing to rid Bosnia of non-Muslims, so that Muslims can be the majority, thence to establish the ‘Islamic Order.’


    “That will not sound like what you heard in the Western mainstream media, because what was repeated there a million times was that the Bosnian Serbs were supposedly the ones interested in ethnic cleansing, and that Alija Izetbegovic was defending a multi-ethnic Bosnia.”

Similarly, the Arabs want to take over Israel and make it Judenrein. Yet, the UN, the EU, the US elites and the mainstream media, support them. And they do this by claiming that Israelis are Nazis who are guilty of war crimes and intent on occupying Arab lands and imposing an apartheid system.

    Genocides don’t just happen. The people who commit them have to be incited, and this requires propaganda, which means speeches, newspaper articles, radio addresses, leaflets, books, rallies, etc. You cannot make any of that happen in a week. If you want to have a genocide by early 1992, you have to start preparing for it well before that. Adolf Hitler did not begin exterminating the Jews in 1933, when he took power, but several years later, when the preparatory propaganda work had been done, the political opposition had been destroyed, and the troops that would do the dirty work had been recruited, trained, and indoctrinated. So anybody who wants to believe that the Bosnian Serbs really were carrying out an “ethnic cleansing” campaign against their Muslim and Croat neighbors in early 1992 is practically forced to assert that in 1990 there already had to be at least some Bosnian Serb propaganda about ethnic cleansing against the Muslims and Croats, and probably a lot. And this is naturally the sort of thing that Bosnian Muslims and Croats would have heard about.

We are quite familiar with Muslim incitement and propaganda similar to that of the Nazis aimed at demonizing Israel and Jews and inciting Muslims to kill Jews and “wipe Israel off the map”. But that is not enough. You must have storm troopers to impose conformity on your own people with terror.

    Izetbegovic reconstituted the Handzar Division, made up mostly of imported (i.e. non-Bosnian) Muslim fighters from Kosovo, Albania, Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Africa and other places.[15] This force was modeled after the original Nazi SS Handzar Division, which had been composed of thousands of Bosnian Muslims who volunteered for the Nazis in WWII to go hunt for Serbs, Jews, and Roma in Yugoslavia, and either slaughter them in their homes or send them to the Croatian concentration camp system known as Jasenovac.

Abbas and Haniyeh similarly have their storm troopers. Iran and S. Arabia each have a special police division to impose proper conformity to Islam. All this was known to the US, NATO and the EU. Yet it doesn’t diminish their support for Palestinian plans.

Orwell’s newspeak works because

    “when everybody repeats the same thing, people tend to believe it. Is it any wonder, then, that hapless Western news consumers learned to think of Izetbegovic and Co. (and the “Palestinians”) as ‘the good guys’ and of the Bosnian Serbs and Israeli Jews as ‘the (separatist) (apartheid ) bad guys’?

One of the central issues in the Israel/Arab conflict is entitlement or ownership of the land. Or who is entitled to sovereignty?

In Bosnia, the Serbs were accused of a land grab because they had 1/3 the population but claimed 2/3 of the land. The west claimed this was unfair but was it?

    The press was unanimous. The Bosnian Serbs had “taken control,” “occupied,” and “staked out” a whole two-thirds of Bosnia. In other words, the media accused the Serbs of taking other people’s land away from them by force.

    The only problem with this representation is that the Serbs never conquered other people’s land in Bosnia. They were not ‘claiming’ anything. It is a simple and easily verified historical fact that the Bosnian Serbs actually owned two thirds of Bosnia to begin with.

Similarly, Israel has a better claim to Judea and Samaria than the Arabs do.

The fact that the Serbs and the Jews were among the last peoples that you could claim were racists or fascist was a small obstacle.

    The history of the Serbs (and the Jews) is a history of moral courage. No other people can lay claim to a more dramatic record of fighting racists and protecting minorities. In World War II, nobody in Europe defended their Jewish compatriots more bravely than the Serbs, treating them as their own flesh, and dying along with their Jewish compatriots in concentration camps by the hundreds of thousands. Why? Because, as they chanted in the streets of Belgrade, they preferred death to slavery; they would not collaborate with Hitler’s Final Solution.

If justice and facts were on the side of the Serbs (Jews) why was it not a no-brainer to make their case?

Something else that matters here is that,

    as Karadzic says, “we had no PR-agency working for us … their governments did not allow them to work with and for the Serbs.” This means the battle of perceptions was not an even playing field to begin with. The NATO powers made sure that the PR-agency hired by the enemies of the Serbs, Ruder Finn, would have the greatest advantage possible, as it would not have to do battle with a competing public relations firm. This was quite important, because if any public relations firm had taken the Serbs as clients, they would have made mince-meat of Ruder Finn.

    James Harff, Ruder Finn’s director, with ultimate responsibility for the demonization campaign against the Serbs, proudly explained to Jacques Merlino, associate director of French TV 2, that “Speed is vital … it is the first assertion that really counts. All denials are entirely ineffective.”

    …Harff employs a file of several hundred journalists, politicians, representatives of humanitarian associations, and academics to create public opinion, and then had Harff explain the stuff above about how denials are entirely ineffective once he has chosen to demonize somebody.

    So how did James Harff solve his problem, which was that he needed to make these fascists look like victims?

    [Back to Merlino’s Interview with James Harff]


    “At the beginning of July 1992, New York Newsday came out with the article on Serb camps. We jumped at the opportunity immediately. We outwitted three big Jewish organizations – the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation League, The American Jewish Committee and the American Jewish Congress. In August, we suggested that they publish an advertisement in the New York Times and organize demonstrations outside the United Nations.

    “That was a tremendous coup. When the Jewish organizations entered the game on the side of the [Muslim] Bosnians we could promptly equate the Serbs with the Nazis in the public mind. Nobody understood what was happening in Yugoslavia. The great majority of Americans were probably asking themselves in which African country Bosnia was situated.

    “By a single move, we were able to present a simple story of good guys and bad guys which would hereafter play itself. We won by targeting the Jewish audience. Almost immediately there was a clear change of language in the press, with use of words with high emotional content such as ethnic cleansing, concentration camps, etc., which evoke images of Nazi Germany and the gas chambers of Auschwitz. No one could go against it without being accused of [Holocaust] revisionism. We really batted a thousand in full.”

Played like a fiddle

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  1. “Oh Prophet, incite the believers to combat. If there can be found among you twenty who will endure, they will vanquish two hundred, if one hundred can be found, they will vanquish a thousand infidels, because they are people such as cannot understand.”

    Why must infidels be slaughtered? Because “they are people such as cannot understand.” That is, they must be killed for their beliefs.

    The philosopher quotes the Qur’an again (and again without preface or comment):

    “And combat on Allah’s path those who combat you, and don’t disobey. True, Allah does not love the disobedient! And kill them where you will find them; chase them from where they chased you: association is a graver sin than murder. But don’t fight them near the sacred Mosque unless they fight you there first. And if they fight you there, kill them then. Such is the retribution against infidels. Should they cease, Allah is, surely, forgiving and merciful.”

    Consider the statement, “Association is a graver sin than murder.”

    What constitutes ‘murder’? If a Muslim kills a non-Muslim, is that murder? Not according to our Islamist philosopher [Alija Izetbegovic]. He has quoted a Quranic text that says the killing of an infidel pleases Allah. Indeed, in the text, Muslims are enjoined not to disobey Allah but to kill infidels “where you will find them.” Since killing infidels is a sacred duty, it can’t be murder.

    A Muslim can only commit murder when he kills another Muslim.

    Thus, “Association is a graver sin than murder” means that for a Muslim to have cordial relations with a non-Muslim is worse than killing a Muslim!

    What is our philosopher telling Muslims? That as long as they live in a non-Islamic society, they must segregate themselves, avoid cordial relations with non-Muslims, and prepare for the day when they can seize state power and enforce the Islamic Order.

    This, of course, will guarantee growing tension, leading to civil war…

    Our philosopher explains:

    “… the Islamic movement may, or rather should, begin by seizing power as soon as it possesses a good measure of moral and numerical strength, allowing it not only to overthrow the non-Islamic power, but also to establish the new Islamic power.”

    Doesn’t leave much to the imagination, does it?

    Statements made by the Bosnian muslims themselves in their own magazines “Svijet” and “Vox” (where in its October 1991 issue on the front cover we see a color graphic drawing of severed Serbian heads being stepped on by a Bosnian muslim 13th Waffen SS “Handzar” member with the captioned text reading: “Spremna Handjar divizija!” which translates in English to “Handzar division is ready!”).

    Izetbegovic being an Iranian and al Qaeda backed Islamist fundamentalist terrorist publicly committed to GENOCIDE of all non-muslims and his quoting of the Quran in his book “Islamic Declaration” in support of that genocide: views which he expressed and re-iterated in a visit to Tehran,Iran in 1991 BEFORE the outbreak of war after his 1970 manifesto, the “Islamic Declaration” was re-published in 1990 (so much for the ridiculous “Karadzic’s & Mladic’s ‘brutality’ AFTER the outbreak of war caused the Islamist radicalization of the Izetbegovic (SDA party) Bosnian muslims” theory).

    A timely reminder of the lies of NGO (”Non-Governmental Organization”, as in: “Hi, my name’s John, and you know, I’m NOT a murderer!!” ) the George Soros funded “Human Rights Watch”,in the Balkans,

    and the 1992 MI6 plan to murder Slobodan Milosevic, revealed by ex-MI6 British intelligence agent, Richard Tomlinson.

    The late Alija Izetbegovic, former illegtimate “president” of Bosnia Herzegovina, illegal ursuper of power from the duly elected Bosnian muslim leader, Mr.Fikret Abdic.

    Izetbegovic, the man described by ITN/CBC/ABC/CBS/MSNBC/BBC/CNN,the London Guardian et al, as a:

    “secular muslim and moderate democrat committed to a multi-ethnic Western style liberal democracy”

    Izetbegovic appointed the Muslim National Council (MNC) of Bosnia to achieve long-term aspirations, to create a Muslim state in the Balkans. This state would defend the Muslim interests throughout Yugoslavia, i.e. Sandzak, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia). “Rise brother Muslims, there are enough of us to accomplish our goals, whom the Muslim and those of Muslim blood will not betray. This time will never come again. Now is the opportunity to realize the dream of every Muslim” [qouted in Doc Center, 2002 from the Bosnian Muslim magazine VOX].

    Among other objectives the MNC was working for were the creation of a Muslim state within the borders of present day B&H [Bosnia-Herzegovina] and formation of the Muslim Armed Forces.

    In October 1991, the MNC defined its political platform:

    “The day is nearing when the announced Islamic Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be proclaimed. The date, which every Muslim in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Sandzak [RaÅ¡ka] is ardently waiting for has been known for a long time to be the 31st December. There are some indications that the Serbs might oppose this historic event…Every individual Serb must be aware of the responsibility of the entire nation, the penalty for crimes will be collective-for one dead Muslim one hundred Sebs will be liquidated-for one wounded Muslim (depending on the wound severity) 10-50 Serbs will be executed” [ibid].

    The document further elaborates how the Serbs would be treated in the [Bosnian] Islamic Republic.

    “All Serbs will have a 12-hour working day. The wages will be proportionate to the loyalty of all employees and as a rule they will be paid 30 percent less than the wages of Muslims whom occupy the same post … Serbs will receive rations for food, which they will obtain in special shops. Serbs do not have national parties and if the do not abide by the rules of political life, they will not be entitled to political organization or to vote..Serbs are equal to Muslims if, of their own will, they are received into the Islamic faith of their forefathers…A good Serb is a living and obedient Serb or a dead, disobedient Serb”

    The presidency of the Association of the Islamic Clergy (Ilmia) for B&H [Bosnia-Herzegovina] offered in 1992 in huge print, run in annual Takvim, the following instruction for jihad:

    “Jihad in Islam is not only a war in the name of Allah. In reality, Islam is a revolutionary ideology and program that aims at changing the social system of the whole world and order it in harmony with its regulations and ideals. Islam wants to destroy all the states and governments anywhere on earth which stand opposed to the ideology and program of Islam, regardless of the state or the nation that is in power. The purpose of Islam is to establish the state based on its ideology and program, no matter which nation becomes the bearer of Islam or which nation is undermined in the process of establishing the ideological Islamic state” [ibid].

    This magazine [Bosnian Muslim magazine “Vox”] bears a large measure of responsibility for spreading hatred against the Serbs.

    In the first issues of this “youth magazine” the hatred was directed against the Serbs in Belgade and Serbia and subsequently the magazine started publishing threats and predicting more massacres of Serbs in B & H.

    The same magazine published documents based on the ideas Izetbegovic presented in his “ISLAMIC DECLARATION”; DECLARATION OF THE SOVEREIGN REPUBLIC OF BOSNIA – HERZEGOVINA; POLITICAL PLATFORM OF THE MOSLEM NATIONAL COUNCIL; WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO SERBS IN THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF BOSNIA – HERZEGOVINA; AND OTHERS…” (From “The Eradication of Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992-1993” )

    “Substantial and irrefutable evidence is increasingly becoming available to US intelligence and political agencies as to the extent of the connection between al-Qaida terrorist groups, narco-trafficking and the Kosovo Albanian leadership within Serbia. This was highlighted extensively in the 1995 book by Yossef Bodansky, Offensive in the Balkans: The Potential for a Wider War as a Result of Foreign Intervention in Bosnia-Herzegovina, published by the International Strategic Studies Association (ISSA), and the 1996 book by Yossef Bodansky, Some Call it Peace: Waiting for War in the Balkans, also published by ISSA. [ISSA is the non-profit organization associated with Defense & Foreign Affairs and the Global Information System.]

    “Among the new material being circulated in Washington, DC, is a study compiled by the Documentation Center of the Republica Srpska Bureau of Relations with the International Tribunal for War Crimes in The Hague. The study, entitled Islamic Fundamentalists’ Global Network-Modus Operandi: Model Bosnia, offers extensive new material detailing the linkages between al-Qaida and, for example, Bosnian Government officials, and how the al-Qaida cells operate in the area.”

    See also:

  2. What follows are two responses to my article which were posted on Free Republic.

    The French in a thorough investigation in Sarajevo, June 1995, traced fire to a building controlled by the Bosnian Muslim military and found them targeting civilians and UN vehicles. Also during the time of investigation they found the Muslim firing “many times” when the Serbs weren’t shooting at all. Plus, when the Muslims knew they were being watched all snipping stopped in the monitored area, which means Serbs were not shooting when Muslims weren’t, but the Muslims would be snipping on their own a lot – highly secure and practiced in believing the Serbs would take the blame.

    CONFLICT IN THE BALKANS: IN SARAJEVO; Investigation Concludes Bosnian Government Snipers Shot at Civilians

    August 1, 1995, Tuesday
    By MIKE O’CONNOR (NYT); Foreign Desk
    Late Edition – Final, Section A, Page 6, Column 1, 1212 words

    DISPLAYING ABSTRACT – French peacekeeping troops in the United Nations unit trying to curtail Bosnian Serb sniping at civilians in Sarajevo have concluded that until mid-June some gunfire also came from Government soldiers deliberately shooting at their own civilians. After what it called a “definitive” investigation, a French marine unit that patrols …


    SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina, July 31 – French peacekeeping troops in the United Nations unit trying to curtail Bosnian Serb sniping at civilians in Sarajevo have concluded that until mid-June some gunfire also came from Government soldiers deliberately shooting at their own civilians.

    After what it called a “definitive” investigation, a French marine unit that patrols against snipers said it traced sniper flare to a building normally occupied by Bosnian soldiers and other security forces.

    They say the sniper fire from the Government position stopped in mid-June, when, after several months of suspicion that the building was being used by snipers, a gunman was seen firing from the building. The of officers say they notified the Bosnian Army that the sniper was about to be shot by French troops, as they are authorized to do.

    “We were going to kill him just as we shoot Serb snipers,” said a French officer involved in the investigation.

    The Bosnian Army protested that it knew nothing about the gunman, but firing from the building immediately stopped, the officer said.

    Members of the United Nations anti-sniping unit, who said they are equipped with infrared and thermal viewing devices to watch suspected snipers’ nests, said they began their investigation after studying the trajectory of bullets striking near central Sarajevo. They concluded that some of the shooting was coming from the former Parliament building. “It was the only place where some of the snipers could be,” said a soldier on the investigating team.

    The building, about 40 stories high, was badly damaged in fighting in 1992 and is now a position manned by the Bosnian Army and security’ forces.

    To test their suspicions, they said, they set a trap. Beginning on June 8, they put one of their armored vehicles near the buildings used by Bosnian Serb snipers, while other vehicles were hidden on either side of the former Parliament building

    For the next week, officers said, there were many times when no firing was heard from the Bosnian Serb positions, while shots were heard coming from the former Parliament building

    Then for three days, for several hours at a time, a United Nations armored personnel carrier was stationed so it could be clearly seen from the building. While it was there, no sniper bullets were recorded hitting in the areas of Sarajevo monitored by the anti-sniping unit. When the armored personnel carrier was withdrawn, firing directed toward those areas resumed, French officers said.

    Finally, the French said, they began to examine the building with what they described as very sophisticated optical enhancement devices that they have only recently received. That was when the gunman was seen, they said.

    Though they said they do not keep records of victims of snipers, the marines said they recall at least two civilians who were hit by bullets they believe were fired from the former Parliament building during their investigation.

    They said that in the same period they saw bullets fired from the building strike very close to a number of other civilians, as well as other bullets that hit United Nations vehicles.

    5 posted on 01/28/2007 9:46:33 AM PST by joan
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    To: spikeytx86
    Explain why the Muslim population of Bosnia had a greater share after the war then before?

    What kind of genocide gives the allegedly genocided and increased population share of the country?

    You don’t understand the civil war aspect where the Bosnian Muslims were aligned with the Croats at the outset, then they fought the Croats in areas where there were no Serbs. They were beginning to use heavy weapons against each other – the Croats and Muslims within 7 months after the war started.

    They also had foreign Muslim mercenaries – Mujahadeen – who were cutting off the heads of Serbs and Croats, but the local Muslims did this too (Naser Oric and his Srebrenica troops) and bragged to western reporters (John Pomfret and Bill Schiller) while their trophy videos showed decapitated Serb bodies in a heap.

  3. Joseph, one thing I did notice when I read the UN link that you didn’t mention: most of the UN resolutions you refer to were supported by the government of Canada. What does that say about the people of Canada?

    Does that now mean we here at Israpundit should condemn the people of Canada and abandon support for the wonderful Canadian people? I think you already know the obvious answer, Joseph.

    Governments are corrupt institutions and implement policies of betrayal detrimental to the Jewish people all the time – no matter which government in the world you care to scrutinize: including the government of Israel, which is one of the worst offenders.

  4. Joseph,

    Gil-White is 100% correct. The government of Serbia is a Washington/NATO/EU puppet government installed in an illegal coup in October 2000.

    The overwhelming majority of Serbians utterly detest the Washington/Brussels puppet government for is sellout to the EU-NATO Eurabians but cannot do anything much about removing it since the opposition in Serbia is hopelessly divided, and in any case, the population knows that if the opposition were to win in an election, they most definitely run the risk of being subjected to economic sanctions, renewed demonization and possibly even bombing by the West.

    This memory of UN economic sanctions, demonization and bombings for over a decade by the Western governments, is still fresh in the minds of the overwhelming majority of Serbians and while they detest the pro-EU, pro-Washington puppet government, they have been subjected to unbelievable pressures to join the EU-NATO Eurabians or face being a strangulated,demonized pariah state all over again.

    Please don’t confuse the people of Serbia with their government, Joseph. Don’t judge the people of Serbia for the actions of their government at the UN.

    Gil-White is absolutely right. Do we abandon the people of Israel because of the betrayal of the Israeli people by Olmert & co.? Do we abandon the people of the United States because of the actions of Bush & Rice following the policy “recommendations” of the globalist elitist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in relation to North Korea,Iran,Hezbollah, the PLO/Fatah & Hamas?

    Are we to criticize the people of Israel, Canada and the United States and abandon support for them?

    Absolutely not!!! That would be totally unjust and insane!

    As I wrote in a previous thread, Israel was the only country in the world to consistently send humanitarian and military aid to the Bosnian Serbs when the entire world abandoned them – including their Orthodox Christian Slavic brothers- the Russians. Israel knew what the West was doing was immoral, unjust and unfair.

    The only reason why Israel was eventually forced to stop aiding the Serbs was because of immense pressure brought to bear on her by the US administration of Clinton & co.Israel was not fooled by the Western government and mainstream media propaganda against the Serbs. Israel knew she was supporting the side of justice and right by helping the Serbs against the Croatian Ustasha Nazis and Izetbegovic Islamofascists.
    Incidentally, the Serbian people are the most pro-Jewish, pro-Israeli people that exist outside of the United States (they still remember the aid they received from Israel), but are hostages to the policies of sellout and betrayal of their own government: in much the same way as the people of Israel,Canada,and the United States – who we all love and cherish and will never abandon – merely because of the idiotic policies of appeasement & betrayal by their respective governments.

  5. This is a very quick and unprepared response to the above because unfortunately I am in an internet shop for a short time.

    The issue of the destruction of Yugoslavia and the issue of the creation of a 22nd Arab state and the second palestinian state are all closely connected.

    The problem is to find the keys which link them together.

    Jared Israel and Francisco Gil White have gone part of the way, but in my view despite very precise research methods, they have done so superficially.

    Essentially the method has been to rip the issue out from the overall historical conflict.

    The issue involves the Russian Revoloution of October 1917, clearly, which is something that Gil White never did address.

    One of the reasons there was a market for painting Milosevic out to be a very bad man, a lie, was because he was seen as a Communist.

    And so we are back to other issues, communism, Bolshevism, Stalinism and then the struggles of Leon Trotsky and his followers.

    jared and Francisco have went so far and I support them.

    But not far enough in my opinion.

  6. Per adventure, even if the Serbs are as a population in general against Israel, (I don’t know if or if not that is the case), it would not change what was done to them.

    Furthermore, even if they did do some things that would be considered war crimes, in context to what was happening to them it was more than likely out of fear and desperation in an attempt to survive.

    I say “if” because I do not know every detail, but, I do know enough to know that what the Serbs were facing was pure evil and the KLA needed to be destroyed, not supported by the international community.

    People do not have to be pure to be murdered, if the Serbs were less than angles it does not change the murderous Islamic militants from being devils.

  7. To Joseph Alexander Norland,

    Do you say bad things about the Jews whenever the Israeli government does something you dislike? Is the Israeli government not cooperating with the PLO? It is. Have you therefore abandoned the Jews, and do you post comments attacking them?

    The government of Serbia is NATO-installed. It does what NATO wants it to do. This does not change the fact that the Serbs were unjustly demonized and slandered. It does not change the fact that the Serbs were murdered and chased out by the hundreds of thousands by the same Muslim forces that will soon destroy the state of Israel. And it does not change the fact that the brave Serbs were the only people to die fighting by the thousands in WWII because they chose to defend the Jews.

    So what is the point of your comment?

    It is hard to fathom.

    Francisco Gil-White

  8. During the NATO assault on the people of Serbia, I supported Serbia and even managed to get a couple of letters-to-the-editor printed in the Ottawa Citizen. I was particularly critical of Canada’s active participation in this crime. But my support for Serbia has been more than dampened by the simple fact that this counrty joins the EUrabians and their lackeys in voting against Israel consistently whenever the annual UN hate-fest begins. Check out, for example, the UN official record of voting on December 15, 2006:

    One gets no kudos for a record such as that.

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